Amel 54 Sailboat


Amel yachts are world-renowned for their endurance and unparalleled seaworthiness, making them the ideal platform for exploring remote corners of the globe in comfort and safety. Their center cockpit design puts all primary sail controls within reach of their helmsman, allowing him to operate the vessel efficiently and single-handedly. Choose the best Amel 54 sailboat.

Deck layout

The Amel 54 sailboat’s deck layout is tailored for safety and comfort, featuring an inviting center cockpit for dining or lounging, as well as providing access to its secure helm station with all significant sailing controls – making maneuvering while underway easier than ever before! All sails have electric furling controlled via a joystick at the helm, making them simple to manage.

This boat is powered by a 110-horsepower Volvo Penta engine that allows it to reach approximately 7 knots under power, making it suitable for long ocean journeys. Furthermore, its large fuel tank capacity means it can cover over 200 miles each day when sailing at lower speeds.

One of the critical aspects of sailboat design is its weight-to-waterline ratio. This figure serves both to understand its performance as well and to plan future adventures by dividing total displacement by waterline length.

Both the Super Maramu and Amel 54 boast outstanding Displacement Length Ratios (DLR), but only the Amel’s bow thruster was explicitly designed by Amel; this custom bow thruster proved much more potent than most Sidepower units installed on most SMs, making tight anchorages much simpler and facilitating writing or computer work for longer than ever onboard the Amel 54 galley freezers were more spacious, as was her Nav Station; unlike its counterpart in most SMs which only functions briefly before needing maintenance!

Interior layout

The Amel 54 is an elegant and comfortable cruising yacht offering private space for up to six people. Designed with innovation in mind, its innovative features include a spacious center cockpit, ergonomic saloon, ample storage space, and safety features such as its stainless-steel guard rail – making this yacht an excellent choice for long-distance cruising.

Amel 54s boast much wider aft sections compared to Super Maramus, creating more interior volume. They also boast an upgraded owner’s cabin featuring an ensuite bathroom as well as double berths in both forward cabins.

As with the Super Maramu, the Amel is fitted with electric furling gear for both its mainsail and genoa and features a bow thruster to make docking and maneuvering simpler. Other safety features include an onboard passerelle for docking or maneuvering purposes, a large lazarette suitable for carrying an inflatable boat RIB, and a cavernous locker capable of holding all your sailing gear.

Amel yachts are known for their unparalleled seaworthiness, and the Amel 54 is no different. Equipped with safety features like a solid stainless-steel guard rail and deep cockpit, making the Amel 54 an excellent choice for long-distance sailing. Additionally, with four genuine watertight bulkheads and an isolated engine room offering unparalleled strength and peace of mind.


The Amel 54 is an impressive blue-water cruising yacht that provides luxurious comfort. Known for its exceptional performance and safety features, this vessel makes an excellent choice for world travelers who wish to sail safely across oceans. Furthermore, its value remains stable, so buying an Amel is also a solid investment decision for anyone in search of their next sailboat purchase.

Chantiers Amel, a French shipyard known for producing ocean-going sailboats, built The Amel in 2005 as a successor to its popular Super Maramu model. Since then, it has become one of their most sought-after models, with four genuine watertight bulkheads providing added safety as well as four genuine watertight bulkheads giving durability.

Many Amel customers are senior cruising couples, making ease of operation a vital consideration. The Amel is equipped with all significant sail controls in its cockpit for easy use by one person; furthermore, it features electric furling main and genoa sails, bow thruster, hydraulic pistons to raise berths for access storage, etc.

The Amel is a staysail ketch, which means it features a large sail area capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. As such, this sailboat makes an excellent choice for experienced sailors; however, it can also be navigated short-handed.


Amel yachts are engineered with safety in mind. Their design includes a solid stainless-steel guard rail, deep cockpit seating, and a dedicated liferaft locker. In addition, their fiberglass hull and deck construction add strength and resistance against osmosis, as does their advanced electronics suite, which is equipped with navigational and communication equipment. Furthermore, sailing an Amel 54 shorthanded is easy, while its spacious center cockpit ensures comfort during extended cruises.

Chantiers Amel of France was responsible for creating this blue-water cruising sailboat known as Amel, which is known for its quality and rigor as well as innovative features like electric furling sails. Amel was founded by Henri Amel, who was both an engineer and a wartime Resistance fighter. Amel Yachts are widely recognized for their superior construction as well as for being ahead of their time by including features like electric furling sails.

This center cockpit, ketch-rigged yacht is ideal for long-distance cruising. The Amel can accommodate up to six guests comfortably, featuring various entertainment and comfort options onboard, such as its potent Volvo D3 or Yanmar engine, its electric furling staysail, powerful genset, bow thruster, and water maker – making for an enjoyable journey!

The Amel’s primary sailing controls are conveniently positioned within its cockpit, offering added safety features that enable one person to operate and adjust sails without leaving their safe harbor of choice. Furthermore, its electrical system boasts both 24-volt DC and 220-volt AC systems to supply ample power for onboard appliances.

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