Modesto City Schools Calendar


Modesto City Schools’ calendar offers an outstanding educational system that has provided many students with a brighter future. Their staff are also top-notch and always ready to lend a helping hand when anyone requires assistance.

Modesto Unified School District becomes the sixth district to join UC Merced’s automatic admission program, joining Dinuba Unified, Cutler-Orosi Joint, and Chowchilla Union High School districts.


Modesto City Schools provides education services at all three school levels for elementary, middle, and secondary levels for children enrolled. It features 22 elementary schools, four middle schools, and 9 high schools, as well as being the feeder district for seven other elementary districts, including Empire Union, Hart-Ransom Union, Paradise Union, Shiloh Stanislaus Union, and Sylvan Union. With such excellent teaching systems in place and plenty of staff helping when they’re needed most – Modesto City Schools enjoy an outstanding reputation among students as well as parents alike!


The quarter is a unit of measurement that signifies one-fourth. Additionally, it refers to an amount of time, such as three months or an academic year, and may be used by students, parents, and administrators for various purposes – exams, assignments, and school events being among them. Students might use calendars like these to keep track of exams, homework, and school events, whereas parents use them for parent-teacher conferences and holiday scheduling, and administrators may use them for planning school events and meetings.

The national curriculum for maths covers many topics related to quarters, such as fractions and position and direction. Children learn to recognize, find, and name quarters as equal parts within four equal halves, as well as describe shapes such as whole, half, and three-quarter turns in terms of shape and quantity. They are also introduced to telling time with quarter past and to the hour precision.

Modesto City Schools made waves last school year when it altered the calendars for elementary and middle school students by moving spring break closer to Easter, creating confusion for students, parents, teachers, and administrators; other districts, including Sylvan, Empire, Stanislaus Union and Shiloh maintained traditional schedules.

The MCSD calendar is now available online through their website and other platforms, and they are currently soliciting feedback from stakeholders to ensure it best reflects their needs. The feedback window runs between November 1 and 13; click here to provide your thoughts on the school year calendar.


Modesto city schools are flexible when it comes to adopting modern curricula and teaching strategies and boast an outstanding union that helps keep teachers content. Furthermore, they’re always searching for ways to enhance students’ education and ensure that they have access to only top teachers; plus, the district aims to bridge any disparity between high and low achievers.

The trustee met with Danielle Hinkle, head of testing for their district. Danielle revealed that state test results will likely arrive by late this month from state exams students took in spring; parents won’t see averaged schoolwide scores as usual but will instead see how each of their children performed individually, according to Danielle Hinkle.

At its Monday evening meeting, trustees voted on minimum days – two early dismissal days for students to allow teachers time to meet – for this year. It marked Jordan Dickson’s final board meeting before leaving to pursue law studies at Washington. Unfortunately, trustees disagreed on whether to replace her at this time and will conduct a special election instead in November.

Trustee also approved setting a secular spring break next year, unhooking it from Easter by moving it to the second week after the quarter ends and aligning it with those held by Sylvan, Empire Union, Hart-Ransom, and Salida union districts. Prior to 2016, Modesto’s holiday had always coincided with Easter-related vacations; this will mark its first non-Easter-related vacation since 2016. This decision came following months of delay while waiting on contract agreements from support staff.


Modesto City Schools, in Stanislaus County, California, serves an enrollment of 32,000 students and strives to provide them with high-quality education so as to prepare them for future careers. The district includes 22 elementary schools, four middle schools, nine high schools, and an alternative education program – representing various ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic levels among its student body.

The district’s calendar offers several features designed to keep parents, teachers, and students informed. The home screen provides quick bits of info from the live feed, events, and dining sections, as well as allows users to set a default organization, update subscriptions, and opt-in for push notification groups simultaneously – making its user-friendly design even more straightforward to navigate.

The school calendar contains important dates for students, such as exam dates and assignment submission dates. Furthermore, it displays school events and extracurricular activities. Parents can utilize the calendar to keep an eye on their children’s academic schedules and stay abreast of critical life events in their child’s life, while teachers and staff members can utilize it to plan lessons and coordinate meetings. Modesto City Schools have used calendars to track professional development opportunities. Beginning this year, their secular spring break will conclude one-week post-Easter instead of two – marking an annual change that other school districts like Empire Union, Hart-Ransom Union, Paradise Union, and Salida Union Shiloh have maintained throughout.