Moon Chocolate Bar 250mg


Moon chocolate bars contain 250mg per bar and are the ideal edible to experience the therapeutic effects of THC, providing relaxation, pain relief, and sleep improvement. These edibles provide great relaxation techniques as well as help with insomnia relief. Check out the Best info about moon bars.

The company utilizes fair trade partnerships to support cacao farmers while remaining dedicated to protecting the environment and providing assistance through charitable organizations like Girls Inc.


Moon Bars made waves when they first hit the market. Their celestial-themed packaging and promises of an out-of-this-world chocolate experience were hard to resist. While many companies offer cannabis-infused chocolates, Moon Bars stand out by also including psilocybin–a natural compound found in certain mushrooms that’s known for its psychedelic effects–for maximum sensory experience.

Moon Edibles offers delicious edible treats in multiple flavors that can be purchased online or from dispensaries carrying their brand. With THC levels ranging from 25mg up to 250mg available, one will surely be suitable for every palate – handcrafted using their proprietary process. These tasty morsels make an incredible treat with quality ingredients and meticulous attention to detail.

Each flavor features unique notes and aromas, from fruity to caramel tones. When combined with cannabis extract, they create an out-of-this-world experience. Edibles offer an easy alternative to smoking or vaping and can be consumed anytime!

Moon Chocolate Bar prioritizes ethical production practices along with using premium-quality ingredients. They use fair trade cacao beans from partnerships that support sustainable livelihoods for farmers while protecting the environment. They aim to minimize their ecological footprint by adopting policies that ensure sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation.

Chocolate-infused edibles are lovingly handcrafted and come in an assortment of delectable flavors – cosmic cappuccino, rocket fudge, cinnamon mints, and tropical sunrise are among them – made with our proprietary full spectrum extract that contains all cannabinoids present within a plant, providing for a powerful entourage effect and optimizing effects.

Moon Chocolate Bars stand apart from traditional chocolate because they are vegan-based and low in calories and saturated fat, boasting higher concentrations of antioxidants and nutrients than their dairy-filled counterparts. They are ideal as snacks or as ingredients in culinary creations.


Moon chocolate bars are potent edibles containing an intense dose of THC, a concentrated cannabis compound known for creating long-acting highs that satisfy sweet tooth cravings and elevate mood. By infusing THC into premium chocolate, each bite delivers controlled levels of THC that produce consistent effects; plus, they come in multiple flavors to suit any palette! Moon chocolate bars make an excellent option for patients who prefer taking medication in this form rather than smoking or vaping it directly.

Moon Bars are handmade using only premium cacao beans worldwide, creating a delicious flavor. After this unique selection has been combined, each bar is infused with an impressive combination of THC and CBD for an intense yet euphoric high that lasts several hours – making these chocolate treats ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth looking for more lasting thrills! Each Moon Bar contains only natural ingredients without chemicals or preservatives added during production.

Moon Chocolate Bars vary significantly in potency depending on the strength and type of THC infusion used to formulate it, with stronger THC concentration equating to more potent highs. Each bar is packed with 250mg, divided into ten individual 25mg doses marked on its packaging for easy consumption tracking. It looks like any standard candy bar, so keeping this snack undercover and discreet should not be an issue.

These edibles can be found at dispensaries throughout California and boast delicious flavors ranging from classic milk chocolate to dark chocolate with sea salt or raspberry, all vegan- and gluten-free, and non-GMO certified and fair trade chocolate made. Plus, their purchase benefits the communities where their plants grow!

These edibles contain a blend of THC and sativa, producing an uplifting and euphoric high that can help relieve anxiety and depression. Available in multiple sizes and flavors, these tasty treats make an excellent option for beginners and experienced users, providing them an affordable option compared to other edibles.


Moon Chocolate Bars offer out-of-this-world flavors. Packed with THC – the psychoactive compound found in cannabis – and combined with chocolate, the experience is out of this world! These edibles aren’t designed for those timid of heart but provide an engaging journey into space!

Moon’s Infused Chocolate is made using only high-grade ingredients and carefully measured to provide the optimal dosage. Moon also employs stringent quality control measures to maintain consistency – an invaluable asset in an increasingly competitive edible marketplace. Their bars come in various flavors, with some featuring additional ingredients like Psilocybin or Salvia as an added ingredient.

Moon produces delicious elixirs, tasty gummies, and mints in various potencies and flavors, like their flagship product, the Moon Chocolate Bar 250mg. Crafted with care and precision using industry-leading full spectrum extract to provide an entourage effect – where multiple cannabinoids work synergistically together for balanced effects – this chocolate treat offers something tasty in every potency and flavor imaginable!

Other flavors available in their lineup are citrus mints, berry blasters, cinnamon mints, and rocket fudge. All products come packaged in an attractive resealable package that’s easily identifiable on shelves; each label displays compliance warnings and nutritional data. Furthermore, their packaging includes a handy reminder to store it refrigerated since these dairy-based treats require refrigeration.

Moon is a family-run company that collaborates closely with local farmers to source high-quality ingredients and support community development projects in communities where cacao is harvested, thus raising living standards while creating jobs in those same regions.

Along with tasty edibles, this company also offers convenient delivery solutions for those who would rather avoid smoking or vaping, including moon gummies and mints designed for on-the-go consumption. With affordable pricing options and tasty edibles, they’re an excellent way to try something new when it comes to getting high.


The Moon Chocolate Bar 250mg offers an extraordinary experience to take you on a voyage of discovery! These edibles feature a unique blend of flavors and high THC content, making them the ideal treat for cannabis enthusiasts looking to take their experience to new levels. Spaceman Mints Moon Chocolate Bar can bring relaxation, inspiration, or euphoria.

These delectable edibles use premium ingredients from all over the world and combine to form a flavorful experience that will tantalize your palate. Each bar contains industry-leading full-spectrum extract to ensure all cannabinoids work in unison to provide an entourage effect, ensuring you make the most of each bite!

These delectable bars are lovingly handcrafted with precision and passion and contain an ample dose of THC for a balanced high. Their luxurious flavor is smooth, and long-term effects are felt immediately upon consumption. Plus, you can also find other delicious edibles by the same brand, such as Moon Edibles and Faded Fruits Gummies, to try!

Another reason why we appreciate this product is that it supports local communities. All cacao beans used are obtained through fair trade partnerships, meaning farmers receive adequate compensation for their work. At the same time, they promote sustainable cacao farming practices and minimize their ecological footprint.

Additionally, these bars are great for your heart health! Dark chocolate has many heart-friendly benefits, such as lower blood pressure and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease – not to mention its delicious taste, which will undoubtedly lift your mood!

The packaging for this chocolate bar is striking and modern, featuring an intergalactic font and moonscape-esque background with cumulus clouds, crater fields, and desolate horizons. Additionally, on its back is information regarding nutritional facts and compliance warnings that include being intended only for adults 21 years or older and consuming only small portions at one time.

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