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Discover the finest Minecraft servers to suit your gaming style – from PvP servers to exciting experiences like Murder Mystery. These servers offer a range of game modes so players can have fun together! The best guide to finding top minecraft servers.

Hypixel is one of the most considerable Minecraft servers with a large community and various game modes, from Prison and Dungeons to extraordinary experiences such as Cake Wars.


Hypixel offers players looking to enhance their Minecraft gameplay an unparalleled experience. Operating since 2009 and boasting an immense community, Hypixel gives players access to various game modes for an unforgettable experience.

Hypixel’s server hosts popular games like Bed Wars, SkyWars, and Murder Mystery, as well as numerous minigames that provide hours of fun minigaming fun for its users. Hypixel prioritizes community engagement to make their server enjoyable to all members while offering customization features, cosmetic items, and quests to enhance gaming experiences for users further.

The Minecraft server is one of the largest in the world and attracts millions of concurrent players daily. It offers abundant game modes and high-quality content, making it a top choice among fans of this popular video game franchise. Popular Twitch/YouTube content creators such as Technoblade and Dream are featured to help keep their community active.

To gain entry to the Hypixel server, you must possess a valid Minecraft account and its installation on your computer. It only supports PC and Mac versions; Pocket Edition or console versions will not work. Furthermore, the server will block any accounts using hacks or cracks immediately.

Hypixel has become one of the most beloved servers in Minecraft history. This success can be attributed to its array of minigames and ability to accommodate players of all skill levels. Furthermore, its developers continually experiment with new gameplay experiences and modes to provide players with an exciting environment to play.


DonutSMP, like DreamSMP before it, is an extreme Minecraft SMP server designed to push the limits of survival gameplay. Players compete for riches, power, and dominance in an environment where every decision counts; griefing, stealing, and player killing make for drama-filled play, creating an intense atmosphere. Those that survive long enough to accumulate wealth will ascend the server rankings.

This server features Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft, offering various minigames and experiences ranging from battle royale-inspired games to an innovative take on Counter-Strike. There are typically thousands of people online across its different arenas and zones at any given time.

HiveMC is one of the most sought-after servers, boasting an active community and regular event schedules. Offering various custom game modes to try out, HiveMC makes an excellent choice for anyone wanting something different to play!

This server offers one of the finest options for Minecraft roleplaying, with a strong focus on community and character. Players can claim land and construct houses while recreating GTA V’s magic in Minecraft, complete with a fully functioning economy and ranks.

While not open to the general public, those who wish to join can sign up for its waiting list and access a vast island featuring various gameplay experiences from dungeons to castles – providing plenty to keep any player occupied! Multiple raiding systems are on offer so it may make for an appealing option for those interested in PvP gameplay.


Manacube is an expansive Minecraft server network offering various game modes and gameplay types. This server boasts custom plugins, an economically vibrant economy, and regular updates to keep players entertained and engaged. Plus, there are weekly global events and tournaments added for extra excitement! A fantastic option for anyone wanting a balanced Survival server experience!

This multi-server network hosts various game and gameplay types, such as Skyblock, Prison, Parkour, PvP, and Factions. Designed to support the latest versions of Minecraft and with dedicated staff and community. In addition to Skyblock mode, the Creative Plots game mode and Parkour Challenge map maps are also featured; furthermore, this server boasts a friendly community.

Skyblock servers often allow players to build on an isolated floating island, providing endless possibilities for creating their adventures and discovering hidden parts of the sea. Furthermore, this server has a robust economy and multiple challenges to conquer!

Are You Searching for an Up-and-Coming Minecraft Server to Play Skyblock or PvP on? Numerous up-and-coming Minecraft servers offer outstanding gameplay experiences, from challenging Skyblock servers to competitive PvP servers and everything in between! Their diverse gaming modes, engaging communities, and dedicated staff make these servers excellent – you may discover your perfect multiplayer server experience here! Just remember to follow all rules and be respectful towards other players while visiting the website regularly to stay up-to-date with updates that could prevent issues or issues from emerging further down the line!

Complex Gaming

Complex Gaming is a Minecraft server offering an impressive selection of game modes. It is particularly renowned for its extensive Pokemon mod packs, with special launchers and user interfaces for newcomers to make joining simpler. Furthermore, an impressive main lobby features giant legendary Pokemon statues against an atmospheric background.

The server offers an immersive Minecraft experience with unique challenges and rewards for its players, such as Survival mode, allowing exploration of large custom biomes and participation in challenging quests. Furthermore, it boasts a player economy to reward players’ hard work and welcome community support provided by staff members who respond promptly.

OpBlocks, another highly-respected Minecraft server, features several distinctive game modes and an inviting community. Its candy-themed theme updates commitment, player rewards system, and welcoming community have made this server a favorite among players worldwide. Furthermore, OpBlocks boasts an active staff that quickly responds to any issues on its server.

This server runs the latest version of Minecraft. It supports various modded game modes, featuring a vibrant community with regular tournaments, extensive game selection, and customization options such as custom textures and blocks for maximum enjoyment. Based in the US with lightning-fast connection speeds.


Launching into Minecraft can be intimidating for newcomers. Luckily, numerous great servers are dedicated to helping new players jump right in confidently; InsanityCraft is just one such server offering exciting game modes and features to enhance your playing experience.

This server features several popular game modes, including Survival, Skyblock, and Faction. Furthermore, both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft can be played here simultaneously with features to enhance player enjoyment, such as its unique economy mode.

Pixelmon is its primary game mode, an in-depth adaptation of the Pokemon franchise in Minecraft. There are over 600 Pokemon to catch and evolve on this server, and numerous exciting features to enjoy! Pixelmon updates regularly with fresh content while its community thrives around it.

InsanityCraft is one of the longest-running networks for Minecraft and offers a diverse selection of game modes such as Survival, Skyblock, Factions, and Vanilla. Furthermore, InsanityCraft boasts numerous features to enhance player experiences, such as player stores and faction wraps.

InsanityCraft stands out by supporting both Java and Bedrock versions of its game, making it simple for players to enjoy playing together without switching servers.

Advancius is an excellent option for players seeking to join a faction and compete for dominance in Minecraft’s world. The server features its game mode, daily events, tournaments, and numerous plugins and features like custom enchantments, repair items, faction missions, chat-in faction shops, kits, vote crates, warps, personal vaults, etc.

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