River Isaac Ruah Olsen


River Isaac Ruah Olsen is the charming young child of Daniela and David Paul and is widely recognized as being the most lovely adolescent in entertainment. Sierra Esther is his sister, and she prefers blue tones for everything – especially toast!

He was born on 30th December 2013 and is currently nine years old. He is Christian with American nationality.

Daniela Ruah

Daniela Ruah will always be associated with her work on NCIS: Los Angeles, where she held her own as an FBI agent alongside Callen (LL Cool J) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), balancing her tough exterior with plenty of wit and charm.

Red Tails was her breakthrough role, playing an Italian woman who falls for an American World War II hero during a romantic triangle. Additionally, she took on less physically demanding projects, including an appearance on How I Met Your Mother and an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Ruah recently wrapped up 14 seasons as an actress on NCIS: Los Angeles but continues to remain connected with its franchise by directing an episode for both NCIS: Hawai’i and New Orleans during season 11. Additionally, she led Turn of the Tide as well as one episode from NCIS New Orleans season 11. Ruah’s unique eyes are due to the nevus of the Ota birthmark that leaves one eye darker than its counterpart.

David Paul Olsen

David Paul Olsen is the husband of actress Daniela Ruah, best known for her role as Kensi Blye on NCIS Los Angeles. They married on June 17, 2014, in Daniela’s native Portugal and boasted an estimated net worth of $7 Million due to David’s years as a stunt performer and many projects completed since their marriage.

Eric Christian Olsen, better known for his television role as Marty Deeks on NCIS: Los Angeles, and David are close siblings who often spend time together. Eric introduced David to Daniela Ruah, whom they met while working together on NCIS: Los Angeles in 2011. After getting to know each other better, they started dating in 2011 and eventually made up.

Since then, the two have gone on to co-star in various films and TV shows, further cementing their bond offscreen. Their on-screen chemistry certainly adds another level to their real-life friendship.

According to reports, David has performed stunts in over 63 Hollywood flicks and TV series since he debuted as a stunt performer with Transformers Revenge of the Fallen in 2009. Since then, he has appeared in films like Swiss Army Man, Back-up Plan, and G-Force Guardians of Space, among many more.

River’s Siblings

River is an avid enthusiast of video games and comics like his mother. Additionally, he enjoys spending his free time outdoors and is fond of nature walks. Additionally, River has an accomplished sister, Sierra Esther Ruah, who excels as both a singer and actress.

River Olsen is nine years old and the youngest of actor Daniela Ruah and David Olsen’s two children. Often mistaken for her mother, River is highly skilled at singing, even performing shows together with his sisters! Additionally, River and his sister love video gaming together with their father.

In April 2019, River shared an Instagram photo featuring himself, Sierra, their father, and their pet dog on the beach with them, all having had a wonderful time together. River thanked everyone for coming. Unfortunately for many fans, he announced he would soon return to work, which caused sadness for many others.

River was born in Venezuela and moved with his family to Florida when he was 10. John and Arlyn Bottom were members of the religious cult Children of God for several years before eventually leaving it and moving their family to California, taking up acting as a career choice.

River’s Future Goals

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NCIS: Los Angeles actress Daniela Ruah and David Paul Olsen, brother of Eric Christian Olsen onscreen partner Daniela has two children together: son River Isaac is ten and daughter Sierra Esther is 6. The couple married in June 2014 and welcomed both children soon afterwards.

Ruah recently posted an adorable snap with her two children under the caption, “Mothering,” along with a Portuguese tag to commemorate their roots. This image features their German shepherd mix dog as well as two kids taking a dip in the pool beneath an idyllic blue sky.

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