Birthday Party Characters For Hire

Party Characters for hire can make your child’s birthday party unforgettable and exciting! Bring life to their dreams by renting out princess or superhero characters at their birthday celebration! Select the best characters for birthday parties.

Character visits provide a fun and cost-effective option for birthday parties, school events, fundraisers, or corporate events that feature children as attendees. Your guests will remember this experience for years!


Costumed character rentals may not come cheaply, but it’s certainly not prohibitively so. Depending on what kind of character you book, costs range between $20 and $600 for two-hour shows. This figure includes the surface, a fully equipped stage, professional lighting, sound equipment, and more. Some companies also offer full-service buffets, cakes, or other food options at premium rates – to get the best value, shop around and inquire about specials or deals of the day. Saving you hundreds or even thousands on your event, booking through these services could save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars compared to hiring individual services directly. Plus, for true cost-cutters among us, their online booking portal makes booking even easier; no more hassle of meeting with an in-person sales rep or waiting for their call back!

Characters Available

Renting party characters for rent can add extra fun and excitement to any children’s party, whether princesses, superheroes, or any of your child’s other favorite characters! They bring princesses, superheroes, and more alive!

An ideal character company will have an established history within their community, an easy-to-navigate website with authentic character images (not simply photos taken out of the closet), and Google reviews to build trust that the entertainment business cares about your children and future parties! These qualities ensure you hire a company you can rely on!

Cost estimates for birthday party characters depend on location, nature requested, and planned activities. For example, a higher-end costumed professional with extensive experience may cost more.

What to Expect

Hiring birthday party characters for rent can make any child’s celebration memorable and magical, but parents must understand what to expect before hiring entertainers.

An established character company will have experience in their field. It can deliver excellent service, from acting out events at real parties to having an intuitive website with real character pictures from actual events and an established presence within a community.

Unfortunately, many companies throw up websites with character pictures from Party City and claim they provide character parties. While their prices may seem appealing, these firms don’t put in the work or care about returning customers; these should be avoided at all costs. Instead, research by reading character party reviews from local parents in your area to see what other parents have to say.


Hiring characters for your child’s birthday celebration can make or break their party experience. First, do your research to find which performers provide the best entertainment; this may depend on factors like age and the chosen theme; referrals from family and friends can also help select characters for hire.

Finding an experienced costumed character to bring fun and excitement to your child’s special event can be tricky. Use these tips as a starting point and hire Party Characters for Kids today if you need assistance!

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