Organic Castor Oil Packs


Castor oil packs are one of the oldest healing naturopathic self-care practices. They’re widely known to promote regular bowel movements while aiding assimilations, eliminations, and circulation. Look into the Best info about castor oil packs for liver detox.

Evidence supports their effectiveness against digestive issues, menstrual and hormonal irregularity (ovarian cysts and irregularity), acne, arthritis, and lymphedema.


The liver and lymphatic system are integral in detoxifying, improving digestion, strengthening immunity, hydrating cells, and disposing of waste from our bodies. When lymphatic congestion occurs, toxins build up in cells, resulting in low immunity levels, irregular bowel movements, food sensitivities, autoimmune diseases, or other health complications. Castor Oil packs help increase lymphatic drainage and detoxify livers/gallbladders/cell rejuvenation/stimulating the circulatory system/stimulating circulation systems/stimulus.

Castor oil packs can be made by soaking a cotton flannel cloth in castor oil and applying it directly onto a painful area. Once used, this compress should be covered with plastic wrap or a hand towel to avoid staining clothing and bedding and left for at least an hour before being covered again for optimal use. They’re often applied on the abdomens to help regulate bowel movements, dissolve fibroids and cysts, ease pain relief in ovaries/uterus area, and promote regular menstrual cycles – these packs may even help control bowel movements while simultaneously relieving pain in these areas while being placed directly against back pain reduce pain/inflammation/spasms/joints area reducing pain/inflammation/spasms in muscles/joints/joints areas causing them all-round solutions!

Edgar Cayce often recommended castor oil packs to increase circulation in the abdomen, lower back, and chest areas of his patient’s bodies and help break up internal scar tissue, improve digestive functions, and reduce pain and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Furthermore, Edgar advised adding castor oil massage after each pack for additional benefits and maintaining regular use to achieve optimal health.

Castor oil packs have many therapeutic uses beyond improving digestion and increasing bowel movement frequency, from relieving constipation and bloating, reducing menstrual cramps, shrinking ovarian cysts, balancing hormones, dissolving polyps, and helping with endometriosis. Castor oil packs have also been demonstrated to boost energy, balance monthly cycles, restore hormonal imbalances, and decrease fibroid tumors; plus, they’ve proven helpful at dissolving and reversing their effects during gestation, all easy at home and can easily fit into healthy cleansing/detox protocols!


Castor oil packs are cloth soaked in pure castor oil and applied directly to the skin to improve lymphatic and liver function. Used by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda medicine, and Naturopathy to facilitate healing and reduce inflammation, these packs have become a vital tool in healing environments worldwide.

Castor oil’s key component, ricinoleic acid, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Additionally, its deep cleansing and moisturizing effects make it a suitable topical treatment. Ricinoleic acid also supports circulation and cell regeneration while relieving constipation, menstrual cramps, shrinking fibroids and cysts, and constipation symptoms.

Organic castor oil should be purchased from natural health stores as it does not contain pesticides and other chemicals that could irritate your skin. Furthermore, diluting it with coconut oil ensures you won’t have an allergic reaction from using too much castor oil directly on the skin.

Organic cotton flannel is an indispensable element in castor oil packs, as it is hypoallergenic and biodegradable, making it safe for sensitive skin types. There is also a variety of colors to suit individual preferences; polyester-made fabrics may not penetrate as deeply into the skin and should be avoided as they don’t allow castor oil to absorb appropriately into the skin tissue.

Pour the castor oil into a bowl or container and soak a cotton flannel in it for at least one hour before leaving it alone or using a heating pad/hot water bottle to increase warmth and penetration of oil, making removal of your pack simpler.

Once the pack is assembled, set it down on a plastic sheet or towel to catch any drops of castor oil that might escape and land on your clothing. Wear older clothes to avoid staining from the oil; additionally, place a blanket or pillow over your abdomen or lower back for additional comfort and support.

Stay under the pack for an hour or more before removing it, using natural soap or baking soda and water solution to eliminate castor oil from your skin. A towel may also help in wiping off excess fat.


Castor oil packs are an effective detoxifying treatment used to stimulate the lymphatic system and liver function to flush away toxins and alleviate many common health issues, including constipation, PMS symptoms, estrogen dominance issues, fibroids/cysts formations, and low thyroid function (Hashimoto’s).

Castor oil packs can be created by immersing a strip of cloth (cotton or wool flannel works best) completely in pure castor oil and then placing the soaked fabric over an area that needs support, such as the abdomen. Abdomen supports include digestive organs, the large intestine, and adrenals, as well as all lymph nodes within its area, plus its omentum. Studies have also indicated its benefits for ovaries and uteri, helping dissolve cysts, alleviating cramps during the menstruation cycle, and balancing hormones balance for regular monthly cycles to restore their natural rhythmic patterns of monthly cycles.

Organic and cold-pressed castor oil offers superior results. Ricinoleic acid found in castor oil has been demonstrated to stimulate lymphatic flow, dissolve adhesions, and flush away toxins from tissues as they absorb into skin tissue. As always, before beginning any treatment, it is wise to do a patch test first to assess any reactions such as rashiness, itching, or irritation that may occur as you absorb this treatment through skin absorption.

Before beginning with a castor oil pack, lie down on an old bed sheet to collect any potential drips of castor oil before covering yourself with plastic wrap or toweling. An added heating pad or hot water bottle could further boost warmth while aiding absorption.

Once your castor oil pack is on, take at least 30-60 minutes for it to do its work and relax for as long as needed. Use this time for deep breathing exercises, meditation, or reading. When finished, remove and wipe away any extra castor oil with a damp cloth before storing any of it back in its glass jar until subsequent use – but be sure to add new castor oil every time you apply your pack!


Castor oil packs are one of the oldest healing self-care rituals ever developed, dating back centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Naturopathy practices. Castor oil packs have long been recognized for supporting detoxification, inflammation reduction, and circulation improvement–especially in the lymphatic system. Ricinoleic acid contained within castor oil facilitates the movement of chemical energy throughout your body to flush toxins away efficiently.

Apply this nourishing oil directly onto the skin over areas of pain or inflammation – typically the liver (traditionally) or specific locations such as backache. Applying it yourself at home makes this simple procedure even more accessible; additionally, it is an excellent addition during full-body massage sessions or holistic cleansing programs.

Start by spreading an old bed sheet over your workspace to catch any castor oil drops while wearing loose and comfortable clothing that you do not mind staining. Place a heating pad set to its highest setting or a hot water bottle over it to ensure even heat distribution, helping absorption of the oil into your pack.

Next, cut a cotton flannel large enough to comfortably cover your abdomen (or the area needing relief). Drizzle castor oil over it until fully saturated. Using your hands, collect and spread out this oil-soaked cloth over your preferred target area–typically your liver for detox or specific locations for pain relief.

Once your pack has been applied, lay back on a bed or couch (with a blanket over you to protect from leaks) for at least an hour and relax. Read a book, meditate, listen to soothing music, or unwind – the warmth of the pack encourages deep relaxation; in fact, many find a castor oil treatment just as therapeutic as soaking in a bathtub!

Once your timer goes off, remove and rinse off the pack with warm water. Rinse flannel before each use for best results and store in an airtight glass container in your refrigerator until needed again.

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