Emoji Planet Slot Review


Emoji Planet is a cluster-pay video slot featuring symbols you’d typically find on a smartphone. Matching large clusters to win cash prizes that are multiplied by your bet size to produce cash rewards that multiply as you bet more. Check out the Best info about danagg.

This game provides a fresh take on a classic arcade slot machine. With an original theme and surprising gameplay features, this exciting experience promises hours of entertainment!


The slot machine emoji represents gambling, risk-taking, and entertainment in digital communications. Included in the Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs block of the Unicode Standard, it’s often used when discussing casino trips or experiences related to gambling. It depicts a classic slot machine complete with reels and symbols; additionally, it can represent both the thrill and uncertainty of winning big!

Emoji Planet online slot is an innovative game that doesn’t rely on conventional reels or paylines; instead, the screen features six rows and five columns filled with aligned symbols arranged along six rows and five columns; winnings are awarded when there are clusters of five or more matching symbols arranged along six rows and five columns; smiley faces like sunglasses emoji, smirks, winks or winks match each other to produce winning clusters; girl with lollipop acts as Wild symbol to help make more combinations and increase winning chances by substituting for other symbols – even those symbols that do not match are eligible to receive winning cluster payouts!

Emoji Slots’ slot machine app boasts beautiful designs and fun gameplay, offering various bonuses and features that give you multiple chances to win big! For an extra relaxing and thrilling experience, try playing it without ads in Pro mode – perfect for testing out your luck and unwinding!


Emoji Slot stands out from other slots by having paylines that differ significantly, as opposed to being fixed rows and columns; symbols appear as clusters that must be formed together for payout. This adds more potential wins while making playing more rewarding – line up at least five matching symbols along a win line to trigger any payout!

Though this game might not appeal to those looking for traditional slot experiences, MrSlotty is clearly targeting millennials with this release; the theme echoes how people use emojis daily. Additionally, this game boasts excellent graphics and exciting bonus features.

This game features a lollipop-licking emoji with large red lips as its scatter symbol, with three or more such images awarding free spins. Furthermore, an “Emoji Meter” can be filled to unlock various bonuses, including coin wins, a Pizza feature (which adds a 3×3 overlay of any regular symbol), a Kiss mark feature (which generates three sticky wilds that can be used multiple times), Kiss mark feature (three sticky wilds that can be reactivated repeatedly), Rocket feature and stacks of 10 regular symbols on reels – as well as great animations! These characters make this game truly captivating!

Bonus rounds

Emoji Slot is an innovative online casino game with a fun theme and engaging gameplay, designed for players of all experience levels and offering plenty of ways to win big! Emojis have become a universal language, taking full advantage of that fact by including them as symbols on their reels.

Emojiplanet uses an innovative Cluster Pays system wherein symbols clumped together into winning combinations are formed using identical emoji symbols aligned horizontally or vertically across the grid, clustered to form winning combinations with greater payout for those that match more matching emojis in clusters – giving every spin an exciting, colorful visual treat! Plus, Emojiplanet boasts bold graphics for an eye-catching experience!

The game’s design and features make it ideal for modern smartphone users, featuring cute yet playful emoji characters explicitly designed to appeal to them. Furthermore, there are multiple bonus rounds and features available, including an expanded Wild symbol that can be stacked for more excellent wins.

Avalanche adds another level of excitement when winning clusters of emojis in an Avalanche sequence – each time filling one section of the Emoji Meter at the bottom of your screen with each Avalanche win! As soon as all 12 sections have been filled up, one of five exciting features will activate Bomb (destroys eight random symbols), Pizza (3×3 overlay of random symbol onto reels), Kiss Mark feature (3 sticky wilds on screen), Rocket (10 stacked wilds above reel) and Two Hearts feature (awarded multipliers for consecutive wins). This game’s high RTP and exciting bonus features make this game an indispensable asset to any mobile gaming arsenal!


Emoji Slot is an enjoyable online slot game featuring emoticons galore and an excellent return-on-investment ratio, offering plenty of payouts to be had. Perfect for mobile devices and with no banner ads available in its PRO edition app.

MrSlotty has created an engaging slot experience centered on emoticons. Although its theme may not resonate with those looking for traditional casino-style gaming experiences, Mr. Slotty seems to have done an admirable job of appealing to millennials with this game.

The game employs cluster pay mechanics, meaning winning symbols displace other icons to provide huge payouts on every spin. You’ll also find a wild symbol that can substitute for any symbol and has a maximum payout of 2,000 coins, plus several free spins throughout the game!

With its straightforward design and easy gameplay, this slot machine will keep you entertained for hours on end. Emojis leap off the screen while the animation is well done; its only drawback may be the lack of traditional paylines, but the cluster pay system more than makes up for that shortcoming.