Sea Moss Gel Shark Tank Review


The Transformation Factory offers a unique superfood-based gel called sea moss that contains 92 of your body’s 102 trace minerals for powerful health support. What do you need to consider about Seamoss Gels.

Alexiou Gibson came onto Shark Tank seeking a $500,000 investment for 5% equity at a $10 million valuation and managed to secure it from Mark Cuban and guest Shark Kevin Hart.

Product Description

Sea moss has quickly become one of the health food industry’s bestselling superfoods due to its nutritional benefits and unique taste, made famous by The Transformation Factory’s edible moss gels in various flavors that provide numerous health benefits, such as improving gut health, lowering cholesterol levels, increasing energy levels and overall wellbeing for consumers. Customers have reported increased fitness levels as a result.

Alexiou Gibson has become known for his innovative products, such as his company’s super moss gel. This innovative gel has won over healthcare professionals such as nurses and has generated $3.5 million in sales over 11 months – leading him to appear on the popular television show Shark Tank, seeking an investment of $500,000 for a 5% equity stake at a $10 million valuation.

On episode 1313 of Shark Tank, Gibson pitched his product to an array of entrepreneurs and investors – such as Mark Cuban and Kevin Hart – and detailed how the moss-based product has helped him overcome obstacles in life; for example, at 19, he weighed more than 500 pounds and was told he wouldn’t live to see thirty. Once he lost weight, he reinvented himself by starting his business venture.

An appearance by this entrepreneur on Shark Tank has resulted in a tremendous surge of inquiries and sales for his health food company while it has expanded operations significantly. Focusing on innovation with high-quality ingredients at competitive pricing has ensured it continues to prosper as part of the health food industry.

The company’s flavored moss gel offers a healthy alternative to sugary smoothies and juices and can be enjoyed directly out of its jar or mixed into food and beverages. As vegan and gluten-free products without preservatives or artificial flavors, customers have raved about how well the product helps with weight loss, digestion, reduced inflammation in joints, energy boost, and overall wellbeing. Customers have even commended its abilities to aid weight loss and digestion and reduce inflammation levels while increasing energy levels.


The company, founded by Alexiou Gibson, offers an assortment of flavors for their sea moss gel, each made with organic fruits and natural agave, without preservatives, and free from gluten. Vegan and gluten-free. Products available online and in stores can be enjoyed alone or added to recipes; refrigerator storage for up to three weeks is allowed.

The Transformation Factory’s (TTF) signature product is sea moss gel. They offer several varieties such as pineapple, strawberry, banana, mango raw soursop, and dragon fruit flavors. Their production kitchen sources sea moss from wild habitats and blends it with alkaline spring water infused with desired flavors before packaging it in a glass jar with a lid.

TTF was founded by a former NASA intern who faced an essential life crossroads at age 19. Weighing over 500 pounds and being told he wouldn’t live past thirty, he changed his lifestyle and diet, including incorporating sea moss into his routine to shed pounds and become healthier overall. After this transformational experience, he started his own company to assist others in transforming their lives through healthy eating and exercise programs.

On Shark Tank, Gibson pitched TTF company’s flavored sea moss gels as part of his pitch. These proved immensely popular with Mark Cuban and Kevin Hart; due to this exposure on television shows, they awarded Gibson with an investment offer from Mark for $600,000. Following Gibson’s appearance on Shark Tank, their website began receiving numerous inquiries for sales inquiries resulting from this exposure.

TTF also offers unflavored sea moss gels and capsules as a great addition to your daily diet, particularly if you want to enhance your immune system and combat stress. They’re gluten-free, vegan, and contain no GMOs – not to mention they’re an easy way to incorporate more minerals such as fiber, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and zinc into your system!


Besides its natural sea moss ingredients, this vegan and keto-friendly gel is enhanced by adding agave nectar for sweetness. All the ingredients found within sks Sea Moss gel shark Tank are organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO; free from artificial colors or flavors and available in strawberry, mango, and pineapple flavors – making it the ideal addition to smoothies or juices and skincare regimens alike!

Alexiou Gibson, the founder of Alexiou Gibson LLC, had the idea for their nutrient-rich super moss gel after experiencing an unexpected and life-altering health journey. Weighing over 500 pounds and having several chronic diseases by 19, he turned to sea moss as a natural whole supplement and as its natural source of 92 of the essential 102 trace minerals for human wellbeing. The products sold by the company feature wild-harvested sea moss that has over 92% of those crucial trace minerals necessary for health, making the product perfect for humans!

Gibson’s product has proven itself an immense market success, with sales reaching $3.5 million within 11 months thanks to increased awareness from nurses and other healthcare professionals about its benefits. Gibson was even able to secure two deals worth $600,000. In Shark Tank season 13’s finale episode, he even confirmed an offer worth $650,000 from two sharks!

The sharks on Shark Tank were deeply impressed with Gibson and his product. In particular, they found it impressive that sea moss is an all-natural source of minerals without additives or artificial flavors and is harvested without pollution from ocean floors – making this product ideal for anyone seeking healthy alternatives to sugary sodas.

After impressing the sharks, Gibson decided to join forces with Mark Cuban and Kevin Hart as partners and invest $600,000. Together, they agreed to support a 20% equity stake in exchange for $600,000. This investment will enable Gibson’s company to expand its presence within the health-food industry, launch new products, and increase marketing efforts.


Sea Moss Gel’s founders believe people must make healthier choices, so their business provides products like sea moss gel and raw wildcrafted sea moss to support customers’ health goals. Additionally, customers have access to various health tips and resources through Sea Moss Gel, recently featured on the Shark Tank finale episode, where it garnered significant inquiries into their offerings.

Alexiou Gibson, the founder of Alexiou Gibson & Company, struggled with obesity until he was 19, when doctors warned him he wouldn’t live long without losing weight. He then committed to changing his lifestyle and eating healthier – mainly adding seaweed, which was beneficial.

At this point, Gibson had lost significant weight and launched The Transformation Factory business. Their primary product is nutrient-rich super moss gel, which has attracted the interest of healthcare professionals such as nurses. Sales reached over $3.5 million during its first 11 months of purchase – helping him land an offer from Sharks on Season 13’s final episode of Shark Tank.

Gibson plans on taking his company to the next level by expanding their product offering and strengthening their presence within the health food industry. To expand online reach, he partnered with Shoppe Black; eventually, his products should become available via Amazon as well.

At his appearance, Gibson requested a $500,000 investment for a 5% stake in his company valued at $10 million, although not all Sharks saw potential in it. Ultimately, though, two guest Sharks named Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban invested $600,000.

Sea moss is an organic, vegan alternative to gelatin that has 92 essential minerals. Studies have demonstrated its beneficial properties for improving gut health and decreasing symptoms of inflammation – making it a popular supplement among those looking to boost overall wellness.

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