Elevator Companies in Bangalore


Vintec Elevators stands out among Bangalore’s many elevator companies for offering exceptional services, featuring top-quality elevators that meet both residential and commercial requirements.

Their machine room-less elevators are easy to use and safe for people with disabilities while offering superior AMC services and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Usha Elevators

Elevator companies in Bangalore provide various options for vertical transportation, but selecting the best one depends on personal preferences and budget considerations. Top providers include Otis, Kone, and Schindler India – each provides its advantages such as installation time and maintenance services – so when selecting an elevator, it is essential to take into account both home or commercial space requirements as well as safety considerations and costs of ownership when making this decision.

Unified Lifts of Bangalore is an award-winning elevator company providing superior hydraulic and traction elevators to homes and commercial properties alike. Their products are engineered with precision, offering customizable features as standard. Furthermore, their support services and maintenance teams provide 24/7 assistance while their superior German-engineered stainless steel machinery meets ISO certification.

Usha Elevators is a private company established in 2012 with headquarters located in the Peenya Industrial Area in Bangalore. Employing over 3,000 staff, Usha Elevators is India’s premier elevator manufacturer, with more than 25,000 installations nationwide and an emphasis on safety and quality, which have earned it the trust of over 34,000 clients nationwide. Furthermore, their service stations feature qualified technicians to help with any maintenance or repair requirements, giving their clients peace of mind knowing there is help available should any issues arise.

SNS Lifts

This company provides top-of-the-line elevators to both residential and commercial buildings. Furthermore, they offer maintenance services to ensure that lifts remain in great condition over time – making them an excellent option for anyone in Bangalore searching for an elevator company. They have both hydraulic and traction elevator options, with technicians that are knowledgeable and friendly onsite technicians.

Selecting an elevator company in Bangalore may seem daunting, but your needs and budget must be taken into consideration when making this critical decision. When searching for an elevator provider, keep an eye out for size/capacity considerations as well as installation time/maintenance services; also, pay attention to equipment features like safety features. Selecting the ideal elevator will ultimately save money in terms of fewer repairs required as well as adding value to your home in the form of increased value and savings in repairs costs.

Emperor Elevators of India stands out as an industry-leading manufacturer, offering an expansive selection of superior quality products and exceptional customer service. Their commitment to client satisfaction has earned them one of the country’s most reputable elevator companies; their hydraulic elevators and escalators are designed for safe yet efficient performance – perfect for use in any building! In addition, modern machinery from Germany was imported for use within their modernization programs, while home elevators and service stations specifically tailored for private garages are all part of their service offerings.

Emperor Lifts

Emperor Lifts is one of India’s premier home elevator manufacturers, offering elevators for homes and multi-story buildings alike. Presenting options and accessories like stairlifts and hydraulic lifts – as well as installation, maintenance, repair services, as well as quality-assured products – Emperor Lifts boasts an expansive customer base across India and quality-assured products that they stand behind.

Residential elevators are an effective and practical way to make multi-story homes accessible and enjoyable, saving time, increasing property values, and providing maximum safety for children and elderly people. Easy to install and offering customizable features explicitly tailored to meet your needs – not to mention safe and quiet operation!

Cable-driven elevators are the most commonly found type of home lift. These types are generally less costly to own and maintain, consume fewer resources, and are, therefore, an eco-friendly choice of home lift. However, regular cleaning may be required to ensure user safety. They can be installed into any home but may take more space than machine room-less or traction elevators; ideal for single-family houses with two or three stories as they have smaller travel areas than other elevators.

Hephzi Elevators Intl. Co. Pvt. Ltd.

HEICO is an industry leader when it comes to Elevator and Escalator design, manufacturing, supply, installation, and maintenance services. Established in 1996, this Indian elevator company now stands as one of the premier companies offering an expansive selection of passenger, handicapped-friendly elevators, hydraulic elevators, machine roomless elevators, escalators, and moving walks for its customers.

HEICO provides maintenance services for both new and existing elevators, including routine and emergency service calls; modernizing old elevators to the latest technological standards; technical audit & inspection; and replacement of components. In addition, consulting services are offered for renovating existing lifts & escalators as well as repair/replacement services on those covered under warranty.

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