Halsey and Matty – A Tumblr Post About Matty Healy


Halsey is the latest celebrity to use Tumblr as an attractive platform, where she’s been providing fans with much-needed assistance, from helping one escape a ticket scalping scam to sharing fan art pieces, complimenting them on their #onfleek brows, and offering other support.

One post stands out amongst them all: an incredible song written about Matty. It contains telling lines and is quite informative.

1. 93

Matty Healy is undeniably one of the best singers around and looks good to boot, yet some people are starting to speculate whether or not he and Halsey dated at some point in the past. No official confirmation has been provided yet, but there may be signs pointing towards an intimate romantic connection between the two artists.

Halsey’s song “93” is filled with references to Matty Healy. Some lyrics include phrases like “dancing in your tube socks,” and he even has crooked teeth similar to Halsey. Additionally, her makeup artist recently posted photos using products that look suspiciously like The 1975 merchandise, suggesting that Halsey may have used these products to create an appearance inspired by Matty.

Second, Halsey has said in interviews that Matty may have been someone she dated at some point in her past; for instance, her song Colors may be about him and be inspired by him; furthermore, she made an apparently anti-Matty post on Tumblr (since deleted but viewable) back in July 2014.

Halsey has collaborated with Matty on some songs, and their voices blend perfectly – the music is catchy and enjoyable! These collaborations have proven immensely popular on radio stations worldwide.

Halsey and Matty appear to have an intensely romantic bond, although neither party has confirmed it publicly. There are various indicators of their potential romance, including song lyrics referencing each other and frequent appearances together at events and concerts. Fans believe they’re an item and often post photos of them together with smiling faces on social media!

2. The sound cover

You and Amelia had devised the plan of taking celebrities on awkward chicken shop dates in order to gain their interest so you could ask them to appear on your show. Unfortunately, some previous dates hadn’t gone too well, but this time seemed different; Amelia even managed to swat up a date with 1975, who has long been one of your favorite bands.

As soon as a photographer comes over to take photos of you and Matty, you do your best not to show her your excitement. She takes several average shots before giving Matty the box. She snaps one more quick picture, holding it close to your face as he smiles broadly at you.

He takes his turn and begins talking to you about the show and how they have found being in the public eye. As he talks, your smile grows larger; he notices this and lets out a light laugh as you continue smiling more and more often during his conversation. Soon enough, he moves in closer until his hand just about touches your arm; your knees buckle with tension as your heart pounds as he begins talking more, and you desperately wish that running away would not ruin this momentous occasion.

At some point, he stops talking and looks at you with a deep gaze that captures every inch of your face – it makes you blush just looking at him! Twirling his hair back over his forehead, he keeps his eye fixed upon you, knowing he has won you over.

He takes a deep breath before leaning in for the kiss you have been waiting for all day – it is truly magical, and you cannot believe you spent an entire day with a rock star who kissed you! Making the experience all the more magical.

3. I’m sorry, but I fell in love tonight

Halsey’s Tumblr page has been filled with pictures of herself and Matty for many months now, even posting an adorable photo of him wearing a The 1975 band shirt (to which some 1d/5sos fans strongly objected); I find it attractive that these two have such an intimate bond between themselves.

In her song i’m sorry but i fell in love tonight, she sings about a man she met who may be Matty. The lyrics refer to him wearing tight black jeans, performing parodies of himself often (something Matty often does), loving soul music, and having crooked teeth like Matty does, as well as rockstar qualities – so no doubt this could be him too!

Room 93’s lyrics reference him. She describes him as an emotionally volatile individual who wears leather jackets and plays in a band; although I’m uncertain as to whether she slept with him directly, these songs certainly seem to refer to him.

She regularly refers to him in her podcast with Taylor Swift and Zane Lowe, calling him her boo and sharing that she would like them back on tour together.

Things became even stranger in May. She released a song with lyrics dedicated to him (she calls him her boo) and posted multiple old photos of them together, in addition to posting writing that is focused around him.

At the end of it all, I believe she’s trying to convey that although they weren’t meant for each other, she will never stop loving him despite that reality. That sentiment strikes a balance between sweet and creepy for me.

Matty and Halsey are intriguing characters with lots of depth. I can only provide what knowledge I possess at this point; if any questions about them arise or you believe I left something important out, feel free to post a comment, and I’ll do my best to address them! Thank you for reading. Don’t forget the Tumblr post, as it has some fantastic information, too. Xoxo

4. the merch

Halsey merch is an easy and enjoyable way to show your support for her as an artist. Choose from T-shirts, stickers, wall art, and more – each purchase benefits their work while helping the artist earn money for it! All materials used in Halsey’s merchandise store are eco-friendly as well.

Merchandising is an integral component of any artist’s career and provides them with an excellent opportunity to promote their music and reach new listeners! She often designs innovative merchandise that fans enjoy collecting.

Some of her t-shirts are inspired by songs she writes; others reflect things she enjoys, such as animals or food. For instance, her “I’m Still Here” shirt features an image of a lion that nods back to its counterpart in her song of the same name; others pay homage to other loves, such as animals or food.

Halsey first announced that she would release her second studio album, Badlands, in 2016, which was then followed up with Hopeless Fountain Kingdom two years later as her next project – this album being self-proclaimed baroque pop that connects to Badlands through swapped gender relationships and same-sex relationships.

On 29 September 2019, Halsey released her single “Clementine”. This is an intimate track featuring piano tinkling and subtle clunking as percussion. It is very personal to Halsey, with lyrics full of emotion.

The song alludes to Matty, as its lyrics indicate. I believe this may refer to their past relationship and is one of my favorite Halsey songs. An interesting line in this song is, “You’re just so sweet with your chocolate brown curls.” This could either refer to Joe or Matty – they were definitely close! I’m looking forward to hearing what else the rest of her album brings!