Add an M Sport Steering Wheel Trim to Your BMW


AutoTecknic’s painted steering wheel trim will add a customized touch to your BMW. Select from an array of top stripe colors, stitching colors, center V-trim pieces, and leather/carbon materials for the perfect finish.

BMW wheels have long been criticized for being excessively thick, prompting some owners to have them modified. Their latest generation of M Sport steering wheels is no different.

Customization Options

A steering wheel is an integral component of any vehicle, offering comfort and functionality while at the same time reflecting your taste and showing it off. There are countless customization options to meet every taste; choose from materials, colors, and shapes; even add your logo for that personal touch, while its design can have a significant impact.

Not only can this BMW F30 M Performance steering wheel enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle, but it also offers an exceptional driving experience. Constructed of leather and carbon fiber for a premium, sporty look and complete with a center V-trim piece and paddle shifters for smooth shifting capabilities, its genuine carbon rim guarantees long-term durability.

This steering wheel was created explicitly for vehicles equipped with M-Sport packages. Compatible with BMW F-Chassis 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6-Series vehicles, this is an upgrade over their factory steering wheel and is available in both leather and Alcantara options to add an extra classy touch to their BMW. It’s a great gift idea, too.

Please be aware that this steering wheel does not come equipped with airbags or accessory buttons; to get maximum functionality out of it, it is advised that existing controllers be transferred over. However, if your car comes equipped with vibration sensors that notify you of lane departure or cruise control functions, this custom wheel will still function normally.

This steering wheel is handcrafted to perfection in approximately 8-12 weeks and comes with a new steering wheel core and worldwide expedited shipping at no additional charge. Any customs duties and taxes may incur at the buyer’s expense; should you require assistance, please reach out! Our customer service is more than happy to assist.


The material used for steering wheels is an integral component of both safety and design. Their core is usually constructed out of soft yet resilient foam such as Polyurethane (PU). Once assembled, these are then covered with leather or carbon fiber covers, which enhance appearance while controlling various functions on the wheel itself – enabling drivers to access vehicle controls easily without their hands leaving the steering wheel itself; additionally, its rim acts as an anchor point for an airbag system should an accident occur, thus necessitating durable materials compatible with its deployment system.

Our custom classic carbon fiber M sport steering wheel is an exquisite example of this. The use of triple M colors on its noon marker and stitching pays homage to BMW’s motorsport legacy while using popular automotive materials that create timeless aesthetic value. This combination will no doubt please any car enthusiast.

Materials selection also significantly lowers maintenance requirements. Selecting durable leather or carbon fiber covers makes cleaning simple; regular wipe downs with damp cloths or leather conditioner are usually sufficient to keep steering wheels looking their best, though spray sealants explicitly designed to protect these materials from stains and odors may be necessary if deeper clean is necessary.

Our exclusive steering wheels are custom-crafted to order, taking approximately 8-12 weeks before they reach perfection. The price includes worldwide expedited and insured shipping as well as the steering wheel core; however, buyers may be responsible for customs duties/import taxes.

AutoTecknic painted steering wheel trim is tailored explicitly for F-Chassis 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6-Series vehicles equipped with the standard BMW M Sport steering wheel. However, this steering wheel does not include its common features like airbags, trim (32-30-7-846-029), and paddle shifters – these must be transferred from its stock counterpart.


The steering wheel is covered with premium quality Alcantara material and features an elegant silver-grey cross-stitch seam, as well as an accent embellisher made of open-pore carbon with red leather motorsport center marking. This unique design stands out and adds a sporty atmosphere.

A three-spoke design with contoured thumbrests completes its commanding look, with its diameter reduced to 373mm and an eye-catching M logo on its rim, creating an eye-catching visual impact.

All exclusive steering wheels are custom-made to order and typically take 8-12 weeks before being completed to perfection. Price includes steering wheel core and worldwide expedited and insured shipping; however, the buyer may be responsible for custom duties/import taxes when applicable.

Please be aware: this steering wheel DOES NOT include airbags, accessory buttons, or paddle shifters (shown above). These components must be transferred from your previous wheel.

This steering wheel has been specifically tailored for use with BMW F30 3 Series 2011-2018 M Sport models and provides an elevated driving experience. Made from genuine carbon fiber for maximum athleticism and dynamic flair in the cockpit. Also features an integrated gearshift lever featuring red plus and minus symbols for added functionality.


AutoTecknic’s paint-matched steering wheel trim is precisely crafted out of ABS material and expertly painted locally in Germany using OEM-grade paint. Designed to fit all BMW F-Chassis 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6-Series vehicles equipped with the M-Sport steering wheel, installation is straightforward and can be accomplished by anyone with some knowledge about working on cars for optimal results and to protect both airbags and steering wheels professionally is advised for optimal results and damage avoidance.

The M leather steering wheel boasts an elegant black Walknappa interior with striking red stitching. Featuring three spokes and contoured thumb rests adorned with the M logo on its rim, its three-spoke design creates a commanding appearance while its reduced diameter (to 373mm) improves maneuverability and driver comfort.

Please be aware: the M Performance steering wheel does not come equipped with airbags, accessory buttons, or paddle shifters; to access them, you will need to transfer them from a standard steering wheel (32-30-7-846-029).

Connect cable WS/BL (2) to the M performance steering wheel D/K’s connector, press plug (6) in its socket casing (1) into its assigned spot on power pick-up C, and connect all other pins of an adapter cable for control module in their appropriate locations.

If an M performance steering wheel is equipped with SA 248 (heated steering wheel), its heating function will no longer operate, and its switch on the steering column trim won’t function when attached to an SA 248 heated steering wheel. Additionally, when fitted onto an M performance steering wheel, its switch for heating purposes won’t have any function either.

Connect the optional LAP trigger measuring sensor A8 to the Jay-Alai – A Review of the Exy Sport cable WS/BL and coil it in 20 to 30 cm lengths; secure with cable ties F and store beneath floor trim on door sill strip (1).