German Roads – A Trip to Germany

Who hasn’t heard about German highways? Almost everyone who has ever touched an automobile has, I believe, heard fairy tales about German streets. And those fairy tales are based on actual events because these roads are generally excellent, but not always. Best way to buy german drivers license online?

Of course, if you hear about German roads, you’ve heard about “autobahn” highways. These are wide roadways with at least two lanes and one separate emergency lane on the right. Some of these roads were constructed during the turn of the century. Both sides of the road are equipped with guardrails and, in some cases, plastic fences to isolate residents from noise when the route passes through or near urban areas. In addition, the railing that separates the driving directions is frequently coupled with specific bushes or plastic shields to keep the motorist from becoming blinded by traffic signals.

The most intriguing aspect of the highways is that they have no speed limits. If no speed restriction is in effect right now, you could drive as fast as your car can, as long as it does not endanger other traffic participants.

In reality, there aren’t many places where you can drive at full speed because there are always some stretches of highway where a speed limit is required, and after it’s lifted, there are usually only a few kilometers to drive without any restrictions before you have to slow down again.

However, several sections of the road are very popular with owners of “charged” automobiles, with three lanes and no speed restriction for dozens of kilometers. Some drivers come specifically to enjoy driving at 250 km/h or higher.

Of course, such racers are fascinating to watch, especially if you’re driving in the second lane in your average car with your maximum 200, and someone takes you over as if you were staying. Or another form of adrenaline junkie who forces you to have an adrenaline rush just like them – motorbike riders.

They are unbelievably fast on such “unlimited” ranges. Consider the following scenario: you are in the second lane, attempting to extract 210 horsepower from your 120 horsepower and 1400 kg of weight, and you fail. Then there’s a “whoosh” sound. You don’t grasp what has happened at first. After a couple of those “whooshes” on a sunny day, you’ll observe a figure on two wheels for a nanosecond.

That was a sport-biker enjoying pleasure at 300 km/h or higher speeds. Consider what happens if you try to take over a sluggish automobile in the second lane and switch to the third without checking in the mirror, and the biker is likewise quick enough to avoid slowing down.

Another unique road in Germany is the “Landstrasse,” which connects districts and small towns. Usually, the speed limit is 100 km/h. However, specific signage frequently restricts it to 70 km/h. Curves are standard on these roads. And if you use the maximum speed, you’ll feel like a racing pilot as you navigate those screeching turns. And there were those insane bikers again. They have more fun racing through those curves above the speed limit. Some of these ranges are even restricted for motorcyclists if another route is available. So, don’t miss this opportunity when visiting Germany, and have a pleasant journey.

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