Rolling Paper Business Cards


Rolling paper business cards offer a practical and cost-effective solution for sharing contact details. Affordable, durable, and versatile cards can be tailored with additional printing features like embossing for extra impact.

These unique business cards are ideal for realtors, musicians, and other professionals with similar interests. They can be distributed at events, local establishments, and conferences.

Unconventional business cards

Unconventional business cards can help make an unforgettable impression on potential clients, whether you are a musician, real estate agent, or fitness trainer. Include visuals, testimonials, and QR codes that link directly to your online portfolio, as well as playful shapes or colors in the design – such touches will ensure more memorable business cards that draw more interest than their counterparts.

Making use of vibrant colors to stand out among traditional business cards can help your card to stand out. IS Creative Studio created this eye-catching and memorable design, perfect for any industry that demands professional representation.

Bold shapes can also capture our attention, such as this stunning business card from Blossie with its softly rounded vertical side and script typography that stands out among rectangular business cards. Another example from Lize Designs uses wavy horizontal cutouts to create an eye-catching shape in their business card design.

Modern business cards are ideal for forward-thinking companies that prioritize professionalism and efficiency. They typically feature logos, photos, or imagery of your brand and the use of colors to convey your brand personality – try pairing unexpected hues together or using dark backgrounds with white lettering for maximum effect.

Bold designs can help a small business stand out from its competition, such as these playful business cards designed by Monge Quentin for his Paris-based design studio that exude an energetic feel while offering a clean layout on the reverse to complement all those fun doodles and illustrations!


Rolling paper business cards are cost-effective and offer a significant return on investment, perfect for realtors, musicians, DJs, and professionals in various fields. Their customizable designs can meet the needs of your business perfectly, ideal for realtors, musicians, DJs, and professionals in multiple areas alike. Plus, they make an impressionful statement about your creativity as an eco-friendly alternative!

Custom rolling paper booklets can strengthen a realtor’s brand connection to real estate and resonate with potential clients. These booklets can feature images of properties for sale or rent as well as neighborhood highlights and contact info – they may even have QR codes that lead to online portfolios! Using custom rolling paper booklets as part of marketing your business and encouraging word-of-mouth referrals is a creative way of selling yourself while driving referrals from current clients.

Another advantage of business cards with printed front covers is that they’re easy to carry and hand out. Unlike business card holders, these business cards fit easily in customers’ coat pockets, purses, or backpacks – providing you with an effective marketing tool and event promotion vehicle! With the customizable outside cover showcasing your brand image and inside featuring products or promotions.

When selecting colors for your business cards, choose those that reflect the brand identity. Certain hues elicit particular emotions or can convey specific messages about your brand – for instance, red may evoke passion and excitement while blue symbolizes trustworthiness and professionalism – choosing these hues can help create an eye-catching design and help ensure a more memorable message than its competition.

Whether you’re an estate agent, musician, or cannabis attorney, customized rolling paper booklets offer an inexpensive means of reaching your target market. It is more likely than traditional business cards to be kept and shared among friends.

Easy to create

Custom rolling paper business cards offer a creative and unique way of disseminating contact information. Not only are they eco-friendly alternatives to traditional business cards, but they’re an eco-friendly way of creating brand recognition as well. Custom rolling paper cards are especially well-suited for cannabis retailers, production studios, music events, or any industry that promotes relaxation, enjoyment, or creativity.

Rolling paper business cards can be quickly created using a simple computer program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Before printing, ensure your printer can print the size you desire – the standard business card size is 3.5 inches by 2 inches; other measures may also work if expected. Also, consider saving your document to cloud storage so it won’t get accidentally deleted by accident; alternatively, take it to a professional printer for a more polished finished product.

If you’re creating your business card digitally, use an easily readable font; cursive scrawls or block letters may be hard for customers to decipher at first glance. Also, avoid overly large fonts, which could make your business card appear crowded.

Your business card can become an object of art by crafting it out of various materials such as coins or paper clips, creating something genuinely eye-catching with this technique – for instance, doubling as a notepad or to-do list as seen at Oh Hello Friend or creating cross stitch patterns or patterned embroidery as per Vintage Muse, Modern Views’ suggestion.


Rolling paper business cards are made from tough and resilient materials that withstand everyday wear and tear. Their matte or glossy surfaces can be printed in various styles – matte to shiny – giving your card its unique aesthetic. Furthermore, these eco-friendly business cards boast lightweight construction with rounded corners to prevent snagging, making them an excellent option for businesses who want their cards to make an impressionful statement about them and their services.

If you’re searching for an eco-friendly paper solution, why not consider recycling t-shirt offcuts instead of trees to produce it? With Moo’s revolutionary process, transforming these waste products into high-quality uncoated paper with bright and smooth textures – is ideal for printing vibrant colors while standing up better against tear tearing than more conventional types!

Rolling paper booklets can help musicians and DJs amplify their brand while building audience connections. Custom-designed rolling paper booklets featuring an artist’s logo and music details can be distributed at gigs and festivals or used to promote new album releases or upcoming events.

Other eco-friendly papers include hemp-blend and kraft business cards. These cards are constructed using fibers sourced from various sources such as fast-growing hemp, post-consumer recycled paper, and responsibly forested wood, making these less durable but still sturdy options with natural aesthetic appeal.

Frosted plastic business cards provide another solution, featuring a translucent, frosted finish that sets them apart from their competition. This finish can be applied across the card or specific areas like logo placement; additionally, their smooth finish reduces glare. These durable cards make an impressionful statement.


A business card is an indispensable promotional tool. Typically designed as a single sheet and printed with your name, surname, company/organization name/logo, and contact info, these cards also often stand out among their competition thanks to unique designs or logos printed onto them.

Choosing the appropriate materials for your business card is of utmost importance, depending on your industry and particular business card design needs. Unique and unusual materials may help create an unforgettable brand image, as well as make them more exciting and creative – both features that could increase its chances of getting noticed by clients.

Paper bag business cards can be an excellent way to promote a grocery store or wood company, featuring an attractive brown paper bag folded into three dimensions to form the card itself. Not only is it eco-friendly, but its tactile surface will leave an impactful first impression on customers.

Other unconventional business card designs include circle, oval, and leaf shapes. These bizarre cards can accommodate more information than standard sizes and are perfect for companies wanting to showcase their creativity. Circle business cards, in particular, stand out as they feature both logo or image recognition as well as contact info on either side.

Unconventional business cards feature special effects like glow-in-the-dark or thermographic printing for added impact and can easily be customized to match the needs of any company, making a first impression with clients and potential investors. Such cards make an excellent way to set your company apart.