Astral Pet Store Chapter 99


At an age when pets fight each other for dominance, their strength determines everything. Strengthening one can be difficult and time-consuming until this mysterious pet store comes along. Even an unassuming skeleton can take down an imposing golden dragon after training here!

From their early years, this brother and sister duo has had issues. Su Lingyue would bully her weaker sibling, Su Ping.

Su Ping’s story

At first, battle pet masters focused on making their pets stronger through complex and gradual training sessions until an unknown pet store suddenly appeared out of nowhere and offered unique training programs that enabled even the weakest skeletons to defeat golden dragons with one swipe after training in this store! Its guard dog had ten secret pet beat skills, while its female worker claimed she was godly!

Su Ping stood on a floating rock in lava, closing his eyes to feel its intense heat penetrate his skin. Cautiously looking around him, Su was struck by its brightness – the magma seemed hotter than a thousand degrees Celsius! Not knowing whether his rocks would hold his weight, he felt exposed and fearful that falling could send him plunging to his death!

As he watched the Phantom Flame Beast battle, his mind raced. To level up the store would require 10,000 energy points – money that he didn’t have!

If he could make more money, he could upgrade the facility and open a second store. Furthermore, he could purchase more advanced equipment and unlock new functions – for instance, “Dummy Trainer,” which allowed him to create clones of himself that carried a portion of his character and abilities; these would then train pets on cultivation planes on his behalf.

This manhua contains elements of Shounen fiction but does not fall under the usual power-from-friendship category. Instead, this cultivation novel maintains realistic battle scenes while showing how cultivation plays an integral part in battle reenactments. Furthermore, Su Ping himself is not cold and uncaring but cares deeply for both his friends and the pets that he trains.