Add Style and Protection to Your Dyna With the Dyna T Sport Fairing


The T Sport’s fork-mounted fairing/windshield combo makes its touring capabilities clear, with generously scooped saddlebags and sleek fork-mounted fairings giving away its true intentions. Add generously scooped saddlebags and their light frame, and you have an agile motorcycle ready to explore open roads.

Harley also addressed a tank console trim issue plaguing previous Dynas, making it less likely to slip off easily and less likely to flap about like an unpleasant, unsightly cap.


Introducing the T Sport Fairing as the perfect addition to any Harley-Davidson Dyna bike! Packed with features designed to improve riding comfort and safety, including an adjustable windshield to help deflect wind and reduce turbulence, as well as air flow vents to prevent heat buildup while increasing fuel efficiency, the sleek yet stylish design makes this fairing an outstanding addition.

The T sport fairing was explicitly created to fit multiple Dyna models and can be installed in various handlebar configurations. Furthermore, its vast selection of colors and finishes ensures there’s something suitable for every taste – plus installation is a snap with all necessary hardware included!

Sport fairings are essential components for any motorcycle enthusiast. Their sleek, aerodynamic design offers superior wind protection and improved aerodynamics to help ensure smooth rides at high speeds. In addition, these fairings can accommodate various accessories like headlamps and auxiliary lights to personalize the look of your ride.

This fairing was designed to be lightweight and durable, making it the ideal choice for long-distance touring riders. Additionally, its adjustable windshield can meet individual rider needs perfectly while being compatible with most 5.75″ headlights – offering a unique style to add character to any Harley-Davidson Dyna.

To keep your t sport fairing safe and functional, it’s crucial to perform routine maintenance on it. This means regularly inspecting and replacing parts such as brakes, clutch, and oil. Furthermore, using high-quality oil designed specifically for bikes should also be implemented, with regular changes.

Also, maintaining good tire condition is crucial to avoid tire damage and other issues. If any signs of wear are noted, replacing the tires immediately is recommended, as quality tires will provide a smoother ride experience while decreasing injury or death risks in an accident scenario.


The Dyna T Sport Fairing is an impressive product designed to add both unique style and improved performance to your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Its stylish, streamlined design provides superior wind protection while reducing drag for safe, higher-speed riding without losing control of your machine. Furthermore, this durable yet customizable solution offers plenty of customization options – making it the ideal solution for Dyna owners wanting to take their ride to new levels!

The fairing is made from durable ABS plastic for long-term performance and features a modern aesthetic to match its classic styling. Its contoured shape and adjustable windshield offer optimal wind protection while increasing the aerodynamics of your motorcycle; plus, easy installation is included with all mounting hardware required for installation. Furthermore, this fairing helps reduce engine noise and vibration for an enjoyable long-ride experience.

While dynamic sport fairings can add both style and performance to your motorcycle, regular maintenance is vital in order to extend their lifespan and ensure they operate at their best. Tips to consider for routine upkeep of this item include checking tire air pressure regularly, making sure all wires are secure, replacing oil periodically, and making sure brakes and clutches are in working condition.

Fairings can significantly enhance riding comfort by decreasing air turbulence and fatigue in arms, hands, and chest. They also improve stability and performance as well as provide weather protection. Dyna T Sport fairings can increase visibility for those wanting to enhance the visibility of their motorcycle.

No matter if you want to customize or enhance the appearance of your bike, T Sport Fairings for Dyna owners offer an ideal solution. They come in multiple colors and finishes, so you can find one to match the aesthetics of your vehicle while remaining durable and lightweight – meaning no additional weight on your motorcycle!


Harley-Davidson Dyna models are known to combine custom style with an unruly attitude, yet are incomplete without a high-quality fairing like the T-Sport fairing. Featuring a large headlight tunnel, an opaque impact-resistant windscreen, and a universal mounting kit adjustable for 35mm or 49mm forks – its custom look blends in well with other aspects of your motorcycle while helping reduce air turbulence at highway speeds for an improved ride and helping reduce fatigue over long rides. Plus, its wide variety of colors will match up perfectly with your bike’s aesthetic!


Are you searching for an elegant way to give your Harley-Davidson Dyna a bit of extra style and protection? Look no further! The T Sport Fairing is designed to fit a wide variety of Dyna models and provides customization options. Plus, its improved wind protection and aerodynamics provide for smoother rides at higher speeds; plus, its durable materials ensure it looks good no matter which color or finish suits your bike best!

This unique fairing is designed to increase both comfort and visibility during riding by deflecting wind, reducing turbulence, and expanding your field of view. Additionally, air-flow vents minimize heat buildup. Easy installation includes all necessary hardware. Furthermore, its lightweight construction won’t bog down your bike.

The T Sport Fairing is constructed of high-grade ABS plastic for easy maintenance and a stylish appearance on any motorcycle. Easily cleaned and maintained, its revolutionary design reduces wind drag to improve aerodynamics while still offering an eye-catching appearance.

One advantage of this fairing is its straightforward installation process, with just a few tools and instructions needed for setup. Plus, its universal compatibility ensures you can customize it according to your preferences – plus, its superior durability makes this a fantastic value proposition!

The T-Sport fairing for Harley Dyna provides multiple benefits, including increased protection and decreased drag. It is a wise investment for any Dyna owner looking to take their ride to the next level. Its sleek design makes an attractive complement to any motorcycle, while its adjustable windshield makes customizing your ride easy.

The T-Sport fairing was explicitly created to fit 1996-2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna models. Its innovative design adds the perfect finishing touch for any bike, while the adjustable windshield makes personalizing your ride easy. Furthermore, installation is quick and comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware.