Get Busy Lyrics by Yeat


Yeat, an early 20s white rapper based out of Portland and famous for using digital renditions of Big Ben bell ding-dongs, achieved prominence during mid-2021 through the release of both his debut mixtape 4L and studio album Up 2 Me.

Yeat quickly achieved mainstream popularity through viral hits like “Money So Big” and “Get Busy,” both found on TikTok and becoming viral hits themselves. His production style can be described as ‘rage beats.”

Get busy

“Get busy” has become a catchphrase used by anyone looking to take action or implement changes. While often used to inspire others, “get busy” can also act as a powerful motivator in itself. Yeat’s song, “Get Busy,” is an excellent example of this phrase being put into action as it urges listeners to get up and move with its catchy, upbeat melody that sends out clear signals about its message: it’s more apparent than ever.

Noah Olivier Smith, better known by his stage name Yeat, has been creating music since he was just a child. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon – born as Noah Olivier Smith but commonly referred to by his stage name Yeat – released multiple mixtapes and EPs throughout his career, but it wasn’t until 2021 that Yeat started making waves with fans. With the release of the 4L mixtape and single “Sorry Bout That” and his viral line from “Get Busy,” Yeat became irreparable this summer – making Yeat unmissable!

Yeat may appear an inoffensive rapper, but his lyrics contain clever references and meaning that can’t be found elsewhere. His songs often make subtle references to pop culture while using unique slang for them – for instance, some phrases such as luh and twizzy don’t exist in any dictionary yet, but Reddit threads provide helpful guides when looking up these terms!

“Get Busy” features catchy and upbeat rapping from Yeat with an energetic beat. The chorus features Yeat repeating his signature phrase: “Get up, get down, get down.” Lyrically speaking, Yeat encourages his listeners to join him for some partying fun – encouraging his listeners to get busy themselves!

TikTok users have responded warmly to this song, quickly becoming one of the most-viewed videos. The video features well-shot visuals with an upbeat soundtrack, making it worth viewing for mumble rap fans. Available for download on various streaming platforms (Spotify included), plus YouTube, various remixes are also available that each have their distinctive style and charm.

Get ready

If you want to break into the rap game, “get busy” could be just what’s needed to kick-start it. Popularized by Portland rapper Yeat and now used by many as a motivational mantra, this catchy phrase can help get people moving towards their goals while eliminating time wasted on things that don’t matter to them.

Yeat’s Get Busy is an energetic party track that perfectly encapsulates a night of partying, from drugs and partying to hearing surround sound, reinforcing the sense that this party has all senses heightened. Get Busy makes a fun addition to any playlist!

Get your stuff together.

“Get Your Stuff Together” has quickly become an internet phenomenon and trending topic on social media. The phrase encourages people to complete tasks efficiently while keeping busy in an enjoyable manner, making this light-hearted phrase an engaging way of motivating others.

Yeat first became public prominence with the release of his debut mixtape 4L and debut studio album Up 2 Me in 2021, which contained hits like “Money So Big” and “Get Busy.” These tracks became virally popular on TikTok and catapulted him to stardom.

Although his image and lingo may portray him as an obscure rapper, his lyrics are sophisticated and contain many pop culture references. Additionally, his unique talent for coining new words that don’t exist in dictionaries – like Twizzy – makes him an engaging artist to watch. Furthermore, his music pushes boundaries while creating recent trends; 2 Alive was met with positive critical acclaim as his latest project.

Get your life together.

Getting your life under control can help you lead a more balanced and organized lifestyle, setting and reaching goals that matter to you. Although this might sound like an unrealistic goal, you can realistically accomplish this by first identifying priorities and tasks to do each day and setting aside enough time each day for them.

Prioritize each task on your list and work toward accomplishing them to stay on track and meet your goals. In doing this, it will also make you feel accomplished and more confident once your objectives have been reached.

Yeat first came to prominence after his mixtape 4L and studio debut Up 2 Me in mid-2021, garnering widespread acclaim through TikTok with tracks like “Money So Big” and “Get Busy.” As a result, Field Trip Records signed him and released multiple projects, including two twenty-track albums: 2 Alive and Lyfe.