A Gravel Pit Near Me in New York


A quarry is where people can access stones and materials used in construction. New York boasts numerous quarries that produce stone building materials and loose materials like sand and gravel for building purposes.

Mining operations across the State provide aggregates that form the building blocks for its infrastructure: roads, bridges, office buildings, and even homes are constructed with them.

1. Stone City Sand & Gravel Inc.

The company produces limestone and high friction aggregate, sand and gravel products, asphalt (blacktop), and construction services, including heavy highway construction to serious pavement paving/site preparation work for industrial, commercial, and residential sites. Their facilities include six hard rock quarries/pits/pits/4 asphalt plants/6 aggregate production facilities in Cobleskill, over 400 trucks, and 300 pieces of equipment in their fleet.

The company specializes in producing aggregates such as dry-screened sand, washed sand, and crushed stone, along with filter sands suitable for masonry applications and filter filter sands for filter filters. They also carry NYS DOT-approved aggregates, concrete blocks, shingles, and landscaping stones over three decades of service to the Utica Rome & Herkimer Region.

Since 1968, this family-run and operated business has been producing quality products at competitive rates for their customers while maintaining an environmentally safe working environment. Their employees take great pride in making products of the highest quality while meeting delivery deadlines and upholding safe working practices.

Sand, gravel, and crushed stone production isn’t the only product this company provides; in addition to cement, lime, construction sand, brick (excluding refractories), concrete stone, and structural clay products (other than refractories). Their primary customer base is in central New York State.

West Coast Sand & Gravel employees make an average annual salary of $50,997, higher than the national average across all companies. Top earners at West Coast Sand & Gravel earn $85,000, while employees in the bottom 10% earn less than $30,000. This information was provided by West Coast Sand & Gravel using public records and other sources.

2. Stone City Sand & Gravel Inc.

A trusted aggregates supplier is a vital partner in completing construction projects. That’s why homeowners and business owners in the Utica, Rome & Herkimer Region turn to Material Sand & Gravel Co. Inc. for all their landscaping supplies and gravel aggregate needs. Their products include NYS DOT-approved aggregates, such as concrete, masonry, and filter sands; washed natural stone, crushed rock, and recycled aggregates; and screened mulches and topsoils.

The company is a private organization with $8.5M in revenue. It is based in Hooksett, NH, and operates two aggregate facilities in southern New Hampshire. Its sand and gravel quarry in Hooksett is served by truck to regional markets, while the facility at Ossipee serves the Boston market by rail. The company also produces ready-mix concrete products, such as concrete blocks, pavers, real adobe, and wall caps.

West Coast Sand & Gravel employees earn an average salary of $50,997 annually. The company’s top 10 percent gain over $85,000 annually. Employees at this company are delighted with the job opportunities available.

This company has been in business for over 50 years. Its revenue has increased by over 30% since its founding in 1968. Its competitors include Hines Trucking, Beelman Trucking, Mr. Bult’s, OPIES TRANSPORT, and Gardner Trucking Company. West Coast Sand & Gravel employs a diverse workforce and is a leading transportation/trucking/railroad company. The company is headquartered in Buena Park, CA. The company has a low turnover rate. Its employees are very loyal and have been with the company for a long time. They are familiar with the company’s culture and well-versed in its goals and values.

3. Stone City Sand & Gravel Inc.

New York’s mining industry provides essential raw materials in every state home, building, road, and bridge project. Each individual in New York consumes 400 tons of construction aggregate annually, while every mile of Interstate highway contains over 38,000 tons. These vital building materials come from natural deposits of sand gravel and crushed stone produced within New York’s mineral counties.

Material Sand & Gravel Co. Inc. has long been recognized for providing reliable aggregates and landscaping materials at competitive prices to their Utica, Rome & Herkimer Region customers. Over three decades of service, their experienced team has supplied them with everything needed for their construction or renovation projects.

Poland Sand & Gravel boasts over 80 employees across two locations and is one of the area’s largest Material Handlers. Their large fleet of trucks and gravel pits allows them to offer timely delivery of quality products at reasonable rates. Their services include haul-off and delivery of sand, gravel, topsoil, and fill dirt for construction or landscaping projects and special trucking arrangements or custom crushing to meet customer demands.

This company, located in Buena Park, California, boasting an average salary of $50,997 annually, has an exceptional work culture attracting talented employees. They have long been recognized as one of the best workplaces in America. Furthermore, they enjoy an outstanding reputation within their marketplace due to providing top-quality products and exceptional service.

4. Stone City Sand & Gravel Inc.

West Coast Sand & Gravel was established in 1968 and employs 240 workers at their Buena Park headquarters. Their revenue exceeds $8M while average salaries average $50,997 annually, with top employees making over $80,000 yearly. West Coast Sand & Gravel boasts an excellent employee retention rate; most of their employees are male. Competitors for West Coast Sand & Gravel include Hines Trucking, Beelman Trucking, Mr. Bult’s, and FloridaRockAndTank.

Poland Sand & Gravel stands out in a field dominated by multinational corporations by being responsive to their changing needs and responding quickly. Although initially producing dry-screened sand and road base material, Poland Sand & Gravel has since expanded their product offering with NYS DOT-approved aggregates such as Concrete Mason Filter Sands, Washed Natural Stone Roofscape Stone, Roof Tile, Landscape Stone, etc. Quality is ensured through in-house quality assurance testing, certified lab testing, and consulting from one of the State’s premier aggregate geologists.

The Rogers Group Inc. is one of the United States’s premier privately owned construction aggregate, crushed stone, and sand/gravel producers. Their construction aggregates and hot mix asphalt form the backbone for roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and homes across our nation – not to mention community involvement and giving back to the local communities that they serve.

Construction aggregates, which include sand, gravel, and crushed stone used in building projects, are the core business for Cobleskill Stone Products and New England Aggregate. In addition, ready-mix asphalt, railroad ballast, and other industrial products are provided. The company operates various subsidiaries, including Cobleskill Stone Products and New England Aggregate, to meet client demands for these essential construction supplies.

5. Stone City Sand & Gravel Inc.

The company produces and sells construction aggregates, such as sand and gravel, concrete masonry filter sand, crushed stone, washed natural rock shingles, and landscaping stones for highway, bridge, airport runway construction projects, and residential and commercial development. Headquartered in Hooksett, New Hampshire, with multiple aggregate facilities across the state –

This company is one of the premier material handling contractors in New York and offers an array of services from bulk materials transportation, crushing and screening operations, processing facilities, loading/unloading equipment for hauling aggregates and haul-off operations to highly experienced personnel trained in safety procedures and their fleet of hauling/unloading equipment for hauling/unloading services. They strive for customer satisfaction in every aspect of business operations.

According to self-reported salaries and public and proprietary data sources, West Coast Sand & Gravel employees earn an average annual income of $50,997. West Coast Sand & Gravel typically retains its employees for an average tenure of 3.4 years.

New York has numerous construction aggregates and gravel pits, such as Chaney Enterprises. These essential raw materials play a pivotal role in nearly every building project in New York, and its mining operations produce them – they form the basis for homes, schools, hospitals, office buildings, and roads across the state – providing jobs across New York State’s economy while drawing upon vast mineral reserves found throughout its landscape as essential building materials for infrastructure building.