Precisely why We Cannot Trust typically the Medical Profession With Our Into the Why We Must Safeguard The idea Ourselves

No matter where we are, we cannot have confidence in the mainstream medical job to safeguard our health. This is largely because it is so heavily affected by the giant, wealthy pharmaceutic companies.

The pharmaceutical business (also known as Big Pharma) has contributed so much cash to the medical colleges and universities for so long that the only stuff that doctors have been and keep on being taught is which medicines to prescribe to sufferers to treat the outward symptoms of their diseases perpetually.

Big Pharma is quite content for sufferers to have to continually and frequently treat the symptoms of their illnesses rather than searching for actual remedies for them. This continuous replicate business for Big Pharma means tremendous profits for it.

Other highly profitable, medically-related passions also influence how health care is provided to many of these. These include those who perform healthcare research, surgeries, chemotherapies, rays treatments, diagnostics, nursing, therapy, hospice, etc. Each of these organizations is much more interested in generating massive profits for itself than in cures intended for diseases being discovered.

It would be detrimental to the best hobbies of each of these groups if cures for diseases were discovered that you do not need most of their services any further. Just think about how much earnings are generated each year for all these modalities combined. The total is astronomical!

Big Drugs Now Controls All Bodily Research

In addition to Big Pharma dictating to medical universities how modern medicine needs to be practiced in return for the huge advantages it makes to them, another one of how these wealthy healthcare cabals have been able to get so much control over the healthcare industry is through the subsequent. Physiology is the study showing how living things function, how exterior forces influence that works, and the effects of those exterior forces. It also looks for the causes of diseases and conditions so that cures can be found for them.

For many decades, many colleges, as well as universities, had physiology divisions. However, in the 1960s, numerous schools suffered from difficult economic times. Therefore, most of them closed their physiology divisions to save money. The only schools that kept their physiology sections open were the health care schools.

However, as stated previously, because the pharmaceutical industry has contributed so much money to the health care schools each year, it can specify the areas into which the physiology departments can and can not endeavor. Not surprisingly, the major concentration is finding or maybe developing drugs to treat disease symptoms rather than searching for disease cures regularly.

Area of Cancer Research Is Yet another Colossal Waste of Solutions

Another colossal waste of time, cash, and energy have been the method by which cancer research has been carried out for many decades. This includes the practice of searching for just one carcinogen hoped to be accountable for causing cancer.

In the 1940’s several cancer researchers (including the widely-respected Jesse Greenstein) warned against investigating in this manner because the search would be endless and useless.[1] It certainly leads to an explosion associated with research data, but none of it is relevant.

Through the years, the International Agency concerning Research on Cancer’s (I. A. R. C. ) Working Group on the Assessment of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemical substances to Man has recorded over 10 000 cancer-causing carcinogens or possible carcinogens. However, none of these has been decided on be the hoped-for single root cause of cancer.

Unfortunately, the work of cancer researchers is restricted to the useless train of searching for only the sole causes of cancer because the technologies available are far too time-consuming and too expensive to match research into the widely-accepted idea that the combination of factors causes cancer. Furthermore, typical studies to determine whether or not exploration results are accurate to take years to complete themselves.

Another misguided cancer research is often the decades-old practice of cancer tumor researchers attempting to discover the root cause of cancer by implanting cancers into the bodies of laboratory work animals and studying the negative impacts. More misguided research has been recent via the discreet culturing incredibly small pathogens in sterile music to study them.

These courses of action represent physical exercises in futility because they are not how humans acquire cancer. Nonetheless, many individuals and groups expend untold time and effort each year to raise money to fund efforts to discover a cure for cancer. Sadly, this money is then squandered on nonproductive cancer analysis.

Another Dead-End Street

There is another dead-end street lower that medical research has removed in recent years. But unfortunately, that is following the wrong belief that many of our conditions are caused by our genes changing defectively and that individuals holding those genes need to have these replaced.

Many of our genetic conditions, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, Down disorder, polycystic kidney disease, and so on, provide evidence that a number of the genes of the individuals experiencing those diseases have mutated. Those who wish to profit from looking into how to effectively replace people’s defective genes and those doing so heavily promote these endeavors. However, those individuals and groups ignore the fact that various external factors in our setting can cause genes to help mutate. These factors include many toxic chemicals (as well as radioactive elements), which often can enter our bodies, toxins generated by parasites and other pathogens that might have entered our bodies, and so on. These external factors which may cause genes to mutate are classified as mutagens.

Our genes are already evolving over millions of yrs. Evolution produces more very advanced organisms, not substandard ones. It is pure folly to believe that our family genes have recently begun uncommonly mutating on their own without being inspired by external factors. Only these wishing to profit from these misdirected endeavors would be promoting these.

The Immoral Practice to stay Cures and Effective Treatment options Secret

As an aside, there is another problem with earlier doctors not doing their greatest to help people remain or come to be healthy. That was their unfair practice of keeping medical and effective medical treatments to be able for themselves or available to other practitioners to be capable of solely profit from them. This system of action was utilized by witch doctors, shamans, medicine men, etc., and later on, by doctors.

Here I will discuss an example of how this unfair practice transpired. For centuries, many individuals, especially seafarers and explorers, died unnecessarily from scurvy disease. Today we know that scurvy is simply a Chemical vitamin deficiency. However, it took a long time after this fact was identified for it to become commonly well-known.

In a journal written in 1535, Jacques Cartier (a Frenchman exploring Canada at the time) wrote that he acquired lost 25 of their best men to the horrible disease, that another 30 were at the point connected with death, and that the remainder (except for two or three connected with them) were all severely ill. Then a couple of warm and friendly Iroquois Indian women manufactured a potion for the adult males by boiling some sapling branches in the water.

The ladies then instructed the men to enjoy it every other day. Immediately after drinking the potion solely two or three times, all of the ill-crafted of different scurvy was cured, and health was restored!

In the next few centuries, the belief that scurvy was simply a vitamin supplement C deficiency was often publicized in medical journals.[2] However, that did not become commonly recognized by the public during that time. It was not until the early 1900’s that it became common knowledge. Still, it was not the health-related profession that brought the solution for scurvy to the public’s attention. The lemon juice industry made it to sell more lemon juice!

The medical career had kept the cure closely guarded secret for pretty much 400 years so that it could benefit from it. Only these scurvy sufferers, wealthy adequate to be able to see a doctor who had previously been aware of the cure or sufficiently fortunate to ingest some vitamin supplements C on their own, were relieved.

Everyone else suffered and passed away. Just imagine how many individuals’ necessities died needlessly during those 400 years because the medical sector only revealed the cure to those from whom it could benefit.

We Cannot Trust often the Medical Profession with Our Well-being.

Today the medical sector does not keep medical programs and effective medical treatments solution. Instead, it often engages in the much more heinous practice connected with diverting emphasis and assets away from searching for cures regarding diseases and only searching for or perhaps inventing drugs that can constantly treat the symptoms of conditions.

It also only steers individuals toward modalities that are very profitable for it. These and the other reasons are why we cannot rely on the medical profession to defend our health. Anyone wishing to continue to be or become healthy must investigate alternatives for the mainstream medical profession.

You can find Only Two Causes for many Diseases and Ailments.

Based on the independent alternative medical investigation, there are only two leads for most diseases and conditions:

1 . The increased volume of toxins that have entered our systems and compromised our resistant systems via the air we breathe, the water we take in, the food we eat plus the body products, cleaners, constructing products, etc . that we employ. These toxins include radioactive elements.

Our immune methods mostly compromise our bright blood cells (WBCs). Unfortunately, each of our WBC counts has been progressively declining due to the increased variety of toxins in our environment for years. But rather than informing us all about this important fact, typically, the medical profession and the gov departments responsible for looking out for our best passions have remained silent.

Laboratories that analyze our blood have steadily reduced the acceptable WBC count number ranges to compensate for these declines. This represents an additional failure of the medical occupation to look out for our greatest health interests. Again, the reason is it is heavily influenced by the big pharmaceutical companies and also the other highly-profitable, medically-related organizations.

2 . The lowered usefulness of our immune systems enables foreign entities such as unwanted organisms, bacteria, viruses, etc . for you to invade our bodies and undertake residence there. These unusual entities contribute even more to your ailments and diseases by disrupting our metabolic techniques. In addition, many of these invaders and their developing stage do so by making toxic chemicals of their own. This, in return, lowers our immunity a little more forward.

As we have witnessed in our lives, our bodies have the amazing ability to heal by themselves. However, this is not possible once our immune systems have become sacrificed and disabled.

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