Renting Flower Walls For Your Next Event


Flower walls add an elegant and romantic atmosphere to any special event, especially weddings, where they provide the perfect place for couples’ photos.

Establishing a Flower Wall Business requires dedication, hard work, planning, and the purchase of specialized tools & equipment, with estimated startup costs between $2,000-$5,000.

Photo Backdrops

Floral backdrops add natural beauty and tranquility to any event, whether birthday parties, mother nature-themed baby showers, or spring and summer-themed weddings. Choose from delicate rose walls or bright tropical blooms; there is sure to be the perfect floral backdrop to suit your theme and event! Perfect for birthdays, baby showers, and adding spring or summer touches during wedding ceremonies – floral scenes make an excellent way to represent growth or mother nature at birthday celebrations or as wedding decoration!

Backdrops come in various styles: monochromatic, hand-painted, or depicting idyllic scenes like waterfalls, forests, or rainbows. Available in an assortment of sizes and made from materials like muslin, cloth, or canvas – regardless of which material your backdrops may be made of, always be mindful to treat them properly to avoid any wrinkles or scrunch marks appearing in your photographs.

Flower walls are ideal for sweet tables, pictures, step-and-repeat, and photobooths. Their luxurious decor will make an event unforgettable; whether hosting a wedding, sweet 16 party, bar/bat mitzvah celebration, or corporate function, flower walls add the perfect amount of luxury decor that guests will remember fondly from all your events. Adding one into any setting elevates its theme while looking fantastic in photographs taken of such occasions.

Sweetheart Tables

Sweetheart tables have become an increasingly popular trend at weddings because they allow the couple to remain in the limelight while giving them privacy to enjoy their special day. A flower wall backdrop makes an excellent setting for these tables; its floral charm provides the ideal ambiance and can frame unique decorations to make the table truly stand out. Floral walls also serve as backdrops for cake displays, gift tables, bar areas, or any other significant aspect of an event that guests don’t want to miss – serving as beautiful dividers in entryways or guiding guests toward other parts of an event venue.

Entryway Decor

An inviting entryway can add charm, enhance the overall appearance of any home, and boost your mood when entering it. Add flowers or photos for eye-catching color and fragrance. Or create a cozy spot by including small bench seating and a circular mirror – these additions create the ideal space for taking off shoes before entering!

An entryway gallery wall is a beautiful way to show off your favorite pieces of art or personal photos. In this space by Sara Gilbane Interiors, a bold blue wallpaper acts as the perfect neutral backdrop for landscape paintings and vases displayed here.

Even if your entryway has limited space, entryway decor, such as this charming shelf with hooks for coats and bags, doubles as a space to do a final makeup check before leaving home. Choose a piece that meets your overall design aesthetic and fits comfortably within its size constraints.

Natural Flow

Flower backdrops have many uses, from serving as the perfect entrance/cocktail hour backdrop to hiding behind the bar, gift, cake, or place card tables at receptions – they even add definition in open-concept all-purpose rooms!

Actual flower walls can be costly and require significant work from florists. Their lifespan is also limited, making transport difficult – therefore many clients opt to rent floral backdrops instead.

Should the backdrop or props you order become ineligible due to weather (wind, rain), uneven ground, unanticipated circumstances, or incorrect or misrepresented information by clients, venues, and contracting parties during setup, no refund will be provided. While Jacqueline Pearlstone LLC/DBA The Backdrop and Flower Wall Company will try to ensure items are placed as ordered, specific results or effectiveness cannot be guaranteed.


Flower walls are eye-catching features used for an array of events and occasions, ranging from Instagrammable backdrops and blow dry bars, weddings (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West featured one at their 2014 nuptials) and high-profile events – from Instagrammable locations and blow dry bars, to weddings (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a stunning one at their 2014 wedding) to conferences. Branded with logos, slogans, and last names or featuring custom medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or plexiglass construction, flower walls make an unforgettable statement at every event!

Floral walls can be constructed out of natural, everlasting, or faux flowers and can vary in complexity depending on your desires. When using actual flowers as part of your wall design, it is advisable to choose ones that move naturally over time – for instance, cymbidium orchids, Italian ruscus, or plumosa fern are excellent choices!

Flower walls add an unforgettable element to any social event, adding themes and memorable experiences for guests. Reach out to B Floral today in Suffolk County on Long Island to rent one of our rental units ranging from one night up to several weeks!