Interior Film Sheet and Its Many Uses

Interior film sheet is a high-quality self-adhesive nontoxic coating solution designed for indoor use that’s eco-friendly, flame retardant, and comes with various finishes such as marble, leather, wood, and stone decor with tactile structures – easy to install or remove for fast results; certified by multiple international testing agencies! Find out interior film.

Easy to install

Interior film sheet is a highly flexible surface material used to renovate and transform indoor spaces, from ceilings, walls, fire doors, and floors – such as ceilings or walls – to fireplace doors. Thanks to its air-channeled adhesive backing system, the application is quick and cost-efficient, saving time and money during installation.

Cutting interior films is simple with a single-edge razor, cutting and handling costs significantly while saving material and time. Splicing films together using this method also saves material and time.

BODAQ interior vinyl film is an innovative surface material used in multiple settings. These applications include shops and shopping malls, exhibition and stage structures, airport facilities, hotels, restaurants, ship interiors, and theatre and music houses. Being eco-friendly, flame retardant, and stable makes this ideal for new construction and renovation. Furthermore, its self-adhesive backing comes with various designs and textures for every taste imaginable – perfect for new build projects and renovation work!

Easy to remove

An interior film sheet is ideal for designers seeking an easy-to-install material without breaking the bank. Available in various styles and finishes, they can be applied to most surfaces, including wood, metal, plasterboard, and melamine, without leaving any damage behind – perfect for fast renovation projects such as showrooms, hotels, cafes, and lobby reception areas.

Before embarking on any endeavor to remove interior film sheets effectively, it is wise to follow some simple measures. First and foremost, ensure the film is clean and free from dirt, grime, or abrasions; secondly, use tools that will effectively take out this product, like razor blades, blow dryers, or paper cylinders explicitly designed for this task.

Environmentally friendly

The dAn electric vehicle manufacturer’s design and development team faced an awkward problem when creating the interior for their new model. Their designers wanted the interior to be stylish and futuristic. But, at the same time, their procurement division insisted that materials meet its eco-friendly purchasing policy – which made selecting appropriate materials challenging as surface hardness and thermoforming performance were necessary for optimal project success.

Bodaq architectural film from Hyundai in South Korea provides a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for various indoor finishing applications ranging from ceilings and walls to kitchen cabinets, furniture pieces, and fire doors/partition doors. PVC, phthalates, chlorine, and plasticizers are absent, making it safer for health and the environment; class A fire and smoke rating and stable performance certification from authorized international institutions ensure optimal performance while its low waste process contributes to reduced CO emissions.

Stable performance

Stable performance is the hallmark of indoor applications that range from showrooms and hotel foyers to kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. This self-adhesive film can also adhere to various other characteristics, including metal, laminates, melamine, and plaster boards – not just limited to wood surfaces such as laminates and plaster boards- making it the ideal finishing material for interior design projects of all kinds! With multiple colors and textures that fit any style or budget requirements and low maintenance needs- this eco-friendly nontoxic finish won’t tarnish or chip over time either!

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