10 Critical Reasons Why Your Business Requires Email Marketing

Although email marketing has been important in every business within the last ten or more years below, try here to clear (once again) why your business desires such a kind of marketing. Ten reasons are a good ‘reason’ to start thinking about it if you are not now using this beautiful method.

Reason 1: DIRECT

Email marketing is a powerful method of communication with your purchaser (or potential customer). In case you sell shoes, bass, or web services. Otherwise, you do coaching or advising; you need communication with your shoppers. Today we have several strategies of communication: TV, websites, RSS FEED-, Facebook, Twitter, print brochures, chatting, phones, magazines, divider advertising, and much more. With email marketing, you send an email inside a private email inbox to your customer. This is a very powerful method. If you want to be more strong than this, you have to impart them with a phone call or visit them in person. Sending an email message is direct enough to find out the story about your business. If you use opt-in strategies to get their email, this technique is almost like chatting with your buddies.


This is one unique attribute. You get in the inbox of your customer (or potential customer) but let them decide when is the right time to read your current email. Imagine the difference in sales results between a primary phone call during busy work hours and a polite email. If the customer is considering what you have to say, email marketing is the best method. On the other hand, if you care about your visitors and want to make a good, sincere sale or just a good connection, then you should consider using this.

Reason 3: EASY

This feature will be unbeatable. You write a good email, and this reaches 100, 1 ) 000, or 10. 000 of your customers with the very same content, with the same behavior, with the same offer, in the same way. Using autoresponders, you can have a series or cases of ready-to-go emails to your new subscribers. You do your easiest in an email campaign. It is ready to contact all your email list subscribers with the same effort. Your old clients and subscribers will get my phone number next month. I cannot acquire anything easiest and strong than this.

Reason 4: LOW-COST

By using AWeber email providers, you can send an unlimited email per month to 2 . a five-hundred email subscribers for only $29. You will find pricing evaluations for many companies if you read all the reviews. According to the Primary Marketing Association, email marketing profits an average of around $46 for every dollar spent. This is one of the primary ROI (Return Of Investment) KPIs (Key performance indicator) in the advertising market. This is certainly really extremely cheap in case you have a company starting with no profits at all.

Reason 5: FAST

Another unbeatable attribute. You send an email reaching 100, 1 . 000, 10. 000 or more email address subscribers in the next ten minutes. No other method can have similar results. On TV or with Facebook or on twits, you can have such a large audience on the spot, but you necessity them synchronized. If many potential customers do not find the TV when your commercial is on, they won’t see your message if your admirers do not have Twitter on to lose your tweet. Should you have a website, you do not know after they will come in. By marketing having email, you send your message and ‘knock’ your personal client’s door when they have the time to see you. And you make it happen in minutes. Extremely fast. One present can have millions of brings into reality in just a few minutes if you have designed a big email list.


If your task is only local, this element does not give you any edge. But if your product can provide universal, this is a way for you. For example, will you sell ebooks or shoes throughout the world? An email campaign can attain people from all over the world. In the next ten minutes or so, as soon as you send your offer in the email campaign, China and Taiwan, the United States, the UK, Greece, or some other country. You do not genuinely care where your advertiser is. Your results are in addition to the location.


When you are using marketing by email, you can count the number of emails you send, the number of your emails opened up, and how many of your email subscribers took your email offer. If you combine this particular feature with the extremely affordable method, you obtain a big advantage over every other advertising method. As they say, ‘You Can’t Manage What You Avoid Measure.’

Reason 8: SPECIFIC

An extremely powerful feature is segmenting your email list according to their choices. To give an example, let’s assume you sell shoes. You would like to segment your customers according to the shoes they like. You can section your list with this function if you send them an email with five offers in 5 different colors. If some subscribers choose red shoes, you can begin a campaign with only red-colored shoes. This will give you qualified results. If you focus on targeted groups, you always have greater results than targeting all over.

Reason 9: GREEN

This is not an excellent feature for email marketing, but we must look at all our actions once we want to exist tomorrow. Giving emails is much more ‘green’ than printing catalogs or advertising in magazines. Think natural, especially before you decide on your promotion method.


Marketing by email is not as personal as supplying your customer with a mobile call. Still, if you put your fashion in your email or give your email address to contact anyone if they have just about any comment or question with your offer, it gets quite personal. This is personal if you are welcoming and polite in your electronic mail. This is very good for your business since you can expand your relationships using your customers (or your probable customers). And if you grow your relationships, you will grow your business.

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