Funny Quotes About Cowboys


Cowboys may not be big talkers, but when they do talk, their words carry weight. Here are a few funny quotes about cowboys sure to make you smile while giving you more insight into these rugged men with guts and horses.

How do cowboys drink their coffee? With a stirrup.

1. Never approach a bull from the front.

Are You A Cowboy Or Fan Of Cowboys? If you are or appreciate them, then you know they have an uncanny sense of humor. From their slang to lifestyle choices and beyond – cowboys possess an infectiously charming spirit beyond just wearing boots and hats! For some fun laughs, check out these funny quotes about cowboys.

These cowboy quotes will teach you much about Western culture. From how to ride a horse correctly and interact with women to horsemanship wisdom, these humorous sayings will show you all sorts of valuable lessons about the cowboy lifestyle. No matter whether you are just beginning your cowboy journey as a greenhorn or have been part of the herd for some time – these cowboy quotes will definitely assist!

Approaching a bull from its front can be dangerous. Bulls can quickly turn around and charge, so it is wise to trust your gut and listen to your instincts, as this will prevent injuries or worse from the beast.

Cowboys believe in upholding their word as they treat each other fairly; thus, if someone says something disrespectful about another cowboy or vice versa, don’t hold it against them. This rule of conduct should serve you well.

Cowboys may not be known for being big talkers, but when they do speak, their words can carry significant weight – especially their slang and way of speaking. Whether you consider yourself to be one or enjoy reading about them, these quotes from famous cowboys will surely put a smile on your face and inspire you to ride like one and never let go of your dream!

2. Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.

Cowboys are more than horses, boots, and hats; they possess their brand of humor. Cattlemen love adding humor to everything they do, from sayings to nicknames they remember for life!

A good cowboy knows the value of maintaining relationships and upholding his word, regardless of what is at stake – whether that be property, jobs, or women! A cowboy will always adhere to their word and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Similar to how a good cowboy will take care of himself first and not burden anyone else with their needs, good cowboys also know the value of self-care and never needing someone else to provide services that could potentially benefit themselves first.

These cowboy quotes offer more than just comic relief; they also possess considerable wisdom that can teach us much about living our lives successfully. So next time you find yourself feeling down or low in spirits, remember these wise words of advice from one of America’s iconic figures and be proud of your cowboy heritage!

Cowboys are a unique species; tough on the outside yet sensitive on the inside, embodying integrity and strength in equal measures. If you need a laugh, consider remembering these cowboy jokes to share with friends – they’ll surely lighten your day up and might inspire you to saddle up and ride off into the sunset – good luck!

3. Never get thrown off a horse.

Cowboys are rugged individuals who live and work in rural environments. Their lives revolve around herding cattle while mounted on horses, branding animals for branding or fencing purposes, and producing hay or operating machinery in fields. Cowboys are well known for their independent spirits and love of Western life.

Cowboys are men who adore horses. A good cowboy knows the significance of having one in his life for both work and pleasure, as well as knowing the dangers associated with falling off one. Because of this knowledge and its associated pain, all cowboys wear boots whenever riding.

One of the greatest cowboy quotes is: “Nothing beats a hot shower and cold beer for rejuvenating an exhausted cowboy. A tired cowboy is always happy!”

Another famous cowboy quote goes: “There has never been an individual that couldn’t be thrown off of a horse.” To remain secure on horseback, balance is critical – tighten your muscles to stay upright; tuck your chin and knees into your chest to protect yourself from being stepped on or dragged along, which could result in serious injuries.

If you like these cowboy quotes, share them with your friends and family – they will have an incredible time laughing. Just be careful that some jokes contain repulsive innuendo that may offend some individuals; these still can be amusing for those who appreciate good marks; remember, it’s not the punchline itself that counts; rather, its timing and delivery matter more!

4. Never get a hot seat.

People tend to picture cowboys as men on horseback with big hats and guns; however, being a cowboy means much more than that! Cowboys have their unique way of life – full of humor that enhances every experience, as well as plenty of knowledge that they share freely with those around them.

From iconic Western actors like John Wayne and the Lone Ranger to writers such as Nathanael West and Will Rogers, cowboy quotes have become part of our culture for generations. These funny and insightful sayings offer valuable lessons about cowboy life, the value of horses, as well as general life advice.

Cowboy wisdom demands that one never get stuck in a “hot seat.” This means always being ready to take control and lead by example; otherwise, you could quickly find yourself in trouble.

Another piece of cowboy advice is always being prepared for anything that comes your way – especially when riding horses! Their unpredictable behavior and potential damage-causing forces could leave you vulnerable if not prepared. Even worse, an unprepared rider could wind up with broken legs or worse!

Finally, having a sense of humor is always beneficial. Cowboys are famous for their clever wit and can often be seen cracking wise or making humorous comments about their job, their hats, or aspects of Western culture – these jokes can both be amusing and help keep spirits high when times get tough.

5. Never ride a horse.

Cowboys are well known for their love of horses and bold attitudes, while not being for everyone. While not everyone may opt to live the cowboy lifestyle, these humorous cowboy quotes may inspire people to step outside their comfort zones and live life to its fullest potential.

Cowboys may not be known for being prolific talkers, but when they do speak out, their words can carry considerable weight. When speaking out against someone or telling them off, they do so without holding back – though their words may come across as harsh. Although cowboys may appear challenging, they still possess a soft heart inside.

Unless you’ve experienced being thrown off of a horse, then you have never indeed been a cowboy. This is one of the critical components to becoming one because fearing being thrown off doesn’t just come as normal fear; instead, it’s an intense feeling that can’t be shaken, something every true cowboy has experienced at some point in their life.

If you want to become a cowboy, then be ready to face your fears and take risks. There’s no better way to discover your limits than pushing them beyond what’s comfortable – that’s what makes cowboys unique: they never give up even when faced with insurmountable odds; they are courageous people not afraid to face their fears and pursue what they want in life; they understand it’s essential not to give up, no matter what life throws their way and that scars tell better stories than tattoos!