Confirmation of IGNOU Admission Status


IGNOU offers regional centers throughout India that serve to verify student forms and documents; this process may take up to 15 days. The Amazing fact about IGNOU Assignment Status.

The university will conduct a complete and careful verification process when reviewing documents uploaded by students. Students should remain patient while waiting for it to be completed.


The university has set forth several criteria that students must fulfill to be accepted into its programs, which vary according to type and level. Students may need to provide evidence of their educational qualifications, such as mark sheets or certificates as proof, complete a registration form, and pay any associated fees before enrolling. Some programs even require them to pass entrance exams or have specific work experience prior to being admitted.

IGNOU offers numerous courses at all levels – undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education – with admission based on marks obtained in an entry test administered by the university at all levels; these tests take place twice annually; and result cards indicate whether a student qualifies for admission into their course of choice.

AApplicants applying to IGNOU courses must ensure they follow all regulations and submit all the required documents before their application is accepted. If any documents are missing, a notification will indicate this is an incomplete application that needs correcting immediately. If it cannot be obtained quickly enough, contact your regional center/office as soon as possible to inform them about what can be submitted instead or get assistance in locating missing documentation.

Once their application has been accepted, the university will email the applicant a ten-digit enrolment number that can be used for managing activities such as submitting assignments and paying bills, as well as accessing the IGNOU student site – a vital resource for managing studies and assignments.

Once students receive an enrolment number, they can access their admission status by visiting IGNOU’s website and inputting their enrollment number and program code in the “KNOW YOUR STATUS” section of that site. An “Approved” or ‘Confirmed” status means their regional center has validated and approved them to commence studies and then download their ID card.

Documents required

If you plan to enroll in IGNOU BA, certain documents are essential in completing your application process. In addition to an admission form, identity proof documents and certificates for verification will also be needed – they’re critical for verifying whether or not you are a genuine student with all necessary credentials for completion of the course – these might include passport-size photographs, driving license and bank statements among others – without them, IGNOU cannot confirm your admission, and so your enrollment cannot go through!

Please keep a copy of all documents submitted in case they need to be verified at a later time. This will save time by speeding up processing times; keep in touch with your regional center throughout this process – they’ll notify you as soon as the verification process has concluded!

Documents required for IGNOU admission depend on which program you’re applying to; those studying for bachelor’s degrees must submit copies of their marks cards and certificates, while for other programs, students may need additional documentation such as work experience certificates or training certifications.

As part of your submissions, be sure to have them attested by a gazetted officer – this will save you both time and hassle in the future. Also, make sure your documents are scanned and uploaded correctly, then regularly check the IGNOU portal for updates; any time errors arise in submissions, correct them immediately.

IGNOU’s document verification process for its courses can take some time due to thousands of applicants each session and having to review every document submitted by them. If your admission status remains unconfirmed after waiting some time, contact IGNOU’s centralized student registration call for help.


Confirmation of Ignou Admission Status is an integral step towards completing your degree program. After submitting your application and all required documents, the university will notify you when admission has been confirmed; typically, this process takes about two months. Therefore, you must regularly check on your admission status and contact the regional center if you have any queries or issues.

Check your admission status online with IGNOU by logging into your account and going directly to the dashboard page, selecting the “Admission Status” tab, entering your enrollment number, and waiting for the results to load. When your IGNOU admission status has been verified, you will be able to download your ID card and start studying!

When your admission status shows that document verification is underway, this means the centralized student registration cell will notify you soon. Please allow up to one week for this notification process to complete; otherwise, contact them to ensure your application has been processed successfully.

In the past, IGNOU updated the admission and registration statuses of its students using a dedicated link. They recently made changes that allow you to find your admission and registration status with just a 9-digit enrollment number instead of a control number – making the system more user-friendly than before.

To check your IGNOU admission status, enter your 9-digit enrollment number and program code into the box provided. Here, you will also be able to find details such as registration date, elective course change request status, and address change request status, as well as your re-admission status and assignment submission date. Please be aware that this information only applies to January 2024 and July 2023 applicants – those who applied before these sessions can still use their control number to check their admission status.


Re-registering at IGNOU is essential to students looking to continue their studies at the university level, keeping their studies alive while earning necessary credit points toward future career goals. Students must complete this process within a certain period or risk having their course suspended for another year or semester; registration can be done online or at regional centers.

Once an application form has been submitted, students will be issued an automated 10-digit number that serves as their verification code and enrollment number for IGNOU admission processes, such as ID cards or course material. Furthermore, this enrollment number allows access to their Student Portal account, where they can monitor their admission status.

IGNOU will notify applicants of their re-admission status via SMS and email; however, this process may take up to several days as the university checks all information provided. Although re-admission can be an arduous journey, its completion is essential in making sure your application is complete and meets IGNOU’s stringent admissions process requirements.

After successfully re-registering, students will be provided with an updated transcript of their work as well as their new admission certificate from IGNOU. They may also download the IGNOU Student Card using their enrollment number as a password;

Candidates seeking admission status 2024 at IGNOU need only log in using their user ID and password, then click “Check Admission Status.” The system will save your data at each stage, so if there is a power outage or loss of internet connectivity, you can resume where it was interrupted. Once students have verified their IGNOU admission status, they can start their education journey as they will receive IGNOU ID cards, which can give access to IGNOU resources as well as study materials online.

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