Firewood Delivery Near Me in New York


Moisture-laden wood that won’t burn is one of the most frustrating experiences. To avoid dealing with bugs, mildew, or fungus issues when purchasing firewood for sale. Look for seasoned or kiln-dried options instead!

Firewood is sold by the cord, with prices fluctuating depending on order size. Additional fees may apply if you want your firewood stacked or dumped upon delivery.

Looking Around Your Neighborhood

Nothing brings happiness and comfort quite like the crackle of a fire. Whether it’s just you relaxing alone or entertaining friends and family, firewood fueling your cozy fireplace helps create memories to last a lifetime. However, finding quality firewood may not always be straightforward – especially when searching for seasoned wood that gives optimal burning and maximum comfort.

There are multiple methods to get hold of high-quality firewood without paying for it – you need to know where to look!

Start by searching locally for suppliers – such as farmers, garden centers, tree services, or firewood specialty stores. Check online directories or ask neighbors for recommendations.

Another effective option for finding free firewood online is searching Craigslist, Freecycle Network, and Facebook Marketplace – websites like these may provide people with surplus firewood they no longer require. Just be mindful when buying from strangers; always secure permission before taking anything.

Many communities offer community firewood programs to assist those in need. Contact your local community center or social service agency to discover these options.

If you don’t have time or energy to search for firewood, consider using a delivery service instead. These companies offer convenient firewood deliveries to your home – eliminating all the stress involved with gathering and stacking it!

Firewood delivery services offer another advantage by helping you to create and adhere to a schedule for receiving firewood deliveries. This ensures a steady supply of seasoned wood when you need it without running out and having to wait for more to be delivered, eliminating guesswork about how much firewood you need for events or seasons and eliminating guesswork about how much wood they provide! Depending on which company you go with, they may even stack it neatly and ready for burning, making their use an invaluable time saver!

Local Farms

Nothing can ruin a pleasant fireside experience like discovering that the wood you have available is too moist to burn efficiently – an issue that can become increasingly frustrating as time progresses. To combat this issue, have your firewood delivered from a local farm with a solid reputation for quality and consistency; these farms will ensure your logs arrive dry and ready for burning without worrying about moisture levels.

New York offers many farms offering firewood delivery. This can be easily discovered online or in your local Yellow Pages. They will sell you half or full cords of seasoned firewood ideal for burning in your fireplace or wood stove throughout winter, including oak, maple, and hickory varieties.

Kiln-dried firewood should also be considered. With a moisture content below 2%, this kind of logs makes the perfect choice for burning in your fireplace or cooking food over the flames – plus they’re better for the environment, producing less pollution!

People often prefer purchasing their firewood from local farms as it can be more cost-effective than buying from supermarkets. Furthermore, purchasing from these farms helps support their communities as it brings jobs into those regions and gives you peace of mind knowing it was purchased locally! You will surely enjoy using your newly acquired firewood!

Local farms offer more than just firewood: they provide educational experiences and activities for children and adults. Many farms offer tours that showcase the care and craftsmanship put into producing their produce and other products, and you can donate directly to support the farming culture within your community. Check out Time Out’s Love Local campaign for more information about visiting these local farms.

Gas Stations

New York is famed for its towering skyscrapers and a wide variety of people, but its residents also take comfort in having numerous fireplaces throughout their homes. Fireplaces provide both warmth and ambiance while simultaneously purifying air by removing pollutants such as carbon dioxide. They are an eco-friendly heating source while naturally eliminating pollutants like CO2. However, to use firewood efficiently, it must be stored appropriately – moist wood burns poorly while producing excess smoke while contributing to creosote build-up; dry seasoned firewood, on the other hand, burns cleanly while producing less emissions.

Manhattan has numerous 24-hour gas stations serving residents and commuters, including late-night drives or early morning rush hour traffic jams. These gas stations can offer fuel, and many also feature convenience stores or services such as car maintenance or food offerings.

Not all these locations offer extensive product lines or competitive prices for premium firewood. Some of the more well-known choices include BP and Exxon; both companies are known for their dedication to quality products and exceptional customer service, offering extensive product lines, cold water to stay hydrated, and food options to satisfy customer needs.

Wall Street Journal research recently discovered that over 20 Manhattan gas stations had closed since 2003, most frequently on the West Side, where high-rise buildings rapidly change the neighborhood and leave little space for gas stations to operate. This trend is expected to continue as more developments take shape here.

Prepping for winter, planning a barbecue, or creating a backyard firepit requires high-quality, seasoned firewood. New York offers many vendors selling wood with low moisture content – this will make the optimal fire conditions while lowering emissions and health risks.


Firewood can be expensive, so make sure you purchase from someone who has invested in proper drying, storage, and pest control methods to ensure you receive only top-grade wood.

Buying firewood with low moisture content is essential, so purchasing wet firewood will only create more smoke, stink worse, and contribute to creosote buildup in your chimney or fireplace flue. In comparison, dry firewood produces less smoke, burns hotter, and has a cleaner appearance than wet wood.

Kiln-dried firewood is one of the best ways to ensure maximum combustion from your fire. Kiln drying removes excess moisture, making splitting easier and quicker; plus, it burns more efficiently than wet wood while being lighter and, therefore, easier to store or transport.

Kiln drying offers another advantage, helping prevent mold and insect infestation. Its high temperatures eliminate bacteria and fungus, which could otherwise compromise the fireproof properties of wood, while simultaneously decreasing volatile compounds that contribute to unpleasant smells or toxic fumes from wet wood.

The DEC regulations regarding firewood (leaves DEC website) stipulate that untreated wood cannot be transported more than 50 miles from its source unless heat-treated or fascinated with a Self-Issued Certificate of Origin (SICO). For your convenience, a map available online from DEC helps determine whether your destination falls within this distance restriction.

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