Nigeria News Papers


Nigeria boasts a diverse newspaper landscape. National and regional papers may be published in English; others may utilize local languages for content production. The Amazing fact about NewsNow Nigeria.

Mass media can influence how people view and react to issues by providing information and raising awareness of those issues.

The Daily Trust

The Daily Trust is one of Nigeria’s premier newspapers and the only one with five-digit weekly sales in Nigeria. Known for its investigative journalism, economic empowerment, and humanitarian services, its editorial team boasts prominent journalists and scholars; it holds one of Africa’s strongest reputations for integrity.

This paper’s website and mobile apps can be found on iOS and Android devices, providing readers with access to articles and crossword puzzles for download, translating content into different languages, reading anywhere at any time, and reading whenever desired.

The website for The Sacramento News-Journal is an invaluable source of information about the coronavirus outbreak. Still, it should provide more stories regarding prevention measures people can take to curb its spread. Furthermore, articles should focus on infection mode, symptoms, and risk factors; public education about hand washing, face mask use, and social distancing should also be prioritized.

The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper is one of the world’s most beloved publications. Originally established as a response to the closure of a radical workers’ newspaper, its online version features editorial content from staff writers and regular contributors as well as reader comments and replies – as well as its famous Comment is Free feature, which enables readers to post articles and comments without moderation or approval from editors.

In 2016, The Guardian supported Britain remaining in the European Union and called on voters to back pro-EU candidates – but did not endorse any specific parties. However, a DSMA notice from the US Government was issued against The Guardian for its coverage of PRISM surveillance programs.

The Guardian newspaper has come under scrutiny for its foreign policy coverage, leading to accusations of antisemitism; however, they have disproven these, and the paper was even commended for reporting in Israel. Meanwhile, criticism has also been leveled at them for reporting UK-India relations that could be perceived as neocolonialist.

Sahara Reporters

Established to honor Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Sahara Reporters is an international community of reporters and social advocates dedicated to reporting verifiable news without fear or favor – acting as an influential force in Nigeria against corruption officials while driving social change.

The website hosts articles, investigative reports, opinion pieces, and news tips from citizens. This approach to information sharing and public participation helps uncover stories that may otherwise go unreported.

The website boasts global reach and engages the Nigerian diaspora. Furthermore, mobile apps allow access to news content from anywhere worldwide. Citizen journalism features prominently here, challenging mainstream narratives while amplifying marginalized voices – which have earned praise and criticism over time.

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