Fighting a Stunt Driving Ticket


Stunt driving refers to engaging in street racing, contests, or dangerous driving practices with an Ontario road or highway vehicle. Such offenses carry severe repercussions, including loss of license, increased insurance rates, and possible jail time. Check out the Best info about stunt driving ticket.

When pulled over for stunt driving, police officers seize your vehicle and demand your keys immediately. Being charged could cost you time and money, as well as lost income in legal fees, impound and towing charges, auto insurance premiums, and towing.

1. License Suspension

Stunt driving is a severe offense and, if convicted, will likely skyrocket your insurance rates and remain on your driver’s record in Ontario for at least 12 months.

An arrest for stunt driving may result in your vehicle being impounded and court-imposed penalties. Police will notify the Ministry of Transportation, adding your conviction to your driver’s abstract record.

Once the suspension period has ended, you must pay a reinstatement fee in order to regain your driving privileges and retrieve your vehicle from an impound lot – paying daily storage fees along the way.

If you receive a summons to appear for stunt driving charges, legal representation will be essential in helping to combat them. A minor error on the summons won’t necessarily result in charges being dropped; to have any chance at dismissal hinges on your performance at the trial date.

A stunt driving conviction will remain on your driving record for three years and may impede your efforts to obtain professional licensures or jobs requiring clean records. Depending on the evidence presented against you and its quality, the Crown may agree to a plea bargain wherein your offense can be reduced to a less serious offense, such as speeding. Though an admission of guilt remains, this solution may help avoid harsh stunt driving penalties.

2. Fines

Ontario penalties for stunt driving can be extremely harsh, ranging from heavy fines and immediate license suspension to mandatory courses. Stunt driving includes anything that involves competing against two or more vehicles at marked rates of speed, racing at speeds significantly over legal limits, transporting passengers in your trunk while doing “popping wheelies,” or intentionally lifting all or some of your tires off of the road surface, or “driving two or more vehicles at marked rates of speed.”

Although losing your license for one year might not seem like much, it can have lasting impacts on your quality of life. You could need help finding transportation for work and daily chores such as shopping. Furthermore, any conviction of stunt driving could label you as high risk by insurance companies and result in significantly increased premiums or disqualification from coverage altogether.

An effective strategy for fighting a stunt driving ticket lies in hiring an attorney with experience handling these cases, such as those from POINTS. Our lawyers will carefully assess your case before developing an effective defense strategy tailored specifically for you. They may ask questions of witnesses such as police officers in order to demonstrate that their version of events differs from your version – helping you avoid conviction and its accompanying penalties.

3. Insurance Rate Increase

Stunt driving refers to any dangerous form of driving behavior ranging from street racing and burnouts through impound and storage fees, legal legislation costs, increased auto insurance premiums, and income losses to the cost associated with getting back your license. Stunt driving violations carry serious repercussions, which include a mandatory minimum one-year suspension (up to 10 for repeat convictions), fines, impound and storage fees, legislation costs, legal legislation costs, an increase in your auto insurance premiums, lost income losses, plus any associated legal costs as penalties.

Stunt driving convictions will leave an indelible mark on your record and prompt insurance providers to classify you as a high-risk driver. This means significantly increased car insurance rates for many years ahead and possibly no coverage at all.

As soon as a stunt driving conviction appears on your record, it can have devastating repercussions for both your car insurance rates and reputation. A successful legal defense can reduce or even eliminate license suspension, ensure minimal rate increases, and maintain your status as an upright motorist.

Stunt driving is an outrage that should never be tolerated on Ontario’s roadways and highways. If you have been charged with stunt driving in Ontario, contact Traffic Paralegal Services immediately for a free consultation and find out your options for getting these charges dropped.

4. Jail Time

An accidental stunt driving conviction can have dire repercussions, often including license suspension and vehicle impoundment on the roadside. Jail time is an additional consequence—usually more harsh than fines alone. Therefore, many who receive tickets opt to fight them.

In addition to incurring fines and other penalties, being found guilty of stunt driving will leave a permanent mark on your record that could negatively impact your life and career. A conviction will stay on it for three years and can affect insurance rates later on.

Even for first-time offenders, stunt driving fines in Ontario can be steep, ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 in first-offence penalties. But there are ways to defend against such charges, and an experienced lawyer can assist with navigating the legal system, providing evidence in your favor, and negotiating reduced or alternative penalties.

Stunt driving laws are stringent, with the aim of stopping dangerous driving behaviors. Most G2 drivers should exercise great caution when engaging in any form of hazardous driving activity that could result in a conviction.

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