Choosing Carlson Pet Gates For Your Home


No matter if it is stairs or extra wide doorways that you need to block off, there are various pet gates on the market designed to do just that. They come in wood, metal, or plastic construction with multiple sizes that include tall designs that provide adequate doorway-blocking power or shorter but still sufficient versions that still meet that purpose.

Easy to install

A pet gate can help protect your home from your pet escaping and wreaking havoc, such as climbing stairs or leaping over furniture. But choosing the appropriate gate requires taking several factors into account: gate type, material composition, intended location/size requirements, and ease of use – some gates may be free-standing while others can be wall-mounted/stair mounted/plastic constructed – the right one is determined by how aggressively your pet seeks to escape! Choosing an ideal pet gate depends upon the size of the pet as well as the aggression levels of its attempts.

Carlson offers this extra-tall gate at an enticing price, featuring features designed to discourage jumping while making adult operation easy and one-handed accessible. Positionable between 29-34″ wide openings, its multiple length options are ideal for accommodating either cats or small dogs alike; its bonus pet door measures 10″ wide x 7″ high for additional peace of mind.

This gate features a classic design with wood accents and steel construction for an easy installation experience that doesn’t require drilling holes in your wall. Equipped with rubber bumpers to protect walls and doors from damage, this is an excellent option for vacation homes or rental properties alike. Plus, it is portable, allowing for storage within closets or leaning against walls when not in use!

Another advantage of this gate is its flexibility; you can configure it in many shapes, such as straight, curved, and L-shaped configurations. Adjustable latches enable you to customize it for any opening in your home, while adjustable tension bars make set up and take down easy.

This gate is extremely straightforward to assemble, as the instructions are clear and user-friendly. Installation typically takes less than five minutes without needing any extra hardware – plus, its simple cleaning makes this an excellent addition to any household! To further increase security, add tension bars at the base of each panel and fasten them securely into walls for extra safety.


Extra-wide pet gates provide the ideal solution to restricting access to certain rooms of the house and keeping pets off the stairs without needing any complicated installation process. They come equipped with lightweight yet portable pressure mounts that make mounting them quick and simple; rubber pads prevent scratched flooring; some even come equipped with side panels to strengthen and reinforce their overall strength and durability.

Carlson Design Paw’s extra-tall gate is designed to offer both safety and convenience. This durable gate features a walk-through door for adults as well as a small pet door for smaller animals to pass through, swings open both directions quickly for opening/closing it quickly, deters jumping pets/toddlers from climbing over it quickly, and has an efficient locking system which works consistently without issues.

When selecting a durable pet gate, ensure it is constructed out of steel or aluminum. Plastic models tend to be less sturdy, although they may match your home’s decor well. Wooden gates may also be an option; however, if your pup tends to chew things up frequently, then these should be avoided.

Carlson Pet Products Maxi Gate can expand to fit various openings with its modular design, as it comes with five 24″ extensions that can be added. Furthermore, this sturdy gate can even block stairs.

The length of hinges on gates is also an essential aspect to consider, as this will ensure they are securely mounted within your home. Loose hinges may cause your gate to move about while using it – for added peace of mind, consider purchasing one with adjustable hinges so you can tailor them specifically to the space in your home.

Easy to clean

Pet gates can be an excellent way to prevent cats and dogs from running through doorways. Easy to set up and use, these simple gates come in various materials and sizes to suit every home environment – as well as additional accessories such as locks or extensions to customize them further.

Carlson Pet Products dog gates are highly affordable and an ideal option for many homes. Their tall design can adequately bloke off doorways, and their pressure mount system makes operation incredibly easy. However, these gates should be avoided by pets that chew or jump on them because their heads can quickly force through openings in the entrance or between its base and walls or floors and become trapped – leading to strangulation or other forms of injury.

Extra-wide pet gates come in various configurations and have hinged posts that rotate 360 degrees, enabling them to form the shape of a pen for pets or act as a room divider. Some models also come equipped with auto-close features and hold open functions to make use more accessible for humans; additionally, extension kits for these gates may also be purchased directly from manufacturers.


If your home features large openings, extra-wide pet gates may be the solution. They are tall enough to block off doorways while offering various sizes that ensure you find one suitable for your space. Some even come equipped with doggie doors built right in, while others are built as barriers along stairs. When selecting one for yourself, make sure it’s easy to install and use, as well as investigate its options available to you.

The Carlson 120″ Super Wide Pet Gate is an ideal solution for large spaces. Boasting an easy installation without damaging walls or doors, its 100% steel frame expands to fit a range of openings up to 120″ wide – even acting as a fireplace barrier or blocking odd-shaped spaces! Plus, it comes equipped with an adult walk-through door, so they don’t have to climb over it to pass through it!

Another essential characteristic of an ideal pet gate is easy cleaning. Once it becomes dirty, the gate should be regularly wiped down with furniture polish and lint-free cloth for best results, while for stainless steel gates, a damp rag works excellently!

An extra-wide pet gate offers many other advantages, including its versatility and functionality. Some models feature pet doors with auto-close features to prevent your pet from opening the gate when you aren’t around; other models have walk-through doors suitable for humans, with additional extensions available to accommodate more expansive spaces.

A quality gate will prevent your dog from running into rooms or out the front door, as well as chewing or scratching furniture and walls. Training may take time and be challenging to master, while an effective gate is an easy, quick, and affordable solution that protects furniture.