Scarsdale American International School


Scarsdale offers an international, academically rigorous university-prep education. Students learn to become well-rounded learners who will become leaders of tomorrow.

Recently, a viral video featuring students beating another student quickly went viral on social media. The victim’s father demanded immediate action from his school against those involved in this attack.

Academic Excellence

Scarsdale American International School stands out as an academic powerhouse. Their rigorous curriculum and top-tier faculty help their students realize their full potential, as well as an extensive array of AP courses that enable students to explore subjects they find interesting while earning college credit in return. Furthermore, this unique curriculum encourages critical thinking and intellectual curiosity akin to that found at elite private schools.

Scarsdale School is well-renowned for its superb facilities. The campus is meticulously maintained, boasting modern classrooms, multiple science labs, an outstanding library, and art studios that foster creativity. Furthermore, its aquatic facility is widely regarded as one of the finest high school pools in America – rare among public schools but integral to making Scarsdale stand out educationally.

Students at this school are encouraged to enroll in challenging courses to enhance their chances of entering top universities, which often leads to stress and anxiety for many of its members. Furthermore, their commitment to diversity has caused enrollment rates for non-academic subjects like home economics and auto shop to decline significantly.

Despite these obstacles, teachers at this school remain committed to cultivating an atmosphere of academic excellence and compassion for its students. Such a meager teacher-to-student ratio promotes strong connections between instructors and pupils. Furthermore, the staff boasts extensive professional expertise.

Scarsdale School stands out as a public institution with a distinctive mission: it strives to offer high-quality education that is accessible for all, becoming an influential model among other public schools across the country. Furthermore, it promotes social change by supporting diversity and inclusion within its community – this ensures students gain exposure to multiple perspectives and experiences that will prepare them for life outside the school environment while developing independence and responsibility within itself. Scarsdale also enjoys support from its local community when developing innovative education programs and resources that foster balanced approaches toward learning.

Extra-Curricular Activities

At this school, children aged three to twelve can access an intensive curriculum designed to foster creativity and critical thinking skills, prepare students for success in an increasingly globalized world, feature science labs, an expansive library collection, and art studios to facilitate talent; additionally, the school is known for its aquatic facility which rivals those found at many private American schools.

Scarsdale flourished academically during the 1920s. Teachers adopted innovative teaching methods for equipping their students to compete against college-bound students from around the country, such as using a contract system in which students signed up for three or four weekly meetings that featured discussion, drill practice, and testing. Furthermore, new classrooms and laboratories were constructed in support of these teaching methodologies.

Scarsdale had become one of the leading high school systems by the 1930s, earning national prominence due to being featured in a 1950s movie starring Debbie Reynolds and Frank Sinatra. A large portion of residents in Scarsdale supported Scarsdale through tuition, which was supplemented by taxes, but it was Superintendent Lester Nelson who brought national attention and established himself as an educational leader for Scarsdale District.

He recruited faculty from liberal arts colleges, established a system of classroom visits by alumni to aid teachers with developing their skills, offered foreign language classes, and introduced an entirely new method for mathematical calculation – all combined into one highly successful education model.

Under his tenure, the District de-emphasized some of its more controversial elements of progressivism, such as student contracts and learning by doing at the school farm. Yet one legacy from the Progressive Era remains an emphasis on developmental thinking about childhood, student-centric instruction, and placing value on skillful, creative, individualistic teaching, which still informs instruction at our schools today. We were among the first districts nationwide to try actively increasing diversity within student populations.


Scarsdale, New York, boasts an acclaimed public high school that rivals some of the country’s prestigious private institutions in terms of academic rigor. Boasting world-class faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, including one of America’s premier high school pools, Scarsdale High is an example of what public education should strive to be.

This community-driven school offers a range of nonacademic programs designed to support student academic success and help prepare them for college or careers, such as full-time school physicians, school nurses, and counselors, as well as a student equity coordinator. Furthermore, its student services department coordinates all student support across its district.

At our school, in addition to offering an intensive academic program, there is also a selection of advanced placement courses that enable students to dive deep into subjects they care deeply about while earning college credit while still in high school. These classes foster critical thinking skills as well as a lifelong love of learning as well as provide students with essential tools necessary for today’s fast-paced world.

The campus is meticulously maintained, featuring classrooms with cutting-edge technology, multiple science labs, an expansive library, and art studios to foster creativity. Furthermore, each class boasts a low teacher-to-student ratio, allowing personalized attention from teachers and creating strong relationships between teachers and students. Moreover, CALEA accreditation confirms its dedication to safeguarding its pupils.


Scarsdale is fortunate to boast one of Westchester County’s highest trained and credentialed police forces in New York State, if not the nation. Maintaining that status requires critical self-reflection, ongoing learning, timely response to community concerns, and transparency about operations by our police force. Scarsdale remains committed to preserving CALEA accreditation while working closely with residents to ensure our police force prioritizes safety.

Following Sandy Hook, school safety became a prominent issue for Scarsdale residents. Responding to calls for action by resident members, Scarsdale Public Schools District and the police department instituted increased presence at local public schools – this included hiring an SRO; other parochial and nursery schools also requested an armed school security guard or police presence at their schools.

The Village is in the process of exploring different options for increased school safety in order to determine how best to support our youth. This involves reviewing police policies and procedures, training opportunities, and communication initiatives that aim to strengthen positive relationships among residents from marginalized communities as well as strengthen positive relationships within all of them.

Additionally, the Village is exploring transportation safety, including possible solutions to reduce traffic congestion around elementary schools through physically changing intersections. Working closely with school administration, Scarsdale Police Department, and SFCS for effective strategies.

Schools in the village strive to promote each student’s full development, encouraging them to become active contributors to democratic societies and interdependent global systems. They provide engaging curriculums and a strong base of knowledge, skills, and values to equip their students for lifelong success. Furthermore, these institutions emphasize cultivating an atmosphere of inquiry and curiosity within students. Instructional approaches used at our school to foster creative, critical thinkers, and effective communicators include classwork, small-group activities, and discussions, individual projects/research and field trips, and novels/nonfiction/newspapers/periodicals as reading material.