Flower Mound, Texas – Zip Code 75022


Denton County, where Zip code 75022 can be found, should provide some critical insights. Here are a few facts you should keep in mind about this area.

The town takes its name from The Mound, an expanse of a hill covered in wildflowers in wet springs and boasting an extensive public park system with bike lanes.


Flower Mound, Texas, is a medium-sized town in Denton and Tarrant counties with a high homeownership rate. This community offers excellent schools, low crime, college-educated neighbors who support education themselves, and an affordable lifestyle, making Flower Mound a superb place for raising a family.

Flower Mound is an educated community with an above-average percentage of residents holding bachelor’s or higher degrees, working across industries, and enjoying an exceptional quality of life. Their average household income exceeds national and state standards, with a median income of $171,734.

This town has a wealth of recreational activities, including hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding. A network of paved bike paths runs throughout town, and several parks and golf courses are nearby!

Lewisville and Argyle Independent School Districts and its charter school, Founders Classical Academy, provide education services within the city limits of Lewisville. North Central Texas College also maintains a campus within its boundaries.


Flower Mound boasts several highly regarded schools, with the Founders Classical Academy of Flower Mound being one of the newest public charter schools with tuition-free attendance – it opened its doors at 500 Parker Square this past year and serves K-5 students from grades K to 5. Additionally, this school will expand to more extensive facilities this year.

As well as public schools, Lewisville also hosts several private institutions. Lewisville Independent School District serves the area with public schools like Edward S. Marcus High School and Flower Mound High School (both part of their Lewisville district), while it also boasts the new campus for Argyle ISD’s Argyle High School campus.

Flower Mound’s success relies heavily on its educated citizens, and over 84% of adults in Flower Mound possess postsecondary degrees – providing employers with some of the most skilled workers in North Texas.

Many residents in zip code 75022 commute to work by car, while others prefer walking, public transit, or other methods such as the subway or elevated train. A recent survey uncovered that 70.4 percent of residents here drive themselves while 25.6 percent use public transit – significantly better than the national average of 44.6 percent! These numbers demonstrate a growing desire among commuters seeking alternatives to driving alone.


Flower Mound, located in Denton and Tarrant counties, provides many excellent employment opportunities. With a bustling business district, numerous parks and trails, a bustling shopping area, and an award-winning school system – not to mention a low unemployment rate and above-average cost of living costs; residents living within the 75028 ZIP code boast high educational levels with an average annual income of $41,754.

Flower Mound’s thriving economy has resulted in an abundance of employment opportunities. The city is a popular location for those seeking relocation or new career opportunities; Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, GameStop Corporate, and Amazon Fulfillment Center are some of the leading employers here; numerous independent businesses provide additional employment options in Flower Mound.

Flower Mound’s proximity to Dallas makes new jobs and growth attractive, drawing both employees and entrepreneurs. As well as boasting a robust job market, Flower Mound stands out for its low property taxes and superior quality of life – its parks, trails, and breathtaking views draw people who desire a life in this upscale community.

The 75028 ZIP code encompasses most of Flower Mound. Additionally, parts of Lewisville may fall within its borders as well. When mailing letters or packages to this area of Texas, using the US Postal Service’s preferred names of the city will ensure your mail reaches its final destination as efficiently as possible.


Flower Mound provides many housing options for those considering moving into its 75028 zip code, from affordable new homes to luxurious single-family houses.

In Denton County, Flower Mound offers easy access to Dallas International Airport and downtown Dallas, making it a desirable place for commuters from other parts of the DFW metroplex to call home. Not only is Flower Mound near airports but there are plenty of shopping and dining opportunities here too!

Flower Mound boasts several residential areas, such as Lakeside Business District – an expansive campus commercial development of 1,500 acres – which has attracted businesses such as Best Buy Distribution and Stryker Communications. Furthermore, its proximity to DFW airport and other business centers makes Flower Mound an appealing location choice.

If you’re considering purchasing a home in Flower Mound, consult with a full-time real estate professional in the 75028 area, such as Knox & Associates’ agents. They have experience and will guide you through every stage of finding your ideal residence. Plus, they’ll offer expert advice throughout.