Nutrients For General Hydroponics


Hydroponics refers to the soilless cultivation of plants using water-based nutrient solutions as opposed to soil. This technique can be used for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Guide to buy hydroponics.

General Hydroponics provides comprehensive plant nutrients to provide your garden with all of the essential elements it requires for growth. Their Flora Series line has long been relied upon by growers around the globe.

Hydroponic Nutrients

General hydroponics is a form of gardening that utilizes water instead of soil to grow crops such as tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, and other vegetables. Hydroponic nutrients are water-soluble mixes containing all the macro and micronutrients plants need to thrive; powders or liquid forms of these nutrients may be mixed and injected directly into plant roots via injection solutions. When using such nutrients, regular irrigations must occur with salt-free water in order to avoid salt build-ups on your crop.

Nutrients used in hydroponic applications differ significantly from soil applications as they contain all of the essential elements required by plants without needing to undergo decomposition by soil-dwelling microorganisms first; hence, these fertilizers can be directly used by plants as opposed to sometimes needing time for digestion in organic soil nutrient solutions.

There are various options available when creating your nutrient solution, from selecting organic to mineral-based products. Organic solutions may contain natural ingredients found in plants and animals, such as fish emulsion or bone meal; however, small particles found within these organic solutions could clog pumps, tubes, and misters, requiring regular monitoring and misting systems. Synthetic alternatives may often provide the best choice as they contain no organic matter that would clog hydroponic systems.

Selecting the optimal nutrients for your plants is also of utmost importance. Some varieties require slightly acidic pH levels as high pH levels inhibit phosphorus uptake due to the lack of availability of proton-coupled phosphate symporter in plant cells.

There is a wide range of nutrient regimens to select from, so you must find one that is compatible with both your system and plant type. New growers should begin with a more accessible nutrient regime before gradually increasing its complexity as their growing abilities improve. Fox Farm’s nutrient regimen is a popular option with three components explicitly tailored for each stage in a plant’s life cycle.

Flora Series

The Flora Series of cannabis nutrients has long been one of the go-to choices among growers, having been around for 40 years and still widely utilized by growers today. Used across soil, coco coir, and aeroponic environments alike for all phases of growth, three highly concentrated liquid nutrients can be combined in various combinations in order to meet plants’ exact requirements for each stage of their lifecycle.

Flora Micro is the foundational product in this series and provides your plants with essential building blocks for overall plant health, such as nitrogen, potassium, calcium, and trace minerals to promote robust growth. Flora Gro stimulates structural and vegetative growth while strengthening roots; additionally, it contains phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, as well as other trace elements essential to optimal development.

Flora Bloom is the last in the Flora Series and helps your plants prepare for the flowering phase by providing high levels of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur as well as trace minerals – helping your buds form large, dense buds with great flavor and aroma.

BioThrive Grow

BioThrive Grow is a vegan plant food designed to meet the comprehensive needs of plants from every stage of their growth, such as natural plant extracts, sea kelp extract, and mined minerals. It promotes rapid root development while improving nutrient uptake for an enhanced yield and healthier plants overall.

General Organics’ General Organics line offers durable materials combined with innovative, user-friendly products designed to encourage environmentally responsible gardening practices. Every product in their GO series was developed with this goal in mind – helping you enhance your garden, life, and the planet!

BioThrive Grow and Bloom are two nutrient solutions suitable for use in all forms of hydroponic systems. The Grow is a 4-3-5 formula, providing essential plant nutrition to roots, stems, and foliage and is effective when mixed into garden soil or potting mix, while Bloom’s 4-2-4-4 provides flowering or fruiting plants with essential elements needed for superior blooms and bountiful harvests.

BioThrive is an all-natural plant food designed for all forms of plants, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. Packed full of essential nutrients necessary for healthy and vigorous plant growth resulting in impressive yields and rich flavors from your crops, it includes fishmeal, seaweed, and earthworm castings, which contain nitrogen phosphate potassium micronutrients; additionally, it includes Fulvic acid as a natural form of humus which enhances soil organism development while improving nutrient uptake.

BioThrive’s formula contains high levels of sulfates and phosphorous, making it suitable for hydroponic use, as plants can more readily absorb these elements than mineral nutrients. Furthermore, cold-processed, enzymatically digested fish contains a unique source of fatty acids to support healthy plant growth as well as protect it against pests.

BioThrive Bloom

BioThrive Bloom is a vegan plant food designed to give flowering plants essential nutrients needed for superior blooms and harvests. Made of plant and mineral extracts, its pure and natural formulation encourages beneficial microbial activity within the root zone for optimal root development. BioThrive Bloom’s versatile formula works well with garden soils as well as various potting mixes; additionally, it may be applied directly onto soilless growing media such as coir, perlite rock wool, or other non-sterile mediums for efficient use.

General Organics provides gardeners with an unmatched selection of organic plant foods and supplements designed to bring traditional gardening techniques together with eco-friendly gardening solutions for contemporary gardens. Their mission is to enrich gardens, lives, and planets through simple yet innovative products of unmatched quality.

GO fertilizers consist of three components: BioMarine, BioThrive Grow, and BioThrive Bloom. BioMarine is an all-organic fish fertilizer that promotes rapid growth, improves color, and increases resistance to disease. Composed primarily of cold processed and enzymatically digested squid that’s more sustainable than salmon sources, it c, comes packed with high protein plus polysaccharide content for more robust roots, while the addition of kelp supports an ideal root zone environment.

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