Human Hair Loc Extensions


Loc extensions are an effective way to add length and thickness to your hair, as they can be styled into different looks with ease. They’re available in an array of textures, too – just be sure to select the product that complements the tone, density, and texture of your natural locks! To know more, check out

To keep your loc extensions healthy, it is best to forgo shampooing for now. Instead, using dry shampoo or scalp cleanser may help clear away debris between your natural hair and the loc.


No matter if you’re beginning, locs, or expanding existing ones, choosing quality human hair extensions is essential to creating or developing them. Quality extensions are durable enough to withstand various styling tools and products while being easier to manage than their inferior counterparts – not forgetting they blend better with natural locks! When shopping for extensions, be sure to select from a range of textures and colors so as to meet all of your needs.

Loc extensions are one of the most sought-after methods of adding length and thickness to your hair, often by way of synthetic or natural human hair extensions, and installed using different methods (fusion, sew-ins, and clip-ins are popular options). Some types of loc extensions may even be known as “dreadlock man weaves,” “kanekalon locks,” or even “Marley locks.”

Installing loc extensions should only be performed by qualified opticians to avoid damage to natural hair and scalp. Too much tension or weight can strain and stress out your scalp, leading to traction alopecia. Also, ensure a regular moisturization routine to protect the scalp from dryness and itching.

Purchase loc extensions from reputable hair salons or beauty supply stores, taking care to read customer reviews and obtain recommendations from friends and family before making your selection. When purchasing these extensions, be sure to select products marked 100% human hair with detailed information regarding its origin and processing.


Human hair loc extensions are an excellent way to extend their length or experiment with new styles, from dyeing them with vibrant hues or bleaching them to curling and twisting them for the perfect style. Durable yet comfortable, you can choose between various thicknesses to meet your preferences – all making these extensions easy to manage and maintain – but there are a few things you should keep in mind before having them installed.

Before beginning the loc extension installation process, it is essential to prepare your natural dreadlocks properly. Please make sure they are free of debris and tangles using deep-cleansing products or shampooing your hair with residue-free shampoo to get ready. Furthermore, gather all necessary supplies before starting.

Essential tools needed for installing human hair loc extensions successfully include a crochet needle and bulk human hair, which should be available at local beauty shops. A rat comb will also come in handy, helping to comb out your natural dreadlocks and split them for a more natural and organic appearance of locs. Finally, choose an extension that matches both your hair color and texture to complete this process successfully.


As with any purchase, when selecting high-quality 100% human hair loc extensions, they must come from a reliable source that offers clear descriptions and customer reviews of their product. Furthermore, visiting your local hair loctician regularly can provide guidance and ongoing maintenance advice.

Maintaining loc extensions requires regular washings and moisturization with a gentle cleanser that won’t strip their natural oils of their moisture; dry shampoo, scalp cleanser, or even old-fashioned witch hazel are great solutions.

Attaining healthy locs involves limiting exposure to chemicals and salt water that could potentially damage them, but if this cannot be avoided, protect them by wearing a swim cap or applying leave-in conditioner prior to swimming. Also, avoid tight hairstyles which pull on particular parts of the scalp.

To prevent matting, you must regularly brush out so they remain neat and clean. Use either a wide-tooth comb or your fingers for this task. In addition, using mild styling products free from silicones, such as conditioner, will keep them untangled and shiny, while natural oils nourish and moisturize the scalp, offering additional support against matting.


Loc extensions are created using either human hair or synthetic fiber that has been braided or twisted into existing natural locks to form a head of dreadlocks. Once in place, this style locks with your natural locks seamlessly for an effortlessly stylish finish. Cost can vary depending on head size and style chosen; professional experience working with this form of extension should be sought to achieve optimal results.

Installation of loc extensions may take some time and patience, but once complete, the result is an appealing and natural look that lasts years. To maintain their appearance for as long as possible, you should use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner; lightly misting your locks with light oil can also help. Whenever possible, heavy grease products and pomades should be avoided in order to prevent buildup on locs.

Keep in mind that loc extensions require more care and upkeep than natural dreadlocks. They should be protected from excessive heat by wearing a scarf or hoodie to shield moisture damage and harsh weather conditions; and may need trimming if damaged hair needs to be removed, or excess length needs trimmed off.