Picking Up a School Beauty to Be Wife


Picking Up a School Beauty to Be Wife is a comic book with humorous and heartwarming tales, offering lessons about finding love and creating healthy relationships. This comic can teach the importance of trust, communication, and shared values within relationships.

1. Look beyond physical appearances

When selecting a school beauty as your potential wife, you must look beyond her physical features and focus on building a lasting and fulfilling relationship. You might just be amazed by all that beauty lies within her!

School beauties often face many difficulties, including jealousy and competition among their peers. However, they can overcome these hurdles by learning to communicate more openly with peers about themselves while accepting and celebrating their true beauty – finding happiness within themselves through acceptance of who they indeed are and appreciating it in others.

This comic book is an ideal choice for readers in search of an entertaining and emotional story, leaving them laughing out loud while crying tears of joy. Additionally, its beautiful artwork will compel you to continue reading more! Currently available on Amazon, and with new issues being added regularly, reading with someone can create shared laughter and tears!

2. Be patient

Although picking up school beauty may seem like the ideal scenario, finding lasting happiness may require patience and understanding of her needs and wants. Remembering that love goes beyond physical appearances; rather it requires having solid bonds and a shared vision for the future is also crucial.

Luo Feng and Qing Xi’s relationship is an invaluable reminder of how long it can take to form trusting, meaningful bonds between two people, but ultimately, the effort pays off in spades. Furthermore, this comic also emphasizes that sometimes fighting for someone you care about means fighting hard enough that giving up may not always be necessary.

Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife is a fantastic comic that will leave you both laughing out loud and wiping tears of joy from your cheeks. A must-read for anyone interested in love and relationships; with 364 chapters, there’s always something new to read in this comic!

3. Don’t judge a book by its cover

The English idiom “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is an oft-quoted saying that emphasizes not making assumptions based on external appearance. This a great reminder when interacting with others that misjudging someone based solely on appearance can quickly happen. Yet this phrase encourages us to look deeper beneath the surface to discover what lies underneath.

As they select their next book to read, many are drawn towards those with eye-catching covers. This is because book covers are designed to catch readers’ attention and draw them in; though this should not be considered the sole factor when choosing books to read, it does explain why some may do it.

Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife’s story of love and relationships will leave you both laughing out loud and crying tears of happiness, making this book an absolute must-read for anyone interested in discovering more about them.

Iciyuan’s comic was first published on July 12, 2019. As of this writing, 364 chapters have been published so far, and it is continuing. You can purchase this comic on Amazon as well as its dedicated website, where new chapters will be posted periodically. The story follows Luo Feng and Qing Xi as they navigate their turbulent relationship that may cause hardships but ultimately overcome all challenges together to fall in love and live happily ever after.

4. Be honest

Honesty is vital in any healthy relationship. Being dishonest with someone can cause serious rifts between you and them and could make it harder for them to love and trust you as much. Therefore, if you’re thinking of dating a school beauty, being truthful from the start is of paramount importance!

Assume nothing here; be yourself and honest in all areas – this doesn’t just apply to trivial matters; be open and forthcoming about your emotions and intentions when communicating with school beauty prospects, even though this may be difficult at times. By being transparent with them from the outset, trust can form, and love will come more naturally and gradually over time. When picking out school beauty candidates to become wives, remember that honesty is critical! You’ll thank yourself later; plus, who knows – she could end up becoming the perfect wife for you! Happy reading!

5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Adopting a school beauty as a wife is a popular trope that explores themes of young love and attraction. The story typically follows the protagonist as they pursue their feelings, overcome obstacles, and ultimately win her heart. While relationships may be challenging at times, mistakes should not be repeated, and efforts should be put forth toward building healthy relationships with school beauty(ies).

Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife by Iciyuan offers both humorous and heartwarming tales and is packed with hilarious scenes that are guaranteed to have you laughing out loud! Plus, it contains many heartwarming stories that will touch your emotions!