On a Upon an iPhone

As The apple company attempts to meet its newest objective of selling forty-five million units of it is newest flagship product at the end of 2009 (as an area of comparison, incidentally, this past year Apple sold 50 thousand units of its precious iPod) everyone and their mommy seems to be composing their desire list of the features they’d love to see in next creation iPhones. To know how to free iphone unlock, click here.

One of the most popular things on these iPhone desire lists, 3G network entry, looks poised to come genuine. But what about the rest of the features iPhone users past, current, and future are wanting for?

There’s no telling which usually of these fantasies Apple can certainly make a reality, but in the interest to keep hope alive (and always keeping score), we’ve compiled the favorite items on everyone’s new iPhone 4 want-list below.

  • lower price -will Apple ever release lower-priced, scaled-down versions of the new iPhone 4 for less than $400 a piece?
  • superior battery – including the power for users to easily swap worn-out batteries with clean, new ones
  • better DSLR camera (including a dedicated shutter button) – it’s still the most significant iPhone shocker that this outstanding multimedia smartphone has a subpar built-in digital camera
  • considerably more storage – at least 32GIG on-board with an expandable selection via an SD as well as miniSD card slot, I highly recommend you
  • USB slot – presenting the iPhone the capability of pleasing its potential to once-and-for-all this would central hub for a collection of other powerful peripherals
  • voice features – equally voice recording and chat functionality
  • GPS – Sorry Apple inc, but GoogleMaps simply just isn’t enough
  • MMS messaging instructions take a lesson from the Cell phone, will ya?
  • Global shuffle – enabling users with the built-in iPod to shuffle their entire music selection and not just individual playlists
  • Apple safari “page down” button: making scrolling as easy as it must be (not to mention as easy as that already is on most additional, competing, mobile web browsers)
  • Flash support – talking about the Safari browser, the manifest absence of Flash support significantly limits what content may and can’t be viewed
  • Cross-application copy-and-paste – such as the capability to copy an address from the contacts and insert this into the Google Maps app lookup field
  • Customizable home display screen – once you plunk straight down that $400, it should be your iPhone after all, not Apple’s, shouldn’t it?
  • Bluetooth head-set support – hello?
  • much better email- including the ability to synchronize up your wireless address book together with your iCal scheduler as well as the capability to delete multiple emails at the same time
  • fixed screenshot program- one of the buggiest apps within the iPhone repertoire
  • better Information – one of the ugliest as well as least user-friendly apps from the bunch
  • tighter grip- get a grip, iPhone! Just forget about dropped calls, right now way too easy to drop the full iPhone, with its shoddy silicone strip surrounding it; it could be nice to have a casing while substantial as its contents

Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffray analyst, seems to be the driver for all this pie-in-the-sky pipe-dreaming, having been the first to estimate this 45 million income figure back in June involving 2007, even before Steve Work opportunities took up the gauntlet.

Likely to help Apple reach which record number of iPhone income is the planned progressive relief of iPhones into numerous international markets, such as the GREAT BRITAIN, Germany, Austria, Ireland, The us, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Quotes, Spain, and – the most important piece of the pie coming from all – China.

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