Kids World Learning Center


Kids World Learning Center offers daycare services for 20 children. As this provider is part of a subsidized program, please reach out directly for more information.

Kids will relish their early learning journey in 4 beautiful campus buildings explicitly designed to foster their development, while parents can rest easy knowing we hold national accreditation by NAEYC and boast an excellent 3-star quality rating.


Kids World Learning Center takes extensive measures to ensure your child’s safety, such as providing a top-tier online secure camera system, conducting fire drills, and adhering to safety protocols. Furthermore, this facility features a fenced-in playground and keypad access at all doors; teachers must attend specific training courses that cover health and safety matters, curriculum guidelines development, and enrichment programs.

The school environment is designed to stimulate children; the school boasts spacious and divided classrooms that match children’s ages and developmental stages. Classrooms come equipped with cutting-edge technologies like interactive whiteboards and digital projectors, providing both directed and undirected creative play to develop cognitive and social skills.

Each classroom is staffed with highly qualified teachers committed to creating a safe, warm, and engaging learning experience for their students. With low student-to-teacher ratios, teachers facilitate learning through activities that foster self-discovery. Regular hand washing, as well as cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces, helps protect against germs that cause illness – teachers are trained to recognize early symptoms of disease to seek medical assistance quickly when necessary.


Your child can benefit from personalized learning experiences offered through low teacher-to-child ratios, with teachers encouraging self-discovery by mirroring children’s interests and asking interesting questions. Customized learning experiences help children form stronger ties to nature and the world around them, while teachers receive specialization training that includes child development courses and the Child Development Associate credential.

Kids World Learning Center strives to create an environment where your child feels safe, happy, and secure near your home or place of work. Children are divided according to age and development level to provide a warm classroom experience; teachers are available for parent conferences and answering any questions or addressing concerns; our Director regularly observes classrooms to mentor faculty while building strong communication channels between families and us.

Exciting field trips and in-house guests such as mascots, science wizards, reptile wranglers, magicians, and magicians add excitement and wonder to your child’s daily education. Teachers ensure enough outdoor play time to improve memory skills, behavior, and coordination and maintain the child’s emotional state.


Kids World Learning Center is a safe, nurturing learning center near where parents work. Each child is carefully looked after in classrooms explicitly tailored for them in terms of age and developmental level, with large indoor/outdoor play areas, arts & crafts projects, music & dance lessons, theater, story time sessions, and nature/ecology/cultural activities available for all ages to enjoy. Children learn best when well nourished, so nutritious meals & snacks are included as part of tuition fees – created by nutrition education specialists to teach healthy eating habits!


Kids World Learning Center provides superior childcare services. Their comprehensive programs for child development range from pre-K and after-school care to preschool classes and before/after-school care services. Their facilities feature spacious classrooms explicitly designed to address age and developmental needs, a commercial kitchen on-site serving nutritious meals, and extensive indoor/outdoor play areas.

Kids World Learning Center offers convenient childcare close to work or home, where its child-friendly staff will ensure your child’s well-being while you are away. As a family-owned and operated business, Kids World has achieved NAEYC national accreditation and State certification; furthermore, it belongs to local childcare associations.


Kids World Learning Center provides toddlers with a safe, nurturing educational environment. Their staff is specially trained to create a tailored day plan for each child that includes free and structured play and music/dance/art/craft activities/storytelling/outdoor play- all of which help children grow at their own pace while learning through personal experience.

They believe children are capable individuals, and hands-on activities are the best way to foster their development. Utilizing a research-backed curriculum, NAEYC accredited, and 3-star Quality Rated by Georgia. Plus, they feature an organic garden on-site, serving whole grain foods, offering vegetarian options, and accommodating gluten-free children.

Our facility maintains a written policy on staff discipline of children by staff members available for distribution to each enrolled parent and staff member, with records of any signature attesting that it has been received. In addition, the Office of Licensing provides us with a checklist for staff records, which must also be followed strictly.