Please Not at School Manhwa


School Life Manhwas is a beloved read that has charmed millions of readers since 2010. From Cheese in the Trap to Devil Number 5, these titles will keep readers engrossed in 2023.

Wind Breaker is an action-packed sports manga with captivating characters and an engaging narrative, offering over one billion views and earning a 9.74 rating on Webtoon – definitely one of the must-read manga in 2023!

1. Wind Breaker

Wind Breaker is an excellent manga choice if you’re searching for an exciting sports story with a strong sense of community and intense emotions that give a rush when your favorite character triumphs. The characters are likable, and the artwork conveys action and feelings effectively, not to mention all of its comic moments, too!

Haruka Sakura, an awkward boy with heterochromia in both hair and eyes, has long felt out of place in society. Determined to prove himself worthy of inclusion at Furin High despite not possessing experience fighting, Haruka enrolls there with the intent of showing how he belongs despite not having fighting experience himself. Unfortunately, his plans take an unexpected turn when all students pledge their defense of Furin against potential attacks from outside forces or invaders.

The pacing in this manga is superb. It keeps you engaged without becoming monotonous while at the same time giving time for characters and situations to develop naturally. Tournament arcs, in particular, are superb, their excitement rivaling that found in any sports anime or manga. Furthermore, there is an emphasis on biking techniques, which adds a realistic element that adds enjoyment when reading about competitions.

The main draw of Furin manga lies with its characters. Each has their own story to connect with the reader and build meaningful relationships amongst themselves. Furthermore, the art brings Furin’s world alive in stunning fashion through an assortment of styles used to bring life to the pages.

2. Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap was first released in Korea in 2010 and currently spans 15 volumes, following Seol Hong as she returns from an extended break determined to finish college and find employment. Unfortunately, Yoo Jung can’t seem to break his gaze, drawing Seol into his orbit despite what seems like his seemingly perfect appearance; she becomes intrigued with him but senses there may be more behind his seemingly ideal appearance than meets the eye.

The two lead characters share an excellent chemistry, while their characters are wonderfully varied yet perfectly cast. Anyone familiar with the university will recognize the complex relationships that develop among classmates within one class, even though, at times, their relationship gets heated. Although, at times, the plot gets confusing or messy, it is excessive or feels overblown.

Cheese in the Trap’s strength lies in its accurate depiction of college life. As its author is currently attending college herself, her stories truly capture how college life feels to her. Additionally, there are lots of fantastic side characters with individual tales and personalities who add much-needed variety and so much depth to the overall experience of reading manga.

Cheese in the Trap is an enjoyable, lighthearted manga series guaranteed to provide you with an entertaining escape from reality and leave you contented at its conclusion. Ideal for days when you need a boost and something fun and inspiring to watch – especially with Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun in its cast of leading actors.

3. Lookism

Lookism, or prejudice or discrimination based on looks, is an increasingly widespread social problem studied by sociologists, psychologists, and economists for decades. Sociologists, psychologists, and economists have studied it intensively. Sociologists, psychologists, and economists have long explored its effects. Positive epistemic discrimination occurs most commonly where attractive people benefit from being believed more readily than unattractive ones; less obvious forms may include harmful epistemic discrimination experienced by ugly individuals.

As is widely acknowledged, discrimination aimed at ugly people often takes different forms than it does other groups. For instance, ugly people may receive lower pay or miss out on opportunities due to their looks, yet many struggle to address their claims of being discriminated against due to their faces since people often refuse to listen when their allegations of being targeted are made public.

But unlike most bullying manga where physical violence is prominent, this one stands out because of its focus on psychological manipulation. The series follows a girl who acts as an unwitting silent queen to manipulate her classmates into becoming victimized bullies themselves and bully her relentlessly.

The series boasts a vast readership, garnering considerable praise from critics and fans alike. Although some parts of the manga could use some work, overall, this series offers an exciting, original take on bullying, particularly its highly relatable story and powerful scenes depicting emotional abuse.

4. Devil Number 4

Devils do not have names; instead, they are given numbers that denote their rank within hell’s hierarchy. Hanna finds herself struggling financially, so Number 4 offers her a wish in exchange for her soul – but this contract comes with risks when Hanna discovers there may be another devil involved with it.

Jangjin and Woombeee’s Devil Number 4 can be found online through Webtoon, but it contains mature themes like death and abuse; currently, there are 120 episodes available to view.

5. I Love Yoo

Although primarily a sports manga, this book tackles some heavy issues. Bullying is a prevalent theme among high schoolers, and this manga explores its effects both physically and psychologically. Shin-Ae is being targeted by her classmates because of her unpopular and sarcastic personality; her cat, Lil Buddy, provides comfort during such attacks; one day, however, she accidentally brings him to school so as to avoid house inspection and ends up finding herself among many of her bullies; however, her actions bring about change within those around her and give Shin-Ae an experience of what it feels like to feel loved.

Do-hwa is a member of the A3 club who appears cold and distant at first. However, beneath his smile lies an insecure individual hiding their loneliness behind smiles and musical talent. Do-hwa harbors romantic feelings for Joo-da, who is involved with Nam-joo, but as soon as he notices how his classmates seem drawn towards Dan-oh instead, Do-hwa begins acting outside his character within Secret.

Kyung becomes aware of glitches in Secret comic panels, revealing to himself he can speak with a girl, not an extra. Later, he learns she is actually Ha-ru from the Neungsohwa comic series; when the visions from Goryeo haunt him, he must decide between their relationship or continuing as one in comic strips until eventually reverses all the damage done to body and mind by Goryeo’s past events.