How to Spread the Word About Internshala Trainings


Internshala is an online platform dedicated to helping students find internships and entry-level jobs, in addition to offering numerous online trainings that come complete with industry certification.

Internshala Trainings has launched its e-learning division and introduced multilingual video support features for learners enrolled in its new video editing course. Learners will have the option of setting their preferred language at any point and switching back and forth between English and Hindi as required.

1. Posters

Create posters and place them around campus as an effective way of spreading awareness of Internshala training; this will draw students’ attention and motivate them to sign up. You could also post about training on social media as another effective means of reaching wider audiences; host informational events or workshops designed to teach students more about Internshala and its benefits.

Internshala Student Partner Program (ISP) is an excellent way for both students and professionals to build networks, gain experience, and acquire new skills. We offer internship opportunities in fields such as data science, Android app development, and creative writing. Free for students, it provides them with an excellent way to expand their network and bolster their resumes.

ISP is a performance-based incentive program designed to allow students to receive rewards based on their performance, such as internships or free courses, in exchange for their hard work. This helps increase productivity and reach career goals more quickly while strengthening marketing and communication skills as a bonus benefit of participating.

Internshala Trainings, Internshala’s online learning arm, provides real-life skills that students can utilize throughout their careers – such as programming, business analysis, data science, core engineering languages, and creative arts – that will help students secure internships or jobs in their chosen fields.

Internshala Trainings is expanding its learning platform with the introduction of multi-language video support, giving learners more options when selecting their language of preference to learn in. This feature is currently in beta but will become accessible to all learners soon.

Promoting Internshala can best be achieved through word of mouth among students. Encourage your friends and classmates to discuss how Internshala has assisted in finding internships relevant to their interests; you could even use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to share positive stories from Internshala with one another.

2. E-posters

E-posters can be an excellent way to spread awareness of Internshala training on campus and within your organization, providing quick and easy ways for students to learn about your program. You can even distribute these posters via email and social media!

Internshala is an innovative internship platform that gives students a chance to gain real-world experience across numerous fields and businesses. Students can leverage Internshala to gain invaluable skills that will aid their future careers – hone new ones or polish existing ones to make themselves more marketable in today’s job market.

Sarvesh Agrawal, an IIT Madras alumni, established an internship and training platform that has assisted thousands of students and freshers from all across India in finding internships relevant to them. Furthermore, students can use this platform to access numerous online training programs, which will aid their career preparation.

One of the best ways to promote Internshala is through partnerships with other student clubs and organizations. This will allow you to reach more members, increase exposure, and hold joint seminars/events that give members access to special deals/rewards.

Participating in college fests is another excellent way to spread the word about Internshala, meet potential interns and recruiters, and provide free career counseling services – this could lead to successful internship placement.

Internshala not only assists freshers and students in finding internships but also offers training courses designed to build resumes. Topics covered may include Photoshop, Excel, and business communication skills – with French being increasingly used by employees in tech. So, if you are keen on learning something new, then sign up now with Internshala!

3. WhatsApp groups

Establishing Internshala’s reputation among students is crucial, as it will assist them in finding internship opportunities. There are various means of raising awareness about this platform – social media posts and collaboration with student clubs can both do wonders in spreading its name; you could even hold workshops and seminars about Internshala’s training programs and benefits; these will educate your peers as well as encourage them to sign up with Internshala!

One of the best ways to promote Internshala is through WhatsApp groups. These groups offer an easy way for you to communicate with large groups simultaneously and share updates about the platform – including internship training courses, contests, etc.

WhatsApp now allows you to form community groups of up to 5000 members – an impressive increase from its former limit of 1024 individuals per group. In addition, video call capabilities have been increased from 16 members per community group to 32 participants!

To create a group, navigate to your phone’s Actions menu and select Add group via link. This will open a page containing a link you can share with others; when clicked upon, it will take them directly to a WhatsApp group where they can join instantly. Alternatively, QR codes may also be generated that allow them to join this way instantly.

Once you’ve created a group, you can send out announcements directly to it and invite users to join your community by tapping More options > Manage groups. You can add preexisting groups now or create your new one and invite members.

College fests are also an effective way of spreading the word about internships. By setting up a booth at your campus fest, you can promote Internshala internship opportunities. Your peers can then learn more about Internshala, take the first steps towards fulfilling careers, and network with top companies and potential employers – giving yourself an edge when competing for internships and full-time jobs!

4. College fests

College fests provide students with an ideal way to learn how to plan, interact, and work together as part of a team toward an agreed-upon goal. Furthermore, these events help develop soft skills that equip them to thrive in the corporate world. However, planning a college fest requires extensive work – selecting a theme, creating an organizing committee, and strategically marketing the event are just some key steps you need to remember; professional event planners may also offer valuable assistance and advice during this process.

Advertise your college fest via social media and other popular platforms, such as hashtagging it and posting engaging student-targeted content such as reels, memes, stories, or articles. Incentivize participation through giveaways or contests explicitly designed for them!

If your college has its website, ask the administrator to display your Internshala advertisement regularly so students will see it every time they visit it, build trust, and increase awareness about this platform.

As another way of increasing the visibility of Internshala in your college, contact student club leaders and organizations and ask them to host an Internshala booth at their next college fest. This gives you an opportunity to explain how Internshala can assist them in finding internships that match up with their career goals.

As well as using traditional channels to spread awareness about Internshala training courses, word-of-mouth can also be an effective method. Encouraging happy Internshala attendees to share their positive experiences will spread awareness about the Internshala platform while motivating others to register on it.

Internshala’s diverse internship opportunities, emphasis on skill development through training programs, and robust support system will appeal to students. Don’t delay – become an Internshala Student Partner today and reap its benefits! Contact us here.