League of Legends TFT Best Radiant Items Set 9 Item Tier List


Riot Games has released the TFT Best Radiant Items Set 9 New Mid-Set Update and introduced several new and enhanced items, providing players with significant strategic advantages during matches. They outclass Shadow items by far!

Sunfire Cape is a practical item for tanks as it gives a substantial health increase and makes enemy units challenging to heal, while Ionic Spark provides both damage and magic shred.


The S-Tier features some of the top items in the game, such as Baron Nashor’s Head, Zeke’s Herald, and Repair-o-Matic. In addition, these high-impact items give champions massive damage boosts, healing more frequently or allowing them to attack faster.

Redemption is best suited to frontliners with strong ultimate abilities like Maokai, Jarvan IV, and Sejuani, who possess thick frontlines with high health levels and significant starting mana reserves – such as Maokai, Jarvan IV or Sejuani. Redemption grants them +150 Health while beginning the fight with +15 starting Mana and has an active-passive that heals their allies 18% of missing health over five seconds.

This item provides an essential damage-increasing upgrade for melee AP carriers who can hit multiple enemies quickly and continuously. Though recently nerfed, this upgrade remains extremely beneficial on certain champions, such as Azir and Lux, as it allows them to effectively target tanky heroes while still taking minimal damage from them.

Guinsoo’s Blade is another good option for carry champions, featuring low costs while increasing damage significantly throughout matches and offering them a 30% maximum health shield for five seconds. Crafting this item requires two Giant’s Belts and one Tear of the Goddess; you may find these at Dragon Shrines, which have higher chances of spawning them, or purchase them directly from the item store if luck runs out!


Teamfight Tactics’ item tiers depict how impactful each item is within the Teamfight Tactics (TFT) game. Higher-tier things tend to be more powerful and sought-after for their tactical advantages in battle; higher-tier items often become sought-after for tactical advantages during matches. Items in TFT with “S” status, such as Baron Nashor’s Head, Zeke’s Herald, or Repair-o-matic, tend to be among its more potent, while A, B, and C levels contain mid-tier items.

A-Tier items offer vital tank stats and utility benefits for TFT tanks, such as Locket of Iron Solari, Goldinator, and Redemption. Though not as powerful as S-Tier items, they still can make an impactful statement in-game.

These items are perfect for tank champions needing extra health or life steal. Additionally, these items offer increased attack power: for instance, the Goldinator provides excellent strength, while Hextech Gunblades have great attack speed.

Warmog’s Armor is another practical tank item that offers physical and magic resistance and extra mana for abilities. This piece would make an excellent addition to any champion that deals a lot of physical damage.

Riot Games recently unveiled TFT 9.5 Runeterra Reforged Horizonbound as their major content update to their auto-battler, providing two new regions and numerous quality-of-life modifications to the game. Furthermore, new items have been introduced that will strengthen your favorite champions further; here are six radiant things within TFT 9.5.


The B-Tier offers generalist items that provide their holders additional damage, movement speed, health, and armor. These are excellent choices for players looking to upgrade from their essential items; for example, Bloodthirster makes a perfect option for tanks and backline champions as it offers armor resistance and healing its owner for 35% of physical damage dealt!

Guardbreaker and Giant Slayer have both seen minor upgrades in this patch, while Riot has added new functionality to many augments, providing them with more excellent utility as generalist items.

As part of the A-Tier, there are a few more powerful items. These include Baron Nashor’s Head, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Hextech Lifeblade; Protector’s Vow and Redemption also provide reliable tank stats.

These items may have less immediate effect than S-Tier items, yet they can still be helpful for certain champions. A-Tier items include Bramble Vest, Ionic Spark Gauntlet, and Locket of Iron Solari – among many others.

The D-Tier contains several items that are barely better than their basic versions or don’t add value, such as Guinsoo’s Blade, which gives only 4% increased attack speed per auto attack and shouldn’t warrant upgrading, while items like Aether Lens or Zeke’s Herald provide so little value they should generally be avoided altogether.


While B-Tier items don’t compare directly with S-Tier ones, they still offer great value to your champion and can help them dominate certain matchups. These items are great when you have spare slots and need an effective yet cost-efficient build to help win more games.

Baron Nashor’s Head, Bloodthirster, and Demonslayer are among the many items in this category that offer damage and utility for your champion, making them immensely powerful in today’s meta.

Zeke’s Herald is another top item from this tier, providing its holder with +10 attack damage and +150 health. Furthermore, it grants allies on either your left or right sides 30% bonus attack speed during combat – an ideal item choice for frontline or backline carry champions such as Darius or Jayce.

Guinsoo’s Rageblade is an excellent backline damage item with high attack power and utility features. With low cooldown times and being easily buildable by combining Recurve Bow with Needlessly Large Rods, this back-line weapon deals massive damage when your opponent falls below 50% health. It’s incredibly potent against enemies with lower health.

This item is ideal for tanks that increase their damage output and tankiness. It makes an excellent replacement for Warmog’s Armor at a much more reasonable cost; additionally, it has unique abilities for added utility.


League of Legends’ depth makes items one of the primary ways players build up their champions and teams, particularly in its newly released mid-set with numerous game-altering articles that could determine a team’s success or failure. Our TFT Set 9 Item Tier List can assist in choosing appropriate options for player builds.

A-Tier items are among the most powerful and coveted in the game, drawing much interest and being sought-after by players across all classes. Any carry automatically picks many, while others provide immense utility. Guinsoo’s Rageblade provides both damage increase and utility; it pairs exceptionally well with Recurve Bow and Needlessly Large Rod for use as powerful backline items.

Other items in A-Tier can provide functional upgrades for champions looking for additional utility, like Warmog’s Armor. This tank item boosts your health and protects from crowd control effects throughout combat – an ideal option for heavy-hitting melee champions such as Yasuo or Darius.

Bloodthirster is an ideal option for any heavy-hitting marksman, providing a large attack damage bonus, a massive magic resist, and an impressive 40% maximum health shield that lasts five seconds. Maokai or Jarvan IV would both benefit significantly from using this item!