Readywise Emergency Food Supply Reviews


Readywise emergency food supplies often taste very tasty, considering they are freeze-dried for long-term storage. Eggs and milk taste just like fresh ingredients, while fruits and veggies provide plenty of flavor and texture. Look into the Best info about readywise food.

This company also provides gluten-free meals and bulk foods suited for vegetarians – making it an invaluable one-stop-shop for meal prepping.


Readywise provides emergency food supplies suitable for long-term storage and outdoor prepping, offering microwave dinner alternatives such as Chef Boyardee cans with 25-year shelf lives and easy prep times. In addition, Readywise sells survival snacks and drinks to complement their freeze-dried entrees, offering more options at less expense.

Shopping during off-peak hours will often provide lower prices. They have excellent customer service and often run sale events; their meals are also more economical than many freeze-dried options while still having fewer calories per serving than authentic meals.

If you want the best value for your dollar, shop around. Sales and coupons may also be available through their website. If unsure, samples are also an option to test out food before purchasing an entire kit – for instance, if starting, consider beginning with Readywise Emergency Food Supply 120 Serving Bucket, which contains 13 entrees along with other emergency foods.


Readywise is an outstanding source of freeze-dried food and an ideal selection for prepper supplies. They offer kits, bundles, and pouches designed to meet various budgets, so it is simple to build up food storage without spending a lot. Furthermore, Readywise has adventure meals suitable for camping that may prove worth adding to emergency preparation plans.

Readywise stands out among major just-add-water bulk food providers by offering more meal options and better value than Mountain House, My Patriot Supply, and Augason Farms; plus, they boast an efficient customer support team for added convenience.

ReadyWise stands out as an attractive option because of its wide variety of ingredients and flavors, long shelf life, selection of fruits and vegetables, and exceptional customer service during busy periods. However, the company is sometimes known to disappoint in this respect.


As there are so many providers of emergency food today, it may be challenging to select one as the top provider. Taste is undoubtedly essential, but other considerations must also be considered; one company that stands out among these options is Readywise, with its wide variety of delicious meals at highly competitive prices.

Readywise offers both long-term and short-term storage solutions to make it simple to be prepared for any disaster, making stockpiling simple. Plus, their food is made in the US, so you know your family will have healthy and nutritious meals during an emergency. Readywise also caters to families with special diet needs by offering gluten-free, organic, and vegetarian products – readywise is also great if they require gluten-free options for meals in an emergency.

This company’s meals come packaged in durable Mylar pouches to maintain taste and nutritional value for up to 25 years, making preparation simple with just hot water required for preparation. They come in small individual packages to more giant bulk buckets – some products even offer discounts when purchased together!

Kits from Farm Fresh to You come with various quantities of food ranging from 72-hour, 3-month, and 6-month supplies; most miniature kits contain 52 servings, which might seem excessive for one person; however, when compared with other meal kits’ offerings from other brands, the serving sizes tend to be relatively lower in calories per portion.


ReadyWise stands out among other major just-add-water bulk food providers due to their wide variety of meal options and emphasis on long-term storage. In addition, their customer support department and user-friendly website offer excellent assistance, answering frequently asked questions regarding shipping, returns, and food preparation. Moreover, most ReadyWise meals are made right here in America, which many find very appealing.

ReadyWise offers a reasonable compromise in terms of pricing. Their meals may be less flavorful and varied, yet they still make an appealing option for many consumers.

They offer an assortment of tasty entrees, such as creamy pasta and vegetable rotini, flavorful stroganoff, tomato basil soup, and cheese lasagna – remembering an impressive mac and cheese option that beats out other just-add-water options available from emergency food companies!

ReadyWise provides an adventure food range designed specifically for outdoor use, complete with pouches. These meals can be prepared easily in the backcountry without needing extra tools like bowls or plates. While more costly than their freeze-dried meal counterparts, ReadyWise adventure foods could add another valuable resource to your 72-hour survival kit.

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