A Wedding Proposal in the Highlands

Today I get to spend time with my girlfriend. Morag McTavish is the apple of my eye, and she has my promise that she will have whatever her heart desires. A new collar with pink rhinestones, a bone china bowl, and a fox fur coat are just some of the things I’ve gotten her in the past. What do you need to consider about Lake Como Proposal.

When her owners let me, I cuddled up next to the fireplace with Morag and took her on long, romantic hikes in the hills. We’ve also spent wonderful nights out on the town laughing at the drunk humans.

On the eve of her birthday, Morag has asked to spend the day in the Scottish countryside. We can take long strolls through the heather fields, go on a little rabbit-hunting adventure, and then retire to the cottage of my owners’ friends for a romantic evening together.

I have plans for my birthday this year to surpass the pursuit of rabbits. I want to propose to Morag. To do things the right way, I have rented a car and will take her myself rather than leave her with our owners.

Due to the occasionally challenging terrain, most people prefer to drive throughout Scotland instead of walking. However, even we Scottie dogs with tiny legs have trouble reaching some of the most breathtaking views.

I’ve done everything possible to prepare for this, but my owners don’t care. Ear mites, like spring, have arrived early this year. So, in what they thought was their best interest, my owners cured my ear mites using the time-honored remedy of garlic cloves steeped in oil for a whole night. The next day, oil dripped into my ears.

I don’t have any mites, but I smell like garlic, which is ideal for navigating the city in a little rental car. I stopped at the auto rental agency to roll in some fox urine to counteract this. Now Morag will get moving!

After quickly devouring the breath mint biscuits and stowing them in our tartan blanket, I headed to car hire Scotland and am now on my way to pick up Morag.

I’m feeling overwhelmed by my eagerness and joy. I’m scared she’ll reject me. If she accepts, then what? I can’t take it any longer; I’m starting to drool. Morag hates it when I drool. Therefore, I need to cut it out before I kiss her.

I have my emergency supplies in the trunk of my rental car, just in case. Drooling can be stopped quickly with the oil of cloves applied to a sugar cube. It’s better than drool, despite having a revolting flavor and giving me the hiccups.

Morag and I leave on schedule, and she raves about the rental car I got her. The backseat is enormous, if you get my meaning. Especially considering how much baggage she has with her. What part of “we are dogs” does she not get? One dog can only wear so many fur coats at once. But, like me, she is eager to make a good impression, which bodes well for my proposal.

We are relieved to reach the cabin, unload the rental car, and settle in front of the fireplace. But my worries are starting to get the best of me, so I’d want to get this proposal over with.

After we’ve rested, I talk Morag into joining me on our maiden voyage to the heather moors.

Early spring has reawakened various insects, including mites; bees and wasps may now buzz around in the heather fields. So why does this girl keep trying to pick up the wasps and play with them? Why do I have to keep reminding her that I have severe allergies? Morag’s wasp-attracting dance moves are driving me insane.

She can’t seem to sit still for more than a second when I tell her to stop and sit with me. I inquire as to the problem and am, after that, yelled at. Morag is infested with fleas. Something to which she admits she is most vulnerable.

She was trying to scratch her flea bites, not entice wasps. Oh, the stench! Fleas are the one thing I cannot tolerate.

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