How to Make Recharge Card Pin in 2022


Selling recharge card pin is an attractive side hustle business opportunity in Nigeria. Although purchasing and printing are straightforward processes, there are several critical considerations before beginning this venture.

To begin your business venture, you’ll require a computer/laptop, printer, and printing papers, plus purchasing recharge card e-pins from an approved reseller.

1. Use a laptop or computer with a good internet connection

As long as you have access to an internet-enabled laptop or computer, generating and printing recharge card pins can be an excellent side hustle to earn extra cash from home or the office. Developing and printing these pins is simple – all it requires are some basic supplies, including your computer, printer, and USB port – plus a software program to decrypt pin codes, which you can purchase from recharge card dealers.

If you are getting into this business, finding a mega dealer who offers recharge pins at discounted prices is best. These dealers are usually found online, where you can check their credibility prior to registering with them. Once registered, they will send a password-protected link so you can download their software; after downloading that software, you can order recharge pins via their website; once payment has been processed, they’ll send encrypted pins that can only be read with their software.

Once you’ve received your pins, printing them out on A4 paper and selling them to customers can be straightforward. You have options of offering single or multiple amounts of airtime on each card as well as bonuses such as talk time, SMS messages, international calls, or midnight calls depending on which network offers which type of plan – it’s essential that before beginning this business venture that thorough market research be done first!

The Prestmit app is one of the best ways to buy recharge card pins in Nigeria, and it is available on both iOS and Android devices. This app enables users to purchase recharge vouchers for all major networks across Nigeria quickly; they can even send coupons to other users using Prestmit!

Prestmit mobile applications and smartphones have made purchasing recharge card pins in Nigeria much more straightforward, making purchasing recharge cards simpler than ever before. Gone are the days of searching markets and shops for paper recharge cards; now, all it takes to top up airtime is opening your phone – perfect for busy professionals with limited time to travel far distances to purchase recharge cards! This technology also makes Prestmit available offline, so people who don’t have access to the Internet can recharge instantly from any location using Prestmit!

2. Buy e-pins from a recharge card dealer

Recharge card dealers provide recharge cards (PINS) that people use to recharge their mobile phone accounts. Customers purchase these PINS from dealers so that they can make calls, send text messages, and browse the internet from their phones. Selling recharge card pins can be a lucrative business, and there are various routes into it.

First, locate a recharge card dealer who sells electronic pins (e-pins). This can be accomplished either online via search engines or by asking friends and family members for recommendations. After finding one, sign up with them by paying their startup fee (sometimes required to verify identity) before receiving your e-pins in an encrypted format that the software decrypts to separate serial numbers and pins.

Once you have purchased an e-pin, you can use it to print recharge cards using software designed specifically for that task. Your customers can choose among MTN, Airtel, Globacom, and 9mobile (formerly Etisalat), plus different denominations – this way, ensure they find what they’re looking for!

Once you’ve selected your network and amount of cards that need printing, choose colors and styles before personalizing the card with text and images if desired. Optionally add messages if needed before opting whether or not to include barcodes. When complete, proceed directly to the checkout page – your cards should arrive shortly afterward!

Are You Searching For Money in 2022? Selling Recharge Card Pins Is an Excellent Way

3. Generate e-pins

Many individuals who are discontented with their current jobs are searching for ways to make extra cash. One great solution is starting a business that generates and prints recharge card pins – it is a lucrative and profitable business that can provide good income with little start-up costs. However, some essential tools and software must be purchased prior to embarking on this venture; additionally, you’ll require access to the internet and either a laptop/PC.

There are various websites offering recharge card printing and generation services, the most renowned being FFH Dynamic Concepts and Pairgate. Both allow users to purchase e-pins at a reduced price rate and print them from any location throughout Nigeria – these e-pins can then be used to recharge any network such as MTN, 9mobile, Airtel, or Glo, or used to purchase additional products or services such as DSTV subscriptions.

To start a recharge card printing and generating business, you will require a computer, printer, secure server, and software that produces E-Pins for different networks. Hackers could potentially gain access to these valuable pins; using software allows you to track them so you can see which ones have been sold or used by following how often each e-pin is generated.

After creating an e-pin, this software enables you to allocate it among members and manage their status, block or delete members if necessary, and view assigned e-pins by admins and sponsors, their expiry dates, and how much money has been earned through them.

To generate and print recharge card pins for all networks, you will require a computer/laptop, printer, USB cable, printer paper, and recharge card PIN generator. Furthermore, you should possess a valid email or phone number where customers can be reached, as well as internet connectivity – this way, customers will know where they can contact you for services or issues that they require help with.

4. Print e-pins

Printing recharge card pins in Nigeria can be an extremely lucrative side hustle. This business venture allows individuals to sell them at affordable prices while making significant profits after sales, as well as providing extra income while alleviating unemployment worries. Before beginning this endeavor, however, specific requirements, tools, and software needed to generate and print recharge card pins are crucially crucial in 2022.

As your first step, purchase recharge card generating and printing software either online or offline. This software allows you to select which networks and amounts to buy for, as well as show you their total value. With it in hand, start creating recharge cards for clients!

After you have purchased e-pins from a dealer, the next step is printing them. Because these pins arrive encrypted from the dealer in an encrypted format and must first be decoded before printing, the software is needed to separate e-pins from serial numbers before you can print them. PDF format printing of these e-pins means they can easily be saved to folders either on desktop computers or Android phones and printed.

Redbiller is one of the premier websites for generating prepaid recharge card pins for various networks, offering a wide variety of networks with easy usage. You can even generate multiple amounts and networks simultaneously. To begin using Redbiller, visit its website and click “Generate Airtime PINs,” enter a part, and click “Generate.” A window will pop up where you can enter that amount before clicking “Generate,” creating vouchers you can print off and sell to your customers; plus, it displays your company name/logo if added.