Clans of Clans Town Hall 10 Base Layouts


Townhall Level 10 of Clash of Clans game is the most exciting level available to gamers, introducing new troops, tactics, heroes, and other surprises.

Upgrading to TH10 can be one of the most challenging steps, requiring an effective attacking strategy and 3-star victories against any TH10 base in both wars and CWL battles.

Box and Anti-3 Base

These bases typically focus on protecting your storage (Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir) against attacks from enemy troops. They usually use many defense buildings with heavy concentrations of defense traps to deter attackers from quickly reaching your storage.

This kind of base is an ideal option if you want to protect your gold, elixir, and dark elixir during clan wars while at the same time increasing loot levels in the game. Furthermore, its design also makes a practical th10 farming layout, which will increase their incomes for increased incomes of both elixir and gold.

The circular design of this CoC th10 farming base makes it hard for attacking troops to gain entry to its inner core, protected by air and ground defenses designed to deter Pekka spam attacks from Pekka spam bots, with double rings of Teslas protecting its inner core from potential attacks by Pekka spam bots and baby dragons. Furthermore, anti-canon cart traps provide added defenses against canon balls or baby dragons.

General X crafted this Town Hall 10 defense strategy as an iconic one that can hold off attacking troops. With multiple compartments to distract attacking troops and its central Town Hall and clever arrangement of splash defenses to prevent common attacks from working efficiently, this town hall ten base can serve TH9 players who utilize spammy attacks and those using more moderate approaches from TH8 players.

This layout is an excellent example of how various strategies can help defend storage from attack. A central Town Hall with strategically-placed slingers, air defenses, and mega tesla work together to keep attackers away from your holds; anti-canon cart traps provide additional protection for Gold and elixir from cannonball spammers or baby dragons.

Diamond Base

This Town Hall 10 base layout boasts a diamond-shaped design with a compact core. With multiple compartments to facilitate hybrid gameplay and air bows, Teslas provide solid defenses against different kinds of attackers.

This defensive layout seeks to prevent three-star attacks from being successful by isolating resources from the Town Hall and making them more challenging for attackers to access; this is accomplished using double-layered walls, shields, and various traps as defensive barriers.

Additionally, the Town Hall is situated outside the wall, making it harder for enemy troops with high-hitpoint troops like heroes and Golems to access it. This strategy has proven particularly successful against high-hit-point troops such as heroes.

Another integral feature of this base is the ring structure that protects the Town Hall. This element helps defend against 3-star attacks as it forces enemies to focus their energy on taking down outer layers before approaching them directly.

Clan Castles provide added defenses against 3-star attacks, making this feature ideal for TH10s looking to avoid losing their hard-earned loot.

This ring’s best 10-base layout also boasts an intricate system of traps and shields surrounding the Town Hall, making it difficult for enemies to break through and destroy it. This defense method is beneficial against Valkyrie, Bowlers, and Golems, which are joint attacking troops at this level.

In addition, this layout offers ample space for early storage, multiple infernos and sweepers, and Tesla Farms for added protection of Town Hall, Clan Castle, and Queen against all forms of attackers.

Moats are another stand-out feature of this TH10 base. Protecting resource buildings with moats helps prevent enemies from stealing gold and elixir from early storages; protects CC/Queen from Goblin attacks; creates dead zones; and creates dead zones for single and multi-infernos.

Centralized Clan Castle Base

An effective defensive strategy involves keeping your Clan Castle at the center of your base. This makes it harder for attackers to lure troops in through its entrance and reduces their chance of three-staring your base. In addition, its central placement makes it more challenging for attackers to reach your storage, making it harder for them to steal Elixir or Gold from them.

Clan Castle bases provide an effective defense strategy for both Trophy Pushing and Loot Farming by strategically placing storage close to them and hiding them behind defenses – this way, attackers will have difficulty reaching your resources. Plus, having total troops inside may distract any attempt to access your storage and kill any that come near.

The centralized design of this base also makes it hard for attackers to predict where traps and hidden defenses may be placed, providing additional protection while still permitting donations of troops, spells, and Siege Machines. TH10 War bases benefit significantly from this strategy as their defense keeps your CC secure while allowing soldiers, seizures, and Siege Machines contributions.

Clan Castles can make it more difficult for attackers to gain entry to your Town Hall by stockpiling defensive troops within them, making it harder for attackers to reach it without breaking through walls and risking valuable attacks against your defending Clan Castle. By stocking it full of troops positioned for defense, attackers may find it harder to gain entry and will have to spend their energy breaking them to access your Town Hall – this is great for saving precious attack ammunition!

Another advantage of this design is that it makes defending against rage towers and royal champion snipes easier. By strategically placing tornado traps around the base, you can thwart these two powerful troops’ attempts to sneak inside to charge into your CC.

If you prefer an offensive combat style, consider our Best TH10 Trophy and War Base or Anti-3 Star Base as two excellent ways to maximize the likelihood of victory in any clan wars you enter. These bases feature similar layouts, with the Command Center at its center and many air defenses on its outer edges; following these guides, your TH10 base can be fully protected while increasing its chance of scoring three stars!

Hybrid Base

Hybrid Bases provide the ideal solution for players looking to simultaneously protect their Town Hall and resources. Combining elements from both Trophy bases, which prioritize protecting the Town Hall to reduce trophy losses, and Farm bases – which cover all resources – creating one is achievable through effective central core design, clever wall placement, and strategically placing various defenses around its perimeter; you can build an efficient hybrid base that keeps both resources safe while safeguarding its Town Hall from attack.

Hybrid Th9 bases offer a balanced approach to multiplayer battles. They provide ample protection for Town Halls and resources while enabling rapid progress up the trophy ladder. They boast several unique features that make them ideal for players seeking trophy-pushing and resource protection.

A thriving TH9 hybrid base lies in its practical layout of defensive buildings and placement of traps. By strategically placing these structures, you can create overlapping fields of fire that deter aerial attacks while making it harder for ground troops to breach your defenses. Furthermore, using walls efficiently will prevent attackers from reaching your Town Hall and taking away resources.

This symmetrical hybrid base design is an efficient strategy for Town Hall 12 players. With balanced defense and resource protection, this mixed base allows you to protect the Town Hall while making progress up the trophy ladder. Remember that war bases serve a different function during clan warfare than farming or trophy bases; therefore, they’re not recommended as farming or trophy bases.

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