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Italy is an epitome of romance- from its renowned balcony from Romeo and Juliet to Florence’s breathtaking city views, every bowl of pasta, glass of wine, and cobblestone square filled with la dolce vita. Read the Best info about Italian Proposal.

Make your proposal even more unforgettable by hiring a professional photographer to capture every critical moment.

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Springtime on the Italian Riviera can be an idyllic place to pop the question! From Cinque Terre’s five picturesque villages to Portovenere’s charming beach town, this breathtaking coastal region provides many romantic settings where one may pop the question. To ensure you make the most of this spectacular setting, propose a weekday when there will be fewer crowds and greater privacy for you both.

Positano beach offers another picturesque choice for an Italy proposal in spring: crystal-clear water and colorful houses make Positano one of the Amalfi Coast’s must-visit destinations while remaining quiet even during high season – making this an ideal location to make your proposal to your special one!

Florence offers the ideal setting for an idyllic postcard moment: its magnificent cathedral, the Duomo. Popping the question before this iconic landmark will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience, or you could offer more privacy by proposing at Boboli Gardens, which provides the ideal spot for romance.

Italian lakes are natural marvels that make an incredible tourist destination for many different reasons. Beyond their stunning beauty, these waters also host several historical and cultural landmarks that provide ideal sites for proposing in Italy. Lake Garda is particularly lovely, while Lake Como offers beautiful locations where one could make a romantic move.

These picturesque lake destinations also provide romantic activities and restaurants, making these getaways perfect for couples wanting to share special moments over delicious meals and beverages.

Italy provides some of the most romantic and spectacular locations for an extravagant proposal. Propose at the top of Giotto’s bell tower or during a gondola ride on the Grand Canal for a genuinely memorable moment, or book a private boat to transport both of you directly to Capri’s Faraglioni for an unforgettable experience.


Italy can be the ideal location to make a romantic proposal memorable and unique, offering beautiful artful backdrops in intimate or dramatic spaces alike. Popular cities for proposing in Italy include Rome, Florence, Positano Portofino, and Lake Como.

Rome is an ideal setting for romantic proposals as its beautiful scenery and romantic spots provide ample opportunity. Consider proposing before the Colosseum, in Villa Borghese gardens with fountains and sculptures creating an idyllic ambiance, or hire a musician to play your chosen tune while making your move.

Florence offers many romantic locations for proposing, such as Piazzale Michelangelo, Giardino dei Boboli fountains, or Cupola di San Miniato al Monte. Also, consider submitting to one of Florence’s charming gardens, such as Giardino delle Roses or Villa Bardini Gardens, with the former featuring an incredible wisteria tunnel that makes a fantastic setting for your proposal!

Positano offers an ideal setting for lovers of the seaside to pop the question. Surrounded by cliffs that overlook the ocean and are decorated with colorful flowers, Positano makes the perfect spot for you to pop the question – on either its stunning beaches or while watching an unforgettable sunset!

Milan in northern Italy provides numerous romantic venues for proposing. One such romantic spot is Castello Brown, offering a private terrace with breathtaking views of both the lake and mountains, plus beautiful garden grounds that include an inviting restaurant where musicians are available to perform your favorite song during your proposal.

If you want a unique and unforgettable proposal experience, Lake Como offers an exclusive setting where wealthy individuals and celebrities love to go. Propose at the 5* Grand Hotel Tremezzo near its shores with breathtaking mountain and lake views, or hire a falconer to perform this special momentous occasion – your partner will surely remember this unforgettable momentous occasion forever!


As Italy begins to relax into autumn, now is an excellent time to plan the perfect proposal. From Tuscany’s lush hills to Amalfi’s sparkling coastline – Italy offers something romantic for everyone.

Make your romantic journey unforgettable in Rome, the Eternal City, where stories of passion and desire seem embedded into its very architecture. Experience its unparalleled charm as your romance blooms within its walls. This ancient metropolis will charm both of you.

Experience the magic and romance of Venice by traveling there yourself – its rich past is alive and kicking and will leave an indelible mark on both you and your partner’s memories! Known as Casanova’s birthplace, Venice encapsulates both romance and history that will leave an impression that won’t soon be forgotten.

To capture that perfect moment, it is wise to hire a photo pro well in advance to hang around at the location where you plan on proposing and capture everything on camera. Hiring photographers abroad with plenty of notice has never been simpler!

Historic Florence offers many romantic spots perfect for marking that particular moment in life, like Ponte Vecchio Bridge, where you can ask your partner to marry you amidst breathtaking bridge design reminiscent of something out of a fairy tale. Boboli Gardens also provides picturesque settings where romantic moments can happen, with lush gardens, tranquil fountains, and panoramic city views that provide the backdrop.

As for more contemporary proposals, try proposing at the stunning Piazza of the Duomo with its magnificent cathedral. Additionally, Piazzale Michelangelo provides breathtaking views of Rome with less crowding than Ponte Vecchio – both options can give beautiful moments.

If you’re seeking an intimate setting, try visiting Giardino di Villa Reale – an exquisitely landscaped garden with picturesque duck ponds and bridges – or Sforza Castle to set the mood. Or head out to Malcesine on Mount Baldo, where cobblestone alleyways lead to charming castles that will make your partner feel like royalty!


Are You Planning on Proposing in Italy? Proposing is sure to leave an unforgettable impression on your partner – from Tuscany’s rolling hills to Amalfi’s sparkling waters – Italy offers no shortage of breathtaking venues for proposing.

Venice has long been considered one of the most romantic cities in Europe. From its winding canals to its winding alleyways and stories from past loves etched into its architecture, Venice makes an idyllic backdrop for proposals.

For an uncrowded proposal option, Ponte Santa Trinita might be ideal as its view resembles that of Ponte Vecchio while still offering plenty of stunning panoramas of Florence’s landmark bridge. Be mindful, however, that it’s open to traffic, so beware of any cars or bin lorries attempting to block your view, as this could impact getting the perfect shot.

Lake Como offers another exquisite location in Italy to make a romantic proposal, boasting towering peaks and lush forests as its backdrop, crystal-clear water, picturesque villas along its shoreline, and breathtaking sights to see.

Positano on the Amalfi Coast is another fantastic place to propose. Relaxing together on its breathtaking beach provides the ideal setting, and why not plan a romantic dinner on its waterfront to commemorate your engagement?

Hire a professional photographer or videographer if you want to remember this special day for years! They will help capture all of its details so your loved ones will remember this milestone occasion fondly.

Consider when planning your proposal that many popular spots can become overrun with visitors. To avoid this, plan it during a less popular time, like dawn or midnight, to keep it intimate and memorable for both of you. Sunrise provides breathtaking experiences, while midnight proposals offer you with the chance to have the fountain all to yourselves.

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