Home Depot Demolition Hammer


Home Depot demolition hammers can be invaluable tools when you require a heavy-duty breaker for breaking concrete elements or hard surfaces, and they come in various weights, amperages, and blows per minute to meet specific project needs. Some even feature active vibration control systems to ensure greater comfort for users. Select the best Gilbert Demolition.

1. XtremepowerUS 1400-Watt Demolition Hammer

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Though demolition hammers may seem like tools meant only for professional construction workers, there are also plenty available that are suitable for DIYers and hobbyists. Lighter and easier to manage than industrial-grade jackhammers, the ideal demolition hammer for home use is typically electric and runs off of an electrical cord instead of air pressure. These models feature more compact and ergonomic designs that make them easier to control for extended periods. One such light-duty electric jackhammer suitable for breaking through concrete and asphalt is the XtremepowerUS 1400-Watt Demolition Hammer. This unit comes equipped with an adjustable swivel handle that can be repositioned for improved use, as well as an ergonomic 360-degree side handle for comfort and ease of handling. This jackhammer comes equipped with one bull point bit and one flat chisel, an oil bottle, two hex wrenches, work gloves, carbon brushes, safety goggles, and a rolling case for convenient storage. Offering 3,900 impacts per minute to break through concrete and asphalt surfaces easily. Perfect for demolition work such as trenching, chipping, crushing, scraping, and driving ground rods into place, this jackhammer is an exceptional choice.

2. TR Industrial 300 Series Jackhammer

The TR Industrial 300 Series Jackhammer boasts an exceptional 60 Joules (44.2 Ft-Lbs) of Impact Energy at only 35 Lbs, making it one of the lightest options available on the market. Featuring all-metal housing and barrel construction with high-strength modulus gear for longer life and unmatched 1800 Bpm (Blows Per Minute) fast demolition speed, plus a 20-foot UL-listed power cord with double insulation plug and extra-large Hex-Grip grip to maximize hand comfort, this powerful tool offers ultimate power at such low weight.

This mighty demolition hammer is ideal for breaking through concrete and clay surfaces to install pipes and wires or gain access to underground water supply/drainage systems. It comes equipped with an ETL Listed Mark, showing that it has undergone independent and rigorous tests in accordance with UL safety standards. Also included with it are (1) bull-point and (1) flat chisels, along with premium tough work gloves, as well as a custom-fitting molded case featuring wheels for convenient transport.

3. Makita D25901K 22-lb. SDS Max Demolition Hammer with SHOCKS

This demolition hammer is ideal for professional chipping, demolition, and chiseling applications with its 14.0 amp motor and overload protection. Additionally, its variable impact control dial has 19 settings so as to meet various application needs for impact energy levels; its one-step chisel rotation feature lets users quickly switch its angle between 12 positions; plus, its rear rubber handle absorbs vibration while SHOCKS active vibration control system reduces any perceived discomfort at its handles.

This demolition hammer is ideal for removing tile from concrete floors and walls, trenching for pipework in floors and trenches, breaking out stairs/risers to create openings into shafts, loosening hard-packed dirt/gravel/clay, and any other task that requires heavy-duty power. Its compact size enables it to fit easily into tight spaces while running on an air compressor without needing a generator – perfect for small jobs!

The breaker hammer features an advanced SDS max mechanism to deliver powerful impact in even the most demanding applications. It has a non-air pumping beat piece to prevent dust from entering its mechanism, increasing its lifespan significantly. Furthermore, it features a mode selector for either rotary-only or hammer/chiseling applications, along with variable speed throttle start soft and constant speed under load electronics for greater control over speed during usage.

4. CCTi Electric Demolition Hammer

Destroy concrete quickly for quicker job completion with this indispensable power tool! But finding one may be daunting with so many choices available on the market; that’s why we compiled our list of the top demolition hammers with a buying guide so you can select one best suited to your specific needs.

There are three primary types of demolition hammers: electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic. Electric demolition hammers run on electricity and feature chisels to chip materials like concrete. Pneumatic jackhammers use electromagnetic tools that break up large surfaces, while hydraulic jackhammers are powerful machines capable of demolishing even resilient substances like concrete.

The CCTI electric demolition hammer is an ideal tool for those seeking to break through or chip concrete. It boasts 2200 Watts of power and an impact rate of 1400 blows per minute. It comes complete with flat and point chisels and flat/point chisel sets, a plastic carrying case with storage space for accessories, and a user manual.