Health Partners MyChart – Connect With Your Healthcare Team Around the Clock


MyChart by Health Partners is an easy and convenient patient portal designed to keep you in constant communication with your provider. Log in, create an account, and get going – anytime, day or night!

MyChart includes secure two-way patient-provider communications for non-emergent issues that were non-urgent. This feature required several modifications and was one reason many clinics decided not to participate in the PoC (AHS IT Senior-Level Participant 2).

Signing up for MyChart was initially conducted via paper forms where providers would give patients an activation code they could bring home.

Make an Appointment

Health Partners myChart is a patient portal that makes connecting with healthcare teams simple, secure, and free for users. MyChart allows users to access medical records, communicate directly with doctors, and book appointments – all while being accessible and convenient!

If you are new to myChart, registering can be done using your unique ID number or a temporary activation code provided during an office visit or by clicking here now. Even without an activation code, myChart registration may still be possible by giving some primary personal data about yourself.

Make an appointment with your provider by logging on to myChart and selecting an available date and time that best meets your needs. You can cancel it as needed, request refills of prescriptions through myChart, email them as necessary, or email your provider through myChart to ask non-emergency-related queries and obtain answers quickly and conveniently. GBMC also allows users to email their providers through myChart so you can contact them without waiting in an emergency for solutions.

MyChart makes it easy and convenient for you to access your test results. Your doctor will electronically upload regular test results as soon as they’re available, and you can view them when it suits you best. They may include physician notes or comments, so you have a complete understanding of what they mean. MyChart also features a tool to help you understand healthcare costs. Depending on your plan, myChart estimates how much visiting the doctor or purchasing medication might cost and compares prices between different pharmacies.

Request a Prescription Refill

myChart makes healthcare management simple – whether at home or on the go! Log in with one-time ID verification to gain access to your health records and stay in contact with your physician – securely, personalized, and available 24/7.

MyChart provides you with everything you need to request prescription refills online, schedule and cancel appointments, view details about future assignments, including instructions and driving directions, and access test results – most tests automatically come through to MyChart as soon as they’re ready! Furthermore, you can adjust notification and prescription display preferences and change your time zone settings.

If you need to contact your provider quickly or anonymously, myChart offers an easy and secure way to email them securely directly and instantly. Messages will typically be reviewed and responded to within two business days; please call their office for urgent issues.

MyChart makes ordering and managing prescriptions at HealthPartners pharmacies simple and hassle-free, with click-to-call functionality offering click-to-call pharmacy hours and mail-order services for many common medications. Furthermore, this app lets you quickly transfer prescriptions between non-HealthPartners pharmacies to HealthPartners pharmacies.

MyChart is available and accessible to all HealthPartners patients. Your physician or hospital may have given you an activation code; otherwise, click here and register. A computer, smartphone, or tablet with Internet connectivity; mobile users should download the myChart app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play; alternatively, you may find myChart links on your HealthPartners provider website, too.

Email Your Provider

If you have questions or concerns about your health, mychart efficiently communicates them directly to your provider. They will generally reply within one business day; otherwise, if your question is urgent, you can call their office and speak directly with them. Mychart can also request an E-visit, which provides short video conference meetings between providers to manage non-urgent medical conditions that don’t need immediate in-person treatment.

If this is your first time using myChart, the first step should be creating an account. Simply visit their website and follow the onscreen instructions to create one. After creating an account, you can access your healthcare records anytime and communicate with providers from any location – 24/7/365!

Starting myChart is simple. Your activation code was likely given during your last appointment, or you can register online by providing some personal data about yourself. Or simply print off an activation code from myChart and bring it with you for your next doctor appointment.

MyChart is an online medical record collection you can access via web browser or app on your phone (also called portals). MyChart is provided by St. Peter’s Health Partners and Trinity Health, both non-profit Catholic health systems with nationwide hospitals and care facilities that operate under their umbrellas.

View Your Test Results

Mychart makes medical information readily available online at all times and places. Use it to manage appointments, check in before arrival, get test results within days (when ready) instead of waiting days or letters from providers, pay your bills online, or even meet them through video visits!

MyChart is the patient portal for Seton Harker Heights/Wellstone Health Partners and St. Peter’s Health Partners hospitals, though historical medical information will continue to be accessible via these hospitals. However, all new results and information will be updated on Trinity Health myChart – their updated patient portal.

Access Your Health Information

MyChart makes your health information accessible wherever needed with its free app for iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and even smartwatches. View test results, schedule appointments with doctors, and communicate directly from a mobile device. Easily grant proxy access for managing accounts remotely!

To access myChart, you will need a personal email address and password of at least ten characters; MyChart must be registered by individuals aged 13 years or over. After installing MyChart from either your smartphone’s or tablet’s app store and following installation instructions, myChart becomes easily accessible anytime, anywhere for accessing medical records.

After visiting one of Park Nicollet’s providers for your last appointment, an activation code may have been given to you. If this was not the case for you, myChart can still be signed up online by following on-screen instructions and providing information about yourself – with or without an activation code!

MyChart is an interactive patient portal that gives you 24/7 access to your physician. Use it to make appointments, request refills of prescriptions, and communicate with the healthcare team. Plus, you can track test results and set reminders for upcoming visits!

MyChart provides a secure and straightforward way to access and communicate with your provider, whether from desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, or tablets. Furthermore, you can grant proxy access to other family members to manage their accounts if necessary.