Levine Leichtman Capital Partners Opens New South Florida Office


Levine Leichtman Capital Partners is a middle-market private equity firm with 39 years of investing experience across various targeted sectors such as franchising, professional services, education, and engineered products. LLCP employs its innovative Structured Private Equity investment strategy, combining debt and equity investments in portfolio companies.

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Private Equity Firm

Private equity firms invest capital to acquire and manage companies. They aim to create long-term value through strategic investments that boost performance and profit. Key to any successful private equity investment is its management; private equity managers must possess multiple skills to guarantee fund success and attract talented employees. In addition, a personal equity manager should keep an impressive track record and be adept at negotiation and communication.

Levine Leichtman Capital Partners (LLCP) recently closed their second European investment fund, which is more than three times larger than their prior fund. Expecting commitments close to $460 million, this vehicle focuses on mid-market and smaller European companies under Josh Kaufman, one of LLCP’s senior managing directors; his duties include initiating new investment opportunities, due diligence review, and portfolio management.

Healthcare has been an area of private solid equity deals this year. Private equity firms have made over 300 deals in this sector alone, primarily driven by growing demand for fertility services and healthcare intelligence solutions such as Santa Monica Fertility (backed by Webster Equity Partners ) and Capsa Healthcare’s pharmacy automation solutions (which they sponsor).

One of the key obstacles in private equity investments is excessive borrowing. An over-borrowing can be detrimental to a company’s financial performance and result in poor financial returns, prompting some experts to suggest structured equity as a more flexible form of leverage, helping reduce risks while mitigating them at once.

Business operators rather than investment professionals founded Levine Leichtman. Its core ethos is based on increasing profits while aligning management interests with those of businesses in which it invests. This approach can be seen through Levine Leichtman’s insistence that companies maintain management ownership; this practice helps boost cash flow while aligning investor interests more closely.

Private Equity Funds

Levine Leichtman Capital Partners LLC is a private equity firm that invests in mid-market companies in the U.S. and Europe. Investors include public and corporate pension funds, insurance companies, funds of funds, family offices, and foundations, with several healthcare-related businesses featured in their portfolio. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California.

This year has seen GLAS Technologies be active, both purchasing and selling assets. Recent acquisitions included Hopkins Bruce Publishers Corp., Creditinfo Group, and CE Resource Inc. Additionally, it invested in GLAS Technologies – a leader in loan administration agency trustee services globally – while also making Monte Nido & Affiliates its latest investment for residential and intensive outpatient eating disorder treatment programs.

Not only does the company invest in middle-market companies, but it also offers mezzanine financing – a form of debt financing designed to enable small and mid-sized firms to access additional working capital or growth funding – while mezzanine budget provides management teams and entrepreneurs a lower dilutive alternative for financing needs.

Levine Leichtman Capital Partners oversees eight operating companies under its portfolio and employs 30 people in Beverly Hills, CA. Their highest-paid employee is a Senior Financial Analyst making more than $600,000. The average salary at Levine Leichtman Capital Partners stands at $98,571.

The firm is expanding into Europe by hiring staff locally and globally. Recently, they closed a $544 million European investment fund, more than three times larger than their previous vehicle and which will make acquisitions across Europe, including Germany.

Since 1984, this firm has overseen over $9 billion of institutional capital. Boasting an expansive network of investor relationships in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, London, and Stockholm offices, investors include state/corporate pension plans, insurance companies, funds of funds, and family offices. Specializing in acquiring and improving middle market companies with long track records of success and an impressive investor roster, leading the structured private equity market.

Private Equity Secondaries

Levine Leichtman Capital Partners of Los Angeles recently opened their inaugural South Florida office in Miami’s Design District. LLCP’s investments include consumer products, franchising, education, and engineered products – led by co-founders Arthur Levine and Lauren Leichtman, who manage over $12.7 billion across 15 funds with particular expertise in investing in franchised businesses with proven long-term track records.

LLCP’s fund seeks to raise $3.3 billion through its seventh flagship buyout offering. Campbell Lutyens and Greshler Finance will serve as placement agents. LLCP already boasts investments in consumer brands like Las Vegas-based Nothing Bundt Cakes, Atlanta’s Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and Augusta, Georgia-based Best Lawyers – among many others. LLCP has been active in selling off some of its portfolio companies, recently selling Monte Nido (an eating disorder treatment facility) to Revelstoke Capital Partners while selling Hand & Stone (massage and facial spa franchiser) to Harvest Partners, with both seeing triple EBITDA growth during LLCP hold periods.

LLCP recently made a tech sector investment, investing in cleversoft Group. cleversoft provides regulatory software to financial services firms worldwide and boasts clients such as law firms, banks, and financial institutions worldwide. Through this investment, LLCP will join forces with cleversoft’s founder and management team as they work on its development; Main Capital Partners will leave via this deal as its financial sponsor will exit as part of it.

LLCP also recently purchased a minority stake in Squla, an online learning platform for German students that boasts over one million registered users and has expanded rapidly into the US market. This investment forms part of LLCP’s plan to broaden its international presence and move into new sectors. They plan to focus on companies with strong growth potential within the digital space.

Private Equity Alternatives

Levine Leichtman Capital Partners is a privately owned alternative asset management firm in Los Angeles that utilizes an innovative middle market private equity fund management model, managing over $11.7 billion of institutional capital across 15 investment funds. Levine Leichtman uses its signature Structured Private Equity strategy, combining debt and equity capital investments in portfolio companies for less dilutive management teams or entrepreneurs seeking growth with significantly less risk than typical private equity solutions.

LLCP also offers other private equity funds and investment products beyond its signature Structured Private Equity strategy, such as flagship buyout offerings targeting mid-market and lower mid-market businesses in franchising, professional services, education, and engineered products. Other funds focus on global lower mid-market investments.

LLCP recently made several new investments, such as Smartbox – a developer of intelligent lighting systems for homes and businesses – and SEV (a med spa operator offering cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal and injectables), which will expand LLCP’s footprint within healthcare, further cementing its position within this growing sector. These latest investments allow LLCP to extend its presence within this growing healthcare industry sector while strengthening its platform.

LLCP has also been active in selling portfolio assets, such as Monte Nido – an eating disorder treatment and support provider – which was sold to Revelstoke Capital Partners earlier this year. Furthermore, LLCP has collaborated with other investors to invest in other healthcare-related companies like Technical Safety Services, which offers testing, inspection, and certification services to the life sciences industry.

LLCP recently unveiled its seventh flagship buyout offering, set at an ambitious target of $3.3 billion. LLCP has contracted Campbell Lutyens & Greshler Finance to manage this fundraising process and expects this fund to become their most extensive offering in four decades of operations.