East Lake Sports Complex


East Lake High School boasts an expansive program of honors and advanced placement classes. In addition, one of Pinellas County’s most prominent music programs – orchestra – consistently earns superior ratings at both state and district concert performance assessments.

StationSoccer now serves children from both Global Village Project and Decatur Housing Authority at its new East Lake location, connecting children through their shared love of soccer to form life-long friendships beyond the field.

East Lake Golf Club

East Lake Golf Course in Atlanta holds a prominent place in golf history and remains one of its most well-known courses today. Bobby Jones first made an impactful mark on amateur golf at East Lake by winning all three tournaments he entered that year: the U.S. Open, Open Championship, and British Amateur. Since 1998 it has hosted the Tour Championship tournament as well. At East Lake, many of golf’s greatest champions won their titles; visit and witness its legacy!

East Lake Golf Club faced struggles similar to those of many urban clubs during the mid-20th century as city dwellers relocated into suburbia, leading to decreased membership and disrepair at its club. To commemorate Bobby Jones and his legacy, in 1993, the foundation that runs East Lake began an ambitious restoration effort and created The Bobby Jones Room, an inviting lounge dedicated to him that features photos and memorabilia of him as a great golfer.

East Lake Golf Club is a highly challenging course to play, featuring narrow fairways that can make it hard to strike long and straight shots; thick bermudagrass rough that impedes control; elevated greens with one to two-foot elevation changes that make controlling approach shots even more difficult; plus gardens that feature one-two foot elevation changes making your approach shots unpredictable and unpredictable.

East Lake Golf Club is unlike most others as it requires a special membership to access. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from visiting it; its beauty and challenges offer an unforgettable experience!

East Lake Community Center combines world-class golf with family-friendly amenities for an exceptional community center experience, such as playgrounds and basketball courts. Situated between Memorial Drive and Alston Drive, it features various sports programs for both children and adults, including Georgia’s sole indoor pickleball court at Zaban Recreation Center – not to mention outdoor pools and fitness classes available throughout its complex!

East Lake Park

East Lake Park lies to the east of Newton and offers an array of family activities. Its 314-acre lake blends tree-lined shorelines with plenty of space for fishing, swimming, and boating – as well as picnic areas, softball fields, and playgrounds; its Limerock path allows walkers and runners to keep active; it also serves as an attractive location for dog owners as well as hosting many events throughout the year.

East Lake was initially created as a municipal water reservoir in 1919. Over time, however, its waters became stocked with trout and other fish species, and from that point forward, it became a trendy spot for families to bring their children for outdoor fun. During the Depression, it also served as a reserve water supply in case of drought; after repairs were made on its dam in 1975 by Osceola city hall, it was sold off to Clarke County Conservation Board at just one dollar for use as public park space.

Since purchasing East Lake Park, the city has continued to improve it, creating one of Alabama’s premier municipal recreational facilities and an essential habitat for birds and other wildlife. Its waterways and surrounding woods provide food, shelter, and protection to a range of species – making East Lake Park an excellent place for birding enthusiasts to view migrating songbirds in spring and fall migration.

East Lake Park provides more than just sports and recreational amenities – in addition to its sports and recreation facilities, this park has a disc golf course, driving range, and basketball court and is open from April through November. The disc golf course can be found on the north end of the park across from its driving range.

The spring-fed lake is an idyllic outdoor retreat surrounded by trees that invite relaxation and fun in nature. To promote more physical activity among its residents, the city is working closely with community members and organizations to enhance park features while seeking to hire full-time staff members to oversee park management and support healthy lifestyles.

The City of Okoboji and Imagine Iowa Great Lakes have joined forces to transform an unutilized piece of West Lake shoreline into a family park that can be reached via vehicle, vessel, and trail system – making a welcome change to Highway 71 views!


As a former professional soccer player, Sanjay Patel understood the significance of providing access to sports in low-income communities for youth and recognized the transportation challenges many children faced when trying to reach soccer fields. StationSoccer was developed to address this issue. Since its first field opened at Five Points station in 2016, other areas like West End, East Point Lindbergh Center, and Kensington stations have joined it and experienced enormous success. Kensington Park features two soccer pitches surrounded by community gardens, with Kevin Bongang designing and painting a mural commissioned by MARTA’s Artbound public art program and painted in conjunction with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Art in the Paint.

Fees collected through adult leagues and pick-up games fund the facility and youth programs at StationSoccer, making the initiative self-sustaining. LED lighting provided by Musco also extends operating hours while offering safer areas for children to play.

Patel had the idea to install soccer fields at MARTA stations after witnessing children emerge from trains in London playing soccer on nearby pitches. He worked alongside community leaders and Atlanta United’s professional team to bring his vision into reality in Atlanta despite initial resistance, eventually creating community assets from unused spaces at MARTA stations.

After the success of Five Points Field, this project expanded to other locations, including DeKalb County’s Kensington Station, where two soccer pitches are surrounded by community gardens, street painting, and other amenities – providing not only children a place to play soccer but also serving as an educational resource through produce cultivation and healthy food education programs.

The stationSoccer program in Kensington has inspired a new phase, as its success prompted it to become the world’s first interconnected soccer-themed network at MARTA stations. Funded through grants from philanthropic organizations and private sources, its goal is to establish community hubs at each station where residents can access health and wellness resources, food, and play; residents have already welcomed this initiative with open arms – serving as gathering spots for neighbors as well as soccer players alike.

East Lake Youth Sports Association

Youth sports facilities provide communities with valuable opportunities for youth development and social interaction, improving physical and mental well-being while postponing potential adult health problems. Access to such facilities also teaches children the value of teamwork and healthy lifestyle choices while building self-esteem and lifelong friendships.

East Lake Youth Sports Association is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization. Their goal is to provide a safe, fun environment where boys and girls from the local community can come together to learn baseball and softball in a structured and supportive setting. Beyond just offering them an opportunity to play ball themselves, these leagues teach children about safety, sportsmanship, nutrition, and good practices for life in addition to providing access to competitive play for those aged four years or up. League registration begins each spring for children four years or older.

East Lake Youth Sports Association is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization that has provided valuable services to the local community for over 50 years. All programs at East Lake Youth Sports Association are free for participants; its volunteer coaches and parents dedicate countless hours planning, promoting, and overseeing youth baseball, basketball, fast-pitch softball, and soccer programs at costs significantly lower than County fees for similar sports and recreation services.

Pinellas County’s youth sports fields are in dire need of repair. Without dedicated funding sources, they would likely increase participation/recreation fees for families living in lower-income households – thus increasing participation/recreation fees further and making participation/recreation more costly for lower-income households. To fund daily operations as well as capital repairs and improvements of these three facilities, a non-profit would administer them under contract with the Board of County Commissioners.