All Up in One’s Business


Crossword puzzles from The Times provide mental stimulation and an engaging challenge while helping develop your vocabulary and wordplay abilities.

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The answer to this week’s puzzle

Once a crossword appears on The New York Times website, we list it on our homepage along with all possible solutions. John Donegan’s challenging crossword this week requires creative lateral thinking – with clues featuring “business,” while each answer requires clever rebus work!

One reason we love NYT crosswords so much is their unique way of challenging our brains compared to other games, offering a sense of accomplishment and learning while being both fun and playful, using words with homophones, anagrams, or double meanings to add layers of complexity and humor.

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The NYT Mini crossword first debuted online as part of its offerings in 2014 and quickly became a favorite mental workout option for those seeking quick mental workouts. You can find it both online and in the free NYT Crossword app for iOS and Android; this week’s Mini puzzle features “business,” with clues such as an adage or nickname for the theme word being explored throughout – its answer being: BUSINESS NAME ENDER.

The answer to last week’s puzzle

The New York Times Crossword (NYT Crossword) is one of the most beloved daily newspaper puzzles in America, read both in print and online every day by millions. Using wordplay strategies like puns, homophones, anagrams, and double meanings provides an engaging challenge while adding another level of witty misdirection – often making solving it even more rewarding! Written by various contributors, including many well-known puzzle authors.

The New York Times crossword puzzles can be challenging, but each week, they become increasingly more complex and intricate. Monday puzzle is usually the easiest, followed by those published Tuesday through Thursday, with Sunday’s offering being usually its hardest one yet.

Crossword puzzles can be highly rewarding and an excellent way to relieve stress while at the same time helping improve vocabulary and spelling skills. Furthermore, crosswords offer an enjoyable socialization opportunity amongst friends and family – crosswords test your wits while testing your abilities uniquely and entertainingly – they may even become addictive!

Although challenging, Sudoku puzzles can be solved faster by employing some techniques and strategies. One method involves searching for words intersecting, or “crosses,” as this will give a hint as to where you should head in your puzzle-solving efforts. Another strategy includes considering alternate meanings for clues – for instance, “think (over)” could also be written as “MULL.”

The New York Times offers an assortment of crosswords and word games. In addition to its daily NYT crossword, it publishes a weekly mini crossword that was first introduced as an online puzzle in 2014. Since its debut, this daily mini crossword has proven immensely popular with solvers looking for quick challenges with easy solutions. If you get stuck while solving one, visit their hints page for assistance – answers are updated frequently for free viewing by all.