Here are five ways Instagram may help promote your company.

Instagram’s popularity as a social network has increased since it became available for Android late last year. In addition to their friends and followers, users may easily interact with their favorite celebrities and brands. According to information on Instagram’s press page, the service’s 100 million active monthly users upload 40 million new photos daily and generate 1,000 comments and 8,500 likes per second. How to buy followers instagram australia.

Adding Instagram to your corporation’s sociable media arsenal is a superb mode to strengthen the connection between your company and its customers. It’s a great place to get your name out there to potential customers and showcase your new offerings.

Instagram may be used in various marketing strategies to increase customer retention and expand your company’s reach.

Photo Competitions

A contest is a way to advance your Instagram following. However, to keep your fans around, you need to get them involved. In exchange for a free sample of one of your items, you might challenge your fans to share a photo of themselves using your brand’s hashtag or name.

Build a contest and give away prizes that make sense for your company. You prefer to advertise your wares rather than those of a competitor. For example, offering an iPad as a prize may bring in a lot of new fans in the near term, but they won’t stick around.

Give away an original item of jewelry you made if you have a jewelry design business. In addition, you can hold a contest in which participants share a photo of themselves displaying their preferred item. Remember that it is more than lavish gifts to gain a dedicated fanbase.

Daily Photo Challenge

The “Photo-a-Day” Challenge is something that has gained traction on Instagram. Several bloggers and brands publish brand-new lists at the beginning of each month to inspire their readers to take fresh images daily. Examples of these photo-a-day lists can be found with a quick internet search. Combining a contest with one of these activities is a great way to get your name out there.

Authentic Hashtags

Hashtags have long been used on Twitter to locate all tweets related to a particular subject quickly. Hashtags on Instagram are used similarly. They streamline the process of entering a contest for users and finding other participants for businesses. Look up relevant hashtags for your company and any games you host.

Promote Mutually

During account creation, you should connect your Instagram account with your other social media profiles. For instance, If your Facebook and Twitter accounts are linked, your images will be uploaded instantly to those sites. As a result, more people will see your content and interact with it.


Instagram provides a convenient tool for companies to add a human touch to their image. Users can get an exclusive look at their favorite companies and stars. Use this channel to show your fans behind-the-scenes company life, not just product shots. Post photos of your home office, including your cat, if that’s where you do business. Take pictures of your workers doing their thing if you run a storefront enterprise. Share more about the inner workings of your company with your followers to strengthen your connection with them.

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