Human being Behavior – Learn The reason why Konrad Lorenz Was a Professional

I will be forever grateful to the extraordinary Austrian behaviourist and biologist Konrad Lorenz. Right after Carl Jung, who trained me in the meaning of desires and saved me through neurosis and prominent schizophrenia, Konrad Lorenz is the second saviour and big, leading man.

His detailed research, conclusions and discoveries, plus the valuable knowledge he presented to the world, saved us from the dangerous darkness involving ignorance. Only because I examined his books with equal attention, I studied Carl Jung’s books, could My spouse and I trust the unconscious head as much as I did.

Lorenz got a Nobel Prize in 1974. However, until right now, the world didn’t recognize the need for his discoveries. This is why, until today, many people believe that Charles Darwin’s conclusions about the development of the species were proper. However, Konrad Lorenz and his number of biologists have scientifically, which may affect the world that Darwin had been wrong for believing that this evolutionary process of the animal types depended on their environment.

Almost all animals are previously ready to be able to survive within a dangerous environment before residing. They find on Earth numerous enemies and many difficult circumstances for their survival. If they are not previously prepared to be in a position to survive in these dangerous circumstances, they will die before having the ability to learn how to survive.

This means that their evolutionary process was already designed as well. The animals’ development doesn’t depend on the environment these people find because everything within their formation is already programmed.

Almost all animal reactions are formerly prepared in their cognitive system. Their reactions follow stores, which form various behaviour patterns. The cognitive system of all animals can already help them automatically act in their environment, independently of a mastering process. The same happens here, human beings.

Darwin was appropriate for discovering that we are generally primates. Of course, his job is valuable, and it ignited us in many ways. However, many scientific discoveries after his death, similar to Konrad Lorenz’s discoveries, turned out that the evolution of all kinds was a result of a very well-prepared plan. The real mother nature of our planet is very well prepared. Therefore, all this organization cannot be something of a chance.

Lorenz figured practically all our allergic reactions are previously prepared in your cognitive mechanism. So these allergic reactions start automatically working when we finally receive a specific stimulus via our environment.

The same truth is seen in all animals. Their responses are previously prepared and well organized so that each pet will follow a precise sequence associated with movements from the beginning to the finish, depending on the stimuli of their atmosphere. This sequence of actions and reactions forms the programmed behavioural chain that creates a behavioural pattern.

Like all wild animals know how to eliminate their prey, and they are in a position to beat their prey within their first attempts, even before viewing any other animal of the same type doing so. Even animals held in isolation, far from some other animals of their species, could make the right movements within the right sequence and effectively kill their prey within their first attempts.

This reality proves that everything inside animal nature is recently prepared to follow a determined routine of movements. Lorenz’s impressive group of biologists give us even more explanations about this matter. Now I only give you an idea of their exhaustive research and discoveries.

Lorenz concluded that since all of our reactions are programmed, and now we act without thinking most of the time, most of us cannot talk about ‘human freedom’. The human being is an animal by now programmed to behave in a very certain way, the same way that each animal is. In other words, most of us don’t really ‘decide’ whatever.

His conclusions were incredibly unpleasant for those who prefer to evaluate the human being as a ‘superior creature’ who knows what he is accomplishing. This is why until today, Lorenz’s work is not taught everywhere you go. Cognitive therapy, where humanity is shown to be able to assume rather than act on animal nuggets of information, has replaced behaviourism, while Konrad’s discoveries were genuine.

Many other scientific discoveries prove that Konrad’s statements were genuine because our capacity to consider logically is too limited. Still, these discoveries go against the particular interests of the world leaders, who have to admit that people cannot be considered responsible for their particular actions in most circumstances.

We have a part of our brain that will learn, and we can handle our behaviour and make personal decisions. However, this portion will work only if we definitely won’t be automatically induced to respond according to the animal behavioural styles that predetermine our behaviour.

Konrad Lorenz helped me assume that the wise unconscious brain that produces our aspirations and regulates the operating of our body includes a divine origin. I figured all the behavioural programs previously prepared in our cognitive device had to be prepared by a wise human brain.

The fundamental nature of our world functions in a very well-organized fashion because it is organized by the superior brain. The same excellent brain that created just about all behavioural programs (unconscious mind) sends us wise information in dreams to save mental stability.

I also pointed out that the unconscious mind provides saintly characteristics, which demonstrate God’s existence. The other than conscious words are like the words of your priest, or better expressed, like the words of a smart philosopher.

When we translate what means of dreams according to Jung’s method of dream interpretation, we can easily understand the unconscious messages, which usually really have a divine origin. These messages cure the psyche with their wisdom.

I simplified Jung’s complicated way of dream interpretation, and today everyone can finally understand the precious other than conscious guidance contained in the meaning of these dreams. But unfortunately, Jung’s method is also complex and time-consuming. So I transformed it into a quick translation from images directly into words.

We are absurd and also under-developed primates. We must build our intelligence if we would like to become superior creatures, and forestall being pre-conditioned animals who also merely follow their crazy nature. In other words, we must go beyond the behavioral programs we all inherit in our cognitive device.

The biggest part of our human brain remains in a primitive situation because it belongs to the anti-conscience, the wild conscience, which failed to evolve like our individual conscience.

This part will not evolve. It doesn’t accept transforming its behaviour or modifying its personality. It is the wild and evil notion which leads us to dread, craziness, and despair.

We must learn many things and convert our behaviour through understanding. We should not be accommodated pets who merely follow their particular behavioural patterns. Instead, we must get more knowledge and more mind so that we may transform the particular anti-conscience into a positive part of our human conscience. This is one way we’ll become true people instead of being wild animals. This is how we’ll find mental health, peace, enjoyment, and real freedom.

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